Ukrainian Mail Order Brides – Beautiful Ukrainian Women For Marriage


Ukrainian mail order brides are some of the most beautiful women in the world. We are going to show you how to find, date and marry a Ukrainian woman.

Ukraine and Eastern Europe are known for a great variety of things.

  • High concentrations of churches and Christians.
  • Being the center of a lot of wars.
  • Having some of the most beautiful women on the continent.  Or maybe any continent, depending on your tastes.

Ukraine and Russia are particularly famed for having huge numbers of beautiful mail order brides willing to emigrate to more developed parts of the world for marriage, love, and family.

What exactly is all the fuss with Ukraine and mail order brides?  That’s what we are here to explore.

Amolatina dont go out

Differences between Ukrainian women and other East European countries

Warning: This guide on Ukrainian brides is huge but it’s got everything you need. Use that table of contents if you want to find something fast.

Since it’s such a monster guide, you owe it to yourself to have a quick read of our guide on European mail order brides first. It will give you some context. It will give you a good overview of the differences between various East European brides.

For example, Czech mail order brides are going to knock your socks off in the bedroom. And they don’t need a visa to get to the U.S.!

Latvian brides are stuck in a ‘macho’ culture. Along with a huge gender imbalance, makes a good husband hard to find. Plus, most guys don’t even KNOW about Latvia.

One country isn’t even in the East European guide yet. It’s so ‘below the radar’, that most people don’t know about it. Women in Uzbekistan rarely even see a decent guy. Hint: That’s good for you!

Ok, but you have decided on Ukrainian brides now, haven’t you? I don’t blame you at all. But just in case you aren’t convinced, we will tell you…

Why You Should Give Ukrainian Women A Chance

One reason people are drawn to Ukraine for meeting a woman for marriage is the fact that coordinating visits to the country is simple and extremely cheap. Unlike most of Europe, which tends to lean towards ‘stupidly unaffordable’, Ukraine is pretty inexpensive. Heck, it’s downright cheap!


This, combined with a population that’s overflowing with single stunning women, looking for love and marriage, makes it a clear winner for any man looking for a great life partner.

You will meet gorgeous women in all shapes and colors

The first time I went to Ukraine, I met a lovely lady named Alina.  Wow, what an introduction to Ukraine. I later found out she was actually kind of ‘average’ but don’t let that word fool you.  Average in Ukraine is exceptional back home.

simple blonde, brunette and redhead Ukrainian women

Depending on the kind of woman you prefer, they come in all kinds of body types. Alina, for example, was a slim lady with very pale skin and long legs that gave her a kind of grace that’s not easy to come by. Her hair was the same color as her eyes (light brown) and each just as good as drawing you in as the other.

Over the next month, I went on to meet several women. Each of them with different attitudes, but every one of them as lovable as the next. The one thing each of them had in common, though, other than the color of their hair, the kind of lipstick they wore or how tight their dresses were…was the very natural beauty they radiated.

They are smarter than you think

Ukrainian women, despite what stereotypes will have you believe, are pretty smart girls. They are often the geeky kind that prefers to stay at home and read a good novel rather than head out to a party.

hot and smart Ukrainian girl in the library

It would be unfair to lump all of them in one category. I mean, a lot of them were also the outgoing, booty-short-wearing party freaks. Anastasia, who preferred to go by Anna, is a great example of this kind of woman I met on my trip.

Oh, she was smart, too, but she had so much natural energy and positive vibe, she couldn’t live the settled down life without a little fun and adventure.  She’s the kind of woman that you could end up married to and still not give up the party life.

I guess, in the end, there’s a variety of attitudes, just like anywhere. What shocked me, though, was that the geeky Russian girls could still be the fit, sexy, crazy-beautiful women, all in one package.

Anna was like Superman, she was a woman of steel with a geeky secret identity. And she could hold her Vodka…but that’s another story.

Gorgeous red-heads!

After getting off the Arsenalna metro stop in Kiev, I was headed to check out the Easter Egg festival (I highly recommend it, check it out on TripAdvisor).  They have these fantastic hand painted giant brightly colored Easter eggs.

