Belarus Mail Order Brides – East Europe’s Hot Little Secret

Meet a mail order bride in Belarus. Fun, smart and hot, they are the girlfriend or wife you always wanted.

Belarus is one of the least talked-about countries in the world. Sitting comfortable close to Russia and Ukraine, this country fought for and declared independence from Russia in 1971. So, whereas a lot of aspects adopted by locals are pretty unique, they also borrow a lot from the Russians.

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To a person without a keen eye, there’s no real difference between those Russian women from Belarus. In truth, the difference does exist, but you will have to stick around for a while to really tell the subtle ways they differ.

Both countries have really sexy women. And a lot of them are usually more than willing to hook up or settle down with guys from Western countries like the US and the UK. But their behaviors are different enough to catch you off-guard.

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Plenty of men travel to the landlocked country every year looking to get away with the exotic beauties the nation has to offer. This is due to a number of reasons that we’ll cover later on.

But the gist of it is that there are more women than men in the country. And of the men available, not many of them are primed for marriage.

Why You Should Give Belarusian Women A Chance

Belarusian women are some of Eastern Europe’s best-kept secrets. Russian women are the most popular brides in the world but Belarusians aren’t very far behind.

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These hidden gems are often overlooked by the rest of the world. And yet, the country is full of some of the most charming women you will meet in your life.

Belarusian women are friendly

One of the most alluring things about the country, other than the women, of course, is the fact that the residents are very friendly. Eastern European women are often friendly to western men but of all the countries we’ve toured in East Europe, none were as welcoming and as eager to help as Belarusians. The Russian language is very common, and while it does take quite a while to master, it’s quite beautiful once you get used to it.

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Not only that, but the women are often thought of as being so friendly it’s easy to mistake their nature as hitting on you. Then again, nothing’s to say they aren’t (wink, wink). For real, though, read the situation. Niceness is not always the same thing as flirting.


The kind of aura they then give off is one of the most compelling forces you will ever experience. They are very alluring, in a sexy ‘I want to have sex with you but cuddle with you the next morning’ kind of way. As cheesy and Maroon 5-like as that may sound, wait till you meet one of them and you’ll realize how obscenely accurate this is.

In fact, their distinctly feminine charm is the main reason men fly all the way from America just to meet these women. The smart ones who know about Belarus, that is.

The girls are fashionable

Over the last few years, a lot has been said about western women no longer making an effort to look good, after marriage. The thing about Belarusian women, though, is that they don’t just pretty themselves in order to impress anyone. Well, that can be said about a lot of women all over the world, the US included. The difference, then, is that Belarus is not plagued by the same kind of never-ending obesity crisis as the US.

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Belarusian women, for whatever reason, love skirts and dresses. Even in the coldest parts of winter, a pair of warm leggings and thick socks will suffice to protect sensitive parts of the body.

The end result is that they look stunning regardless of the time of the year, come rain or shine. Perhaps the bigger challenge at this point would be going to Belarus and not falling in love with one of their lovely women.

Belarusian girls are intelligent and educated

Like a lot of other countries in the world, education is extremely important for parents to impart upon their children. So much so, in fact, that education is free at all levels in the country, except for higher education.

The end result? They have one of the highest adult literacy rates in the world! About 99.8% of Belarusians can read and write. Of these, 99.7% of women are fluent in at least one language and can read and write. The number is estimated to be even higher among younger generations.

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Belarusian women are thus some of the most interesting and entertaining people ever. They are great at holding conversations. Especially given how important being able to talk to other people is in their culture.

Of course, this will greatly vary depending on where you meet the girl. And what kind of girl you are looking for to begin with. But, for the most part, you don’t need luck to pick an intelligent girl. Chances are high you will get someone great even if you were to close your eyes and pick at random. That’s how plentiful they are.

Tips For Dating A Woman From Belarus

Dress smart

Remember how Belarusian women love to take care of their appearances at all costs? Well, it goes both ways. They love to look good, but also like to be seen with guys that dress just as well, if not better. Sexy six-inch heels, a colorful sundress, and those charming eyes just don’t fit with your cargo shorts.

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A man who takes great care of his appearance has already won half the battle to winning a Belarusian girl’s heart.

Speak your mind

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This point also goes hand-in-hand with the fact that Belarusian women are easy to speak to. They are some of the least-judgemental people on the continent due their upbringing and general guidance of their culture.

Being able to speak your mind is considered the best way to showcase intelligence in the country. Should anything bother you, just talk to her about it, and she will be more than willing to accommodate you. Civil discourse is the most revered aspect of living with another person.

What It’s Like To Date a Belarusian Woman

Once their beauty has your attention, you have to wonder what it must be like to be in a relationship with a Belarusian woman. It’s a pretty fascinating experience, for the most part, but anyone that tells you it’s a cake walk with no ups or downs is definitely lying.


It does have some downsides, but at the end of the day, we feel staying in it is a lot more advantageous.

She’s a great friend

This one shouldn’t be much of a surprise at this point, but a lot of people get into relationships just for the sake of being in one. One thing that really sets Belarusian women apart from Russian women, for instance, is that they really cherish the idea of friendship.

Before you get into a relationship with one of them, there’s a likely chance she considers you a great friend.

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And like a great friend, expect her to be very supportive of everything you do, and help you through tough times. It doesn’t take much to keep her in a relationship, as long as you treat her right and don’t take anything she does for granted.

She’s fun!

Another thing that really gets Belarusian girls going is the spirit of adventure. They are usually all over the place when they are together with their friends. Belarusian girls aren’t necessarily the biggest partygoers on the continent. But you definitely won’t find them at home on Friday night doing nothing in bed.

