Single Man’s Guide to Barranquilla Colombia

Why are There So Many Hot Women in Barranquilla? Barranquilla is neither the biggest, most picturesque, or nor oldest city in Colombia.  It is a business city, sort of Colombia’s version of Chicago.  The climate is oppressively hot and brutally humid, and the nearby beaches, though nice, are not anywhere near the best in Colombia, … Read more

Sizzling hot Colombian bikini babes

Colombian Mail Order Brides

Last Updated: Oct 9, 2018 Colombian brides make some of the most passionate and sexy spouses you can imagine!  Colombian girls are brought up to value their feminine appearance in a way that few women outside of South America can ever match.  Yet their Latin blood gives them a fiery passion you will never forget. … Read more

drop-dead gorgeous girls from Colombia

Top 20 Hottest Colombian Girls

The women in Colombia are somewhat independent, entrepreneurial and not really easy pick-ups. Check out our top 20 in this article and you can work out just what makes these women so attractive and beautiful.