That’s when I realized the eggs weren’t the only thing that was brightly colored. I hadn’t noticed it when I first got to Ukraine.  But then it hit me. There were beautiful red-headed women all over the place.

gorgeous redhead Ukrainian woman

I mean, you can see it in the pictures of the women.  You can see it in the pics of the single Russian mail order brides on our web site, too. But unless you go to Ireland, it’s rare and wonderful to see so many beautiful women with every shade of lustrous red hair. Of all the countries in the world, Ireland has the greatest population of redheads, sure.  But countries like Russia and Ukraine coming in a close second.

The kind of climate these countries serve to provide an environment lush with swathes of the population possessing this rare hair color. Believe it or not, aside from Scotland and Ireland, the next-best place to land a beautiful redhead bride is in Ukraine.

Neighboring Russia is also a close contender for this spot, so always feel free to swoop by if you have the time. Just don’t forget to arrange your Visa beforehand.

Fashionable (or just high maintenance?)

The one thing you should always keep in mind when you meet a Ukrainian woman is that they have an unrelenting passion for fashion and keeping themselves looking amazing. On a bad day, you could get frustrated because she isn’t about to wake out of bed and walk out of the house in sweats and no make-up.

pretty Ukraine girl in a slinky red dress

“Sorry Kotik, I must get ready first”. ‘Kotik’ means something like ‘man bunny’, by the way. And I am a lot closer to being a Russian bear, than a Ukrainian girl’s bunny but hey, it was cute and I digress…

latin mail order brides

But look! On a good day, you are going to marvel at the amount of effort she puts into looking fantastic just for a trip to the grocery store. And that’s not to say they will be slathered in clown makeup. Ukrainian women have mastered the ‘natural beauty’ makeup look.

She’s going to spend an hour putting on makeup but she will look like she just got out of bed…except better looking than anyone, anywhere, ever does when they get out of bed. Yeah, that’s women. Twice over for Ukrainian women. And it won’t change, even after you marry her.

Sexy and fit

Ok, painful admission here. I have always liked working out in the gym but…yeah, like a lot of you, I never seem to make time for it. These Ukrainian women, though, they take it to the next level. When I work out, it’s to fight the ‘battle of the bulge’. But Ukrainian women (and really all East European women) are deeply committed to maintaining their figures, which means regular exercise. Early morning runs and constant gym work.

two fit blonde girls at the gym

And that not only makes them look like fitness models, it motivates me, too. As Anna (my favorite Ukrainian party girl) said, it’s fine if I am not in shape but if she and I were ever to get serious, she would cook me up a healthy diet and motivate me to go to the gym with her. Which, in all honesty, is probably what I need.

The beauty here is that a lot of women who just get fit to get a man will let that fall by the wayside after they get married. But when a woman is brought up to take care of herself, it won’t fall away after the wedding nuptials.

Easy to get through customs (the country, not the woman!)

Another great thing about Ukraine, from the perspective of Americans, is the Visa requirement. Or I should say, ‘the lack thereof’. Unlike Russia which requires a Visa that is a bit of a hassle to get, in Ukraine, Visas are not required for Americans for a stay of up to 90 days within a 180 day period.

Meaning you can just go for up to 3 months without worrying about a Visa. How awesome is that?!

Note: This applies to Americans, Canadians, and Brits. Australians, however, will need a Visa. Sorry about that, not my rules!

Tips For Dating A Ukrainian Woman

attractive woman's face

Ukrainian women are really something to marvel at: from their clearly distinct facial features to their long, slender legs, they are perhaps the most desirable women in the world. And they are smart enough to know their value, despite that value being a bit blunted by where they live.

Aside from which, their culture is obviously very different from what western men are used to. If you’re not careful, you can be easily outmaneuvered in the dating scene by a Ukrainian woman.

A few tips will always come in handy when dealing with someone who has grown up in an environment completely different from your own. If you’ve had no prior exposure to the same, these will be incredibly useful.

Amolatina dont go out

Ukraine and its neighbor, Russia, have a lot in common. They share a lot of the same aspects in terms of their culture, so their women tend to share a lot of similarities. On average, however, Ukrainian women are usually a lot more picky about the kind of men they select.

They are known to be a lot more rational and less dependent on their emotions than women from neighboring countries.