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They are really enthusiastic about life and laugh a lot. Their jokes are pretty different from the kind of slapstick humor the Brits are used to, for instance. Theirs is so straightforward and clear it’s borderline hurtful.

If you ever wanted to try camping, hiking, or even canoeing, you’re in for a treat. Belarusian girls are full of all kinds of energy. And it will likely infect you, as it did me.

She’s as trusting as she is trustworthy

There’s almost no other place on earth as cold as the area that Russia borders Belarus. In the dead cold of winter, having someone trustworthy by your side was a really important aspect of life in olden times. That aspect of their culture was passed down from generation to generation to the point it is at right now.

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Belarusian people are very trusting of people they get into relationships with, for that reason. Their neighbors, on the other hand, have one of the highest divorce rates in the world. Admittedly, it’s the men who cheat in most of these cases, leading them to seek better alternatives with men overseas.

All in all, trust is really important when it comes to dating them.

She’s a great cook

Belarusian food is a lot like Russian food. So if you’ve ever been to Russia, you shouldn’t be as shocked by their culture. The women also happen to be really great cooks. Probably because it’s considered to be their societal responsibility. That said, it’s likely not the kind of food you’re used to.

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Belarusian cuisines are a blend of all kinds of flavors and tastes. They are almost entirely composed of fresh foods and organic ingredients. Looking at the dishes, you might even be scared to try them out at first, out at first, but they are incredibly delicious.

Though they are more often made to be filling than delicious, depending on the kind of mindset the wife you’re in a relationship with is like, they are always enjoyable.

What your girl thinks about you

Belarusian women are very passionate about getting together with someone that is going to adore them and treat them like a proper wife. They are always on the lookout for a person that will respect them and above all, be faithful to them.

Which, as was mentioned before, is one of the reasons they are so interested in foreigners. They often feel a lot more respected in such relationships than with their local men.

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Western men are by default thought of as being super interesting and entertaining. Of course, you are going to actually make an effort to entertain her. But being from a completely different country and culture, you have some extra challenge.

The more the variety of topics you have at the tip of your fingers to talk about, the more interesting you will be. She comes into the relationship thinking you’re the exotic one, not the other way around.

Tourists tend to be really polite and courteous, which works in your favor. Good manners, despite what Hollywood might tell you, are the easiest way to win a girl’s heart.

How the women look at the world

Belarus is a pretty conservative country at the best of times, so they value traditional values more than anything.

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A lot of women are brought up believing their place is at home, making sure everything runs smoothly. They make some of the greatest wives and mothers for that reason.

Things have been changing of late, but a lot of the country still remains traditional.

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Disadvantages of Dating Girls from Belarus

Again, dating one of these women is not all rainbows and roses. There are some aspects to it that are quite troublesome. For someone dedicated, they shouldn’t present too much of a hurdle, but they are annoying enough that most guys might fail to fully enjoy what’s in their hands.

The language barrier

The most widely spoken language in Belarus is Belarusian. Russian language comes a close second, but other linguistic affiliations like Polish and Ukrainians are quite common.

In fact, anyone that knows Russian will find it pretty easy to pick up on Belarusian because the two are almost identical to each other. Most of the people here speak at least two languages.

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That said, most Slavic girls aren’t very good at English. Unlike the Southern and Eastern parts of Asia where English has spread widely, Russia and its counterparts have never really felt the same need to pick up English.

They can probably understand and respond to you when you ask for directions. Maybe even hold a little chat. But their vocabulary won’t be up to speed for a full-blown conversation.

Long distance relationships are hard

The easiest way to meet one of these lovely ladies is online. However, regardless of your intentions, long-distance relationships have historically been the most difficult kind of relationship to maintain.

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A pretty significant aspect of this is the lack of physical contact, how to contact each other and going to visit her in her country, once she’s finally ready to meet you.

Why Belarusian Women Look For Foreign Partners

This is because most Belarusian men have bad drinking habits. They are also not respectful towards women. Very few Belarusian men are loyal to their partners. They generally hesitate to offer a lifelong commitment to a partner.

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Most of the time, foreign men look for Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage. However, if you move a little towards Belarus, you might end up finding the perfect woman who can fill your life with love and happiness.

A Word About Marriage in Belarus

In the last decade or so, the number of marriages in the country has fluctuated wildly. At the same time, with the onset of the 21st century and the fall of the Soviet Union, the number of divorces skyrocketed in the country. According to a 2013 report, the country ranked third in the world.

But statistics can be deceiving. Especially if you don’t know the driver behind the trends. Generally, the more liberated women have been, the more divorce rises. Belarusian women just happened to get the memo a bit later than their Western counterparts.

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Of course, we’d be lying if we said that was the only cause. There are tons of reasons why, including economic factors. The Economist reports that a worse economy leads to higher divorce rates, which was the case for Belarus between 2012 and 2015. It’s also quite common for locals to ‘play’ the system through divorces.

Divorced couples often gain benefits (like better housing). And their children may no longer need to enter the mandatory military service. Don’t let anyone hound you with statistics without probable proof.


The country is pretty conservative and anyone looking to cash in on the rising trend of one night stands in the hookup culture will be facing some challenge. If you are good-looking, charismatic, or just have lots of money to throw around, then, of course, there are always some girls looking for fun.

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But if hanging out with Belarusian women was a hobby, it would be the most enjoyable pastime to undertake. The women are incredibly lovely and eager to get into a long-term relationship with a foreigner.

They also border Latvia. So if you are considering a romance tour to Belarus, you might want to pop over and set up a date with a Latvian woman if you like the ‘hidden gems’. Or you can mack on ever popular Russian chicks (but you need to be prepared for the big leagues).