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One Global Dating Site To Rule Them All

When you initially come upon this website, and you’re a guy, you will see some photos of amazing looking women. I would guess that not a lot of women visit the site, or if...
rockstar surrounded by girls

You Are a RockStar Overseas!

Stability A guy from a developed country (that’s you) offers a level of financial and emotional stability she won't find with a guy from her own country. In countries where unemployment is at epidemic levels...
man with young ladies around him

Dating Younger Women

There are quite a lot of articles on the internet about why guys do it, how they should do it, at what age they should be doing it, why older women don’t like us...
reasons in dating a foreign girl

20 Reasons You Should Be Dating Foreign Women

Men have been conditioned to accept the selfish nature of Western women, and many women have realized that they have far more control over western men than is fair. The battle of the sexes...
Hot foreign girls collage

Why Dating in the West Sucks! (And What You Can Do About It)

Why is modern dating so incredibly difficult? Really, if romance had always been as hard as it is in twenty-first century Los Angeles humanity would have long gone extinct.  Buffalo would roam in the millions...

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What is Sugar Daddy Dating?

Mail Order Brides or Sugar Babies - What is The Right Choice For You? What is the difference between mail order bride websites and sugar...
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