What she wants to know about you

First of all, you need to have a pretty solid backstory on why you are looking for a Ukrainian partner. Ukraine’s economy has been a great mess since the downfall of the USSR in 1991. Most women in Ukraine are pretty well-versed with the state their country is in, especially the kind of tension that exists as a result of political action against it by neighboring states. For this reason, expect a lot of questions regarding why you are in Ukraine and what you expect to get out of the visit.


There’s one question, in particular, I want to warn you about. “Why don’t you like the women in your home country?”. Seriously, every beautiful, model-like Ukrainian asked me this. Every. Single. One. And in my head, I was like…”Ahm, look in the mirror, silly!”. Ok, that’s shallow but it’s in my head where I get to be as juvenile as I want to be. Don’t judge me!

Anyway, look, a lot of guys I talk to look for Ukraine brides, specifically because they had a relationship go sour with western women once too often. Or maybe a particularly rough divorce. If that’s you, then it’s only natural that you might have a little bitterness towards girls in your home country. I don’t judge you, either. I am here to give you the best dating advice I can so you can live happily ever after with your future Ukrainian sweetheart.

Why so many questions?

Stop and think about it from the perspective of the Ukrainian woman. It’s not that she can’t understand your feelings, it’s that she’s worried you are some woman-hating psychopath who might beat her or even kill her once she is away from her home country. She is considering making this huge change in her life and she needs to feel as comfortable with you as humanly possible. Her radar will be up for any anger or temperamental behavior.

So my advice to you is to be ready for this one. Don’t lie but do spend some time thinking about the reasons a Ukrainian wife is what you are interested in. And how to articulate that to her. If worse comes to worse, you can use this article for inspiration.

In fact, ‘mail order brides’ tend to be pretty inquisitive, anyway. But Ukrainian women, especially, since they are smarter than your average cookie.  Expect them to ask a lot of questions. Be ready with your best anecdotes and details of your life that you want to share. I repeat, don’t lie.

But do have a good story about your life, with a combination of certain elements. Such as your purpose for being there, the kind of work you do (especially if it’s somehow tied to your visit) or some kind of business opportunity you’re willing to explore.

Playing hard to get

Let me put this bluntly…a lot of guys want to play…and only play. They are called sex tourists. And don’t get me wrong, *I* don’t judge. But the women will. Lots of Americans, Europeans, and Turks go to Ukraine and Russia to ‘play’. And the women are keenly aware of this. Any gorgeous woman you see has probably run across a lot of these guys.

mail order brides

And some of the women might even be up for that…but if you are looking for a serious relationship (aka, a Ukrainian wife), then you are going to have to put in a little extra time to ‘convince her’ you aren’t just another wannabe pickup artist.

Now I am going to give you a huge tip I learned here. I only learned it at the end of my month long trip because western dating was so ingrained in me, it was hard to really ‘get’ what I am about to tell you. The absolute biggest tool she uses to determine if you are serious if you really like her or you are just there to play…is by playing hard to get.

If you are like me, this is really hard, coming from the west. Legally and socially, we are taught that ‘no means no’ and if a woman is interested, she will let you know. But you best remember that you aren’t in the west anymore because if you let the first sign of disinterest sway you, you are going to have a much harder time.

If you only remember one thing from this section, it’s that she will play hard to get…but you shouldn’t.

Vital tip: Be persistent, be insistent!

Don’t get me wrong, ‘no means no’ doesn’t mean you need to rape her. That should be obvious but if it’s not, let me spell it out. What it means is that even if she likes you, she may not show interest in you.

She may not call you. And she may not return your calls very often, or sporadically. She may not show up on time. Or she may take your flowers with a polite thank you and no more. She may not throw sweet nothings in your ear.

Not yet. Not until she sees that you can be persistent and you won’t take no for an answer.

happy blonde girl receiving gift and flowers

That’s just how they are brought up. And let me be clear. I don’t mean you force her to do anything, in any way. I mean, that when she makes you feel like she’s not interested in you, ignore that. Make a date and bring flowers. Bringing flowers to a first date is the custom in Ukraine. Keep calling her. If she doesn’t want a kiss, let it go for now but try again later.

To put it another way, never force her…but never let her stop you from trying. Ukrainian women see this as manly behavior and it means, to them, that you are really interested. I suppose because any guy who just wanted a fast route to the bedroom wouldn’t have the patience for it.

Worth repeating, persistence pays off!

