There Is No Such Thing as a Mail Order Bride

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I wonder who the last person was to check their mail and find a female from another country hanging out of their mailbox? Isn’t it time that the term ‘Mail Order Brides’ was dispatched to the place where defunct terminology hangs out until it is dead and forgotten?

It has no relevance to reality and is a negative term applied to a rather positive activity. To use that term as a handle for international dating really demeans relationships that are formed through many other ways –none of which are mail!

If a report in the Daily Mail on April 28th 2015 based on a discussion thread in Reddit was to be believed, then all western males who marry women from another country are ugly, social failures and losers, while the women are all subservient females, sex slaves with no mind of their own and seeking survival.

That particular newspaper is not renown for accurate reporting anyway, and in a manner to which their readers are accustomed, they got it wrong again. Quoting out of context makes for attention grabbing news but it certainly isn’t a great advertisement for journalistic accuracy!

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Western men have been looking for permanent relationships outside their own countries for over 25 years now and real statistics show that it has been a successful journey for them. The divorce rate for couples that come from different countries is significantly lower than the national average.

That’s a poke in the eye for those that criticize the concept. It means that most men are a lot happier with their overseas wives than they were with their local brides, whom they probably divorced.

It’s been the aim of the feminist movement to denigrate and insult men that look for and find happiness in a relationship with an Asian or Eastern European woman. Their scorn and undermining campaigns against the whole idea seems to be a way they can justify their own plight in which they struggle to find a partner.

Attack is the best form of defense but it helps if your ammunition is real bullets, and not made of rubber. So getting some facts into a rant would certainly get more people listening. Sadly, facts went missing in some thread replies on the Reddit site and let’s face it, facts Do get in the way of a good story!

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The International Love Scout website has maintained the highest standards when it has come to offering advice and comparisons to men wanting a legitimate dating site to help them look for a partner. With so many sites available, it can be a real minefield for the inexperienced.

Guys that are jaded with both local women and the accompanying dating scene are more than happy to check out what’s available in other countries. ILS has been there for years providing meaningful information to those that are looking.

Cross cultural relationships are difficult to nurture and make successful, so the FACT that these marriages last longer seems to refute the statements made by the Daily Mail and those that posted negative comments on Reddit.

These relationships should no longer be referred to as ‘Mail Order Brides’, they are a normal union between a man and woman made easier through much improved communication technology and much cheaper international transport.


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