Estonian Mail Order Brides

Estonia is located in Northern Europe and it’s bordered by Sweden, Finland, and Latvia (and Latvian mail order brides are worth checking out, as well).

It’s littered with beaches everywhere you look, despite being a pretty cold, northern climate. Even though the summer season is pretty short, you don’t have to visit the beach to see the beautiful women in every corner of the country.

Be warned, though, the Baltics are not renowned for having warm weather. If you are after some great beach life, you would be better off looking at dating some curvy Latin women. But in Estonia, the summers are short and winters are long.

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That might be part of what makes this country such a hidden gem. Despite the fact that you’ll have to wear tons of clothes for most of the day, Estonian women are more than capable of keeping any man warm, at night.

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What Are Estonian Brides Like?

An important thing to understand before getting into it is that despite the fact that the country is comprised of somewhere upwards of 1.5 million people (about more than half of whom are female), they will all differ wildly in terms of personality.

However, by observing how their culture treats women, it’s possible to narrow down the similarities among them.

Physical appearance

To kick things off, Estonia famously has a higher model per capita population than any other country in the world. That should pretty much tell you about how pretty the average woman is.

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Estonian women are renown for being really curvy, despite their slender frames. Many have figures that women in other countries need surgery to achieve. Visitors may even wonder if there is some kind of modeling show in town. But no, that’s an average day. Of all the beautiful European single women, few women can match the kind of beauty Estonia offers.

If you like that northern beauty and you have a thing for longingly staring at a woman’s eyes, then you might just be in luck. Estonia has the highest number of women with colored eyes in the world. About 99% of ethnic Estonians have blue eyes.

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Estonian women are also very skinny, on average. Their standard for beauty skews closer towards slim, pretty and curved. Larger women (whether fat or just with larger frames) are less common. The capital is especially known for having close to a zero rate of obesity.


Estonian personality

Just like its close neighbor, Finland, the residents of Estonia are known for anything but being extroverted and social.

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Despite their sweet dispositions, they are known more for their modesty, quiet nature and being very flexible. They are a far cry from the more demanding Czechoslovakian girls, for example.

However, before they get down to having a relationship, you will have to have befriended her and gotten close to her heart. Like with any investment, your patience will be rewarded with a kind of loyalty deserving of a king.

Gender equality in Estonia

For the most part, Estonian women are a mix of feminist and conservative. While this might seem counterintuitive, hear me out. Conservative attitudes dominate most of the country – most people cherish traditional values. At the same time, there is a belief in equality between men and women in the home.

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Men and women are both taught that, in a relationship, the man and woman both have equal rights towards decision making. As such, before huge decisions that would greatly affect the status of the relationship (like taking out a huge loan or buying a new car), either partner is expected to consult the other first.

This is in stark contrast to other cultures, like the Japanese, where men are considered the unquestioned head of the household and Japanese wives are expected to be submissive.

She is educated

Currently, Estonia stands as having one of the most literate populations in the world. It’s estimated that the whole population (both men and women) can fluently read and write at least Estonian.

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This should be great news for men who are attracted chiefly to intelligence. Or anyone wanting a capable, competent woman by their side.

She isn’t religious

This might be a deal-breaker for some but not every country is right for every guy. Estonia is one of the least religious countries in the world. Only about 9% of people in the country identify themselves as being religious, with the next-closest majority being agnostics at 16%.

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The country is considered to be extremely secular. A lot of the population thinks that a belief system such as Christianity serves to take away a lot of the freedoms their countrymen fought so hard for. The women are especially keen on this aspect.

Beautiful and diverse women

Estonia is a very diverse country. The women come from all walks of life. Women from the North are skewed towards Scandinavian blood while those from the East are more Slavic. For those who have had limited exposure to either one of these regions, all you need to know is that they often have extremely long hair and bright, colorful eyes. For the rest, you can see the pictures in this article. They are all Estonian women.

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A history of friendly people not afraid to mix results in some great genetics. Mixed genes generally result in some of the most beautiful people you will ever come across. And a sizeable chunk of the population is composed of Russian and mixed-Russian women.

Other ethnicities like Finns, Serbs, and Spaniards are also somewhat common. Altogether, Estonian culture is both interesting to explore and live in. A woman exposed to all these cultures will be anything but a ‘plain Jane’.

What About Communication?

The main language spoken in Estonia is, in fact, Estonian. It’s the national language and taught everywhere from schools and used in most government communication.

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estonian language

Like a lot of other European countries, you can live your whole life in Estonia comfortably without ever uttering a word of Estonian. Almost everyone understands English, to varying degrees. This is especially so in the large cities, although they might not be as comfortable speaking English.

It’s pretty hard to learn Estonian in places like Tallinn, the capital since everyone will automatically switch back to English when they hear your horrible pronunciation. Not an especially easy language to learn.

There are places that hardly understand English, of course, but these are secluded to either Russian-speaking areas like Lasnamae or rural, less developed parts of the countries that are comprised mostly of older generations. Fortunately, the younger generations are almost all fluent in English.

Of course, if your communication is limited to online conversations, you should have no problem at all talking to them. Most reputable online dating sites, especially those that facilitate dating foreign women, offer translation services. Depending on who you’re dealing with, these services may be free or have a charge associated with them.

Relationships with Estonian Women?

Dating in Estonia is pretty different from the kind of dating people are used to in the United States, for example. It can be really tough if you don’t know what to expect. The context of a friendship and relationship are very different.

This is mostly brought about by the fact that their culture is very different from anything you’ve likely ever been exposed to in the West. Which will probably result in some very awkward situations. But here are some dating tips for Estonian women that will help you get up to speed.


Western women are currently renowned the world over for being fiercely independent, more so than any other region in the world. In Estonia, the story is somewhat different. Don’t get me wrong, most women here are pretty badass and can do just fine without any help.

But they still have those old world roots. And that means a little chivalry can reap warm rewards. If you decide to take the lead – in making plans, starting conversations and deciding how fast you want to move with her in the relationship – she’ll likely follow along.

The perfect example to illustrate this point is when going out for a date. Unlike in the US, for example, where you’d ask where she wants to eat, it’s considered bad form to invite someone out and have no clue where the two of you are going to go. It’s a simple example but should illustrate the point quite clearly. If she doesn’t object, you have all the go-ahead you need.

Dating and traditional values

You may notice just by hanging out with Estonian women as friends that they are pretty traditional. Once you settle down in a serious relationship, you will really start to notice signs of how traditional they can be.

Ok, I was trying to be subtle but let me club you over the head with what I am saying before you get in trouble. Before you’re able to get intimate with her, you two will have to get really comfortable with each other. That is, most girls are not looking for one night stands with tourists.

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Of course, it really depends on where you meet her so that’s a very broad statement. Every country has some naughty girls. A girl you meet in the club is less likely to be looking for something serious. Obviously.

Don’t be surprised if you have to wait for as many as five dates before finally hitting that home run.

Girls saving themselves for marriage aren’t all that rare, either. In such cases, respect her decision. Don’t rush things. You might be able to intimidate her or coerce her but she may wake up the next day and feel angry at you to herself for letting it go that far. As much as they tend to follow your lead, this is one of those areas you have to be patient in.

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This is also made worse by the fact that their culture doesn’t prioritize physical contact as much as, say, the French or even Latin women. For them, being physical is something that comes with nature and will develop pretty quickly.

Estonians can be pretty reluctant to even offer a hug. However, once a bond forms, it’s one that’s going to be pretty deep and almost impossible to break.

Daily life with an Estonian wife

Which brings us to one of the least understood aspects of what Estonian women really want, especially when it comes to the home.

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On one hand, they are really great at taking care of their men. They learn it from spending time with their mothers. Traditional values are, after all, a great selling point to getting married to an Estonian woman. It’s not part of their tradition for the guy to normal household chores. The guy is normally expected to pay for dinner when you go out, do some house repairs, and that kind of thing.

However, the Estonian society is quickly modernizing, as far as traditional values go. Misogynism – a general dislike for women (or lack of belief that women have the same rights as men) is considered tacky and unattractive.

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If anything, going against the norm once in a while, in one word – chivalry, will go a long way. Don’t let her do all the house chores on her own. Treat her to breakfast in bed, once in a while. Take her out over the weekends and watch those sappy dramas she loves so much, even if you can’t stand them. Little gestures like these, often taken by most guys as meaningless, actually make a really big difference.

It’s all about food with them

If you ever head to a party in Estonia, you are going to leave it so full that you will barely be able to walk. If you thought the Chinese were hospitable with how they offer guests food, you’ve never met Estonian mothers and grandmothers.

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They don’t just feed you to get you full, they give you so much food you won’t be able to leave the house. And you know what’s even more surprising? Your girl – slender frame and all, will be able to eat all that food you’re unable to.


I think Estonian women are the queens of that “Where is she putting all the food?!” phenomena.

Tips for Dating an Estonian Woman

With all that in mind, here are a few more tips to help you at least know where to start from when you’re dealing with an Estonian woman.

Watch out for that creeping dad bod

Estonian food is extremely delicious. Once you get to the country, it’s very easy to lose yourself in the culture and gain weight. There aren’t a whole lot of fast food joints at every corner in Estonia. But there is so much good (and not always healthy) food, you won’t be able to figure out how the women are so slender and cute.

man enjoying his food

Even more, if you thought Americans have huge portions, wait till you see the amount of food the average Estonian can put away, in one sitting. Even with how thick their porridge is, they still accompany this with meat. More kinds of meat than you probably ever knew existed, and huge amounts of bread and milk. And that’s just the beginning, Once you meet the family and are officially welcomed as one of them, you better go there with an empty stomach.

They put American buffets to shame.

Hit the gym

Why is the obesity rate so low, then? You might wonder. Well, Estonians love going to the gym.

mid aged man at the gym

In fact, thanks to their diet being mostly organic, it’s far easier for them to shed the extra weight, compared to our western processed foods.

Estonian girls will especially give you a run for your money. They are taught the importance of being fit pretty much as soon as they are old enough to understand what it means. By the time they are ready to get married, they have well-toned bodies and are accustomed to daily exercise.

With all that energy, you can be sure there’s a lot of fun to be had with Estonian women behind closed doors, as well.

Be interesting

If you’re going to be dating an Estonian woman, you better have some interesting stories from back home. Luckily, the bar isn’t very high here. Any tale of what life is like in a foreign country is likely to interest her.

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Estonian girls have a deep curiosity for other cultures, especially ones outside of Europe. A funny story about something that happened when you were a kid or just hanging out with your friends is an excellent way to create a rapport. That will lead to comfort, which is something you will need with girls in Estonia.

That said, always remember that you’re the one expected to initiate the conversation. Of course, what would be the point of starting a conversation with someone if she doesn’t share some stories of her own. Entice her to share some stories of her life in Estonia. Don’t just rattle off your stories but develop a connection by appreciating her anecdotes as much as your own.

Learn her culture

Estonia wasn’t always the mixed-nationality country that it is today. It has gone through a lot of rocky trials in the somewhat recent past. For which reason, they can tend to be really stubborn about things involving their country. Saying something demeaning about Estonia will get you isolated pretty quickly.

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It’s also pretty important to remember that her culture is very different from yours, but it’s what she’s grown up with her whole life. Don’t go criticizing aspects of it that you’re not particularly fond of. Things are probably the way they are for a reason. And even if they aren’t, sometimes it’s best just to go with the flow.

If anything, appearing to at least make some sort of effort is a more effective way to getting straight to her heart. Show her how much their food, traditions and places you visit all over the countryside interest you.

It helps a lot if you are actually interested in these things, even for her sake alone, rather than pretending to be. Overall, there’s never a dull moment in Estonia.