Truth is, in lots of countries, it’s a trend that male persistence is attractive to women:

It will pay off because women actually admire a guy who stands by his convictions.

But in Ukraine, it’s not so much a trend as an ironclad rule.

Sound too hard? Might be, for some people. But it wins them over and many a beautiful Ukrainian woman has fallen deeply in love to a guy she wasn’t initially attracted to because he couldn’t be swayed from wooing her.

What To Expect From Your First Meeting

It would be pretty dishonest to say Ukrainian women just sit around all day waiting for a handsome knight in shining armor to save them from the stresses of daily life. More often, they are usually bombarded with a lot of messages from people all over the world. A common result of this is numerous promises from all manner of men who don’t live up to their word – they just never turn up to Ukraine, to begin with.


As mentioned earlier, she may seem a little standoffish. But it’s just a test to see how serious you are. Russian guys actually are pretty good in the ‘sweet words’ department. And if she is a beautiful Russian woman, she gets a lot of guys from all over the world throwing sweet words at her.

But there are two differences between you and them.

  1. You got on a plane and flew across the world to meet her.
  2. You are reading this right now so you are prepared for her test.

Be strong. Or if that doesn’t come naturally, at least be prepared.

What she expects from you

Ukrainian women are naturally family-oriented. Most women you talk to will tell you they are responsible for taking care of their parents in one way or another, especially considering the employment rate among women is higher than that of men in the country.


For that reason, having a few pictures of yourself with your family and friends (pets, too if possible) will improve your appeal. They usually like to have a cursory glance at the kind of life you live back at home.  It helps them feel comfortable that you aren’t some serial killer or going to sell her into sex slavery. Sounds silly but those things happen. Yes, it’s rare but you know how rumors are.

On top of that, it gives her an idea of what her future life will be like.  She’s giving up everything she knows to take this great leap of faith with you. The more you can reassure her, the better. And you won’t be able to reassure her with words.

Paint a picture of the two of you together. A picture is worth a thousand words. Or, in this case, a lifetime of love.

At the same time, don’t forget to ask her as much about her background and family as possible. This is where the whole ‘just listen’ thing becomes important. If she feels you understand her, then that adds to that comfort level you are developing with her.

She may want a family. Or she may want a good man. And maybe even children. And a future with you. But it doesn’t mean she is so desperate that she will run away with a guy that gives her the creeps. Don’t be that guy.

How Much Does It Cost To Meet Her

Ukraine may be the very cheapest country to live and visit in Ukraine right now.  Since everyone’s needs are different, let’s break it down and you can get an idea of what you would be spending. I spent around $1,900 for a month of traveling around Ukraine, not including the occasional gift for a lady. I am sure it would be much cheaper if it hadn’t been my first time there.

“The Plane, The Plane!”

Before you jump on a plane and travel across the world to meet that one person that might be your soulmate, some money-related expenses have to be taken care of first. The air travel distance between the United States and Ukraine is anywhere from 4600 miles from the east coast to closer to 10k miles from the west coast.


With minimal delays, it takes about eleven to twelve hours to get to Ukraine. Depending on the number of stops you prefer to have along the way, a ticket costs somewhere around $3,000 for cheap flights, but more stops. Obviously, nonstop first class will add a significant multiplier to that price. But I will let you figure out the flights before I turn into your travel agent.

Food, the way to a man’s heart?

You might not have any idea what kind of food they have in Ukraine.  But maybe you do.  I mean, you’ve heard of Borsch, right?  And what’s more appropriate than eating Chicken Kiev…in Kiev? What would the old country be without delicacies like Pierogi?


From a young age, most Ukrainian girls are taught the importance of knowing how to cook, especially if they want to get married. And well, that’s hopefully the kind of woman you are meeting. If you just want to play, though, don’t worry, you won’t go starving.

Borshch (pronounced bor-sht) is a traditional meal that’s made up mostly of beetroot and roughly 20 other ingredients, and it’s a staple food in virtually every household in Ukraine.

Once you get to meet your future bride, you could always ask her to prepare you a meal and see how close to your heart she can get. Before then, however, you’ll need to put away some cash for your food (and possibly drinks) while you explore the country and meet women.

