sugar daddy and his woman inside the car

What is Sugar Daddy Dating?

Mail Order Brides or Sugar Babies – What is The Right Choice For You? What is the difference between mail order bride websites and sugar daddy dating?  This is a question that we have heard from a lot of men lately. Superficially, mail order bride sites and sugar daddy dating sites seem to be very … Read more

man with young ladies around him

Dating Younger Women – Age Differences In Dating

Last Updated: Oct 4, 2018 So, you want to date younger women and many girls want to date an older man…so why does it seem so hard and unattainable? Age gap dating doesn’t happen much in the modern, western world but we are going to show you what the dating age rule is, when it … Read more

reasons in dating a foreign girl

20 Reasons You Should Be Dating Foreign Women

Men have been conditioned to accept the selfish nature of Western women, and many women have realized that they have far more control over western men than is fair. The battle of the sexes has been turned upside down, with men now being perceived as inherently guilty of something, and constantly having to work harder … Read more

online dating scam

How To Avoid Asian Dating Scams

When you are dating online or in Asia in general you are bound to come across some unsavory people and a lot of good people. How do you separate them from the pack? More importantly, how do you know if someone is trying to scam you or not? This article is going to answer all … Read more