Restaurant dates

Just to give you an idea, a Big Mac at McDonald’s is like $1.70.  Local draft beer from like 60 cents to double that for the really good stuff.  Cocktails at an average place are maybe $2.50 or $3. You can get a good meal and a beer at a ‘locals’ place for $5 or spend $10 for more of a touristy mid-level place.

Of course, if you want fine dining, and you are in a big city, like Kiev, the sky’s the limit on quality and cost.

Going to meet your future wife

Public transport is super cheap. Hard to believe when a cab in the U.S. could cost $40 for a trip, it’s closer to $4 in Ukraine. Even if you aren’t well-heeled, you can afford to taxi around like you are. Buses and metro tokens are almost negligible, at 10 to 20 cents for a bus ride and about 30 cents for a metro token.


Important to note here, taxi scams aren’t uncommon in Ukraine, especially in bigger cities. Best advice is to book online or by phone and get a price. If you need a taxi off the street, make sure you get a price beforehand. Otherwise, they might just decide to make up a crazy price and see if they can get away with it.

Another note…in some countries, it’s great to rent a car and drive around yourself. I would advise against it in Ukraine. The roads are in terrible shape and it’s not at all fun to drive around, trust me. Combine that with cheap taxis and a decent metro system and you should really just skip the rent-a-car. Your date won’t think any less of you.

Your bachelor pad (for now)

Most hotels cost as little as $20 per night for an average hotel, and if you’re the kind that prefers to go big or go home, high-end places cost $150 per night. There’s not an abundance of those in the country, but if you’re really determined to get the best out of the country, the Holiday Inn in Kiev and the Fairmont Grand Hotel may cater to your tastes.

Depending on your preferences, you shouldn’t spend more than $800 a month on sleep-related expenses. Personally, I spent $31 a night and had no complaints at all.

Gifts for your future Ukrainian wife

Along with your regular spending budget, make sure you’ve got enough to get her a few gifts, at least. Ukrainian girls are old-school and you will be expected to bring gifts and flowers. Trust me on this, these aren’t your ‘liberated’ western women, no matter how tough they may seem


Turning up with flowers or a small gift is one of the best ways to seal the deal with your potential future mate. Ukrainian girls like to feel pampered; the best way to show your appreciation for her beauty would be with a thoughtful gift or two. Something shiny like Elizabeth Climber Earrings or something fun and silly like Stacey Sunglasses are a great choice to connect with your girl. Something in the $10 to $20 range is perfectly fine.

Visa application (usually not needed)

As we mentioned earlier, Americans, among others, don’t need a visa to enter Ukraine as long as you don’t stay 90 days or longer. If you wish to stay for extended periods (more than 3 months), or you are from a country that requires a Visa, you should get proper documentation so you don’t get in trouble with customs. A Ukraine Visa for an American will cost $160.

Tip: If you’re going to be carrying more than $3,000, customs officials will want to know why. You could always try telling them you are getting married.  But don’t quote me on that, I am officially not a customs official.

How To Make The Most Of Your Ukraine Romance Tour

If you’re not one for adventuring, there’s always the option of going on an organized tour rather than heading off on your own, especially if it’s the first time you’re visiting the country.

You can definitely wing it on your own, book your ticket, set up the date and have everything ready all by yourself but it’s unlikely you’re going to get everything right the first time you try. Even seasoned travelers run into unexpected hassled when in Ukraine.

This is where mail order bride agencies can help.  It will initially cost more than doing it on your own but in the long run, it might save you money and, more importantly, valuable time on the ground.

When guys go and meet a large number of women in order to find the one they click with, it’s usually referred to as a romance tour. It can be a great way to explore the more obscure areas of the country without having to worry about lining up every single date (and translator), yourself.

Advantages of using a mail order bride agency

1. They know how to maximize your time. If you get your heart set on one girl and she is sick with the flu, you don’t want to waste your whole trip. Any decent marriage agency will make sure you are constantly meeting new girls and getting the chance to find your beautiful Russian soul-mate.


2. They can help you steer clear of scammers. Here’s a truth you won’t always hear from mail order bride agencies. There are absolutely some girls that are scammers. It’s Ukraine and people there are poor.  Let me tell you, anyone that tells you that any poor country doesn’t have a lot of scammers trying to make some extra money from rich foreigners…is trying to sell you something. Agencies have a reputation to uphold and they will do their best to keep you from getting scammed by some bad girl. One additional tip to avoid scammers: Always make sure you video chat with the girl you like!

3. They arrange everything. Translators, check. Travel planning, got it. Advisor, of course. Most agencies try to be one-stop shops with concierge service to get you where you are going without a hitch. Of course, hitches happen. And that’s when it’s good to have someone on your side.

Advantages of doing it on your own

1. Cheaper in the short run. This is the big one. No denying it, agencies provide services and those services cost money. If you get into trouble or run afoul of the wrong girl, then you might end up spending more doing it on your own but if you really know what you are doing, already, it’s clearly cheaper on your own. You should consider this after you have a couple of trips under your belt.

2. A sense of accomplishment and adventure. If you like a challenge and you want to take the path less traveled, you can spend your time traveling around Ukraine on your own, at your own whim and dating girls you meet at the park or using online dating apps to find girls. This works out well for backpackers and travelers who aren’t short on time or rushing to get back to their home country.


Why Do Ukrainian Women Want to Marry Foreign Men?

You might find it hard to believe that this model-beautiful women can’t find handsome, rich and charming guys in their own country. As mentioned before, though Ukraine’s economic status isn’t the best.

To put it lightly. If you’ve ever talked to any Ukrainian women, you probably know that most of them work in order to support their parents in the countryside. On a western salary, everything is about ten times as cheaper to you as it is towards the average citizen in Ukraine.

Too many single ladies in Ukraine

The recent and ongoing economic and political turmoil isn’t some sort of strange one-sided blade that only affects the women in the country, however. Because of how difficult things are, many men are struggling to leave the country so they can find better opportunities for making money in the western parts of the world.

sexy and hot Ukrainian bikini girls

If you factor in the ongoing tension between the country and its neighbor, Russia, another great chunk of the men are already serving in the army to begin with. The male population is struggling enough as it is. Male life expectancy is also roughly 10 years less than that of women, and the overall population has been dropping, such that there are only about 86.3 men for every 100 women in Ukraine.

With the alcohol epidemic factored in, it shouldn’t be much wonder why Ukraine women would be looking for foreign men for matrimony. It puts them at a much more secure position than they otherwise would be searching for a husband at home.  Even aside from the financial aspect, the chance of a woman (even a hot, young, intelligent woman) finding a good partner for marriage in Ukraine is very low.

Westerners are seen as more serious

Anecdotally, I can also tell you that I have heard a lot of girls comment that American men are considered trustworthy and more serious in their relationships. That’s important for her. She will potentially be stranded in a foreign country. She doesn’t want you ditching her easily the first time you fight or have a misunderstanding. Not to mention, if she gets pregnant, right?

middle-aged man with his daughter riding a horse

While I have personally heard this about Americans, it probably applies to other guys from western countries. I think some of it might also be that ANY guy who spends the money, time and effort to go to Ukraine to find his future soul-mate has a better chance of being taken seriously as a marriage partner.

What It’s Like To Be In A Relationship with a Ukrainian Woman

Finally, we get to the good part, after finding, winning and getting a relationship with a Ukrainian woman. Once you’re able to find someone you like, what’s it like to commit yourself to her? Let’s clear up some of the most confusing aspects first.

Traditional gender roles

Ukraine is a pretty conservative country. As a result, a lot of the hold beliefs that a lot of westerners would consider traditional. For instance, they mostly have family-oriented mindsets. Which is one of the main things that draw a lot of guys in. They believe that true happiness is found in dedicating themselves to being devoted, faithful wives and caring mothers; not heading out on their own to make a fortune by themselves.


This has its obvious drawbacks if you want her to contribute to the family income, but she won’t mind staying at home to take care of the kids and the chores. She might work for a while, at first. But even that might be a challenge. Many Ukrainian women will have to work on learning to speak English fluently before they can contemplate any kind of serious job.

Eventually, though, she is going to want to do the family thing with you. It’s how she was brought up. Of course, some exceptions will exist. But you will have a much wider range of partners if you are looking for a traditional girl.

Home cooking

Another one of the most beautiful aspects of this country is their food. If you’ve never tasted Eastern European food, you’re in for quite a delicacy. As mentioned before, Ukrainian ladies are taught the importance of motherhood from the moment they are young children.

sexy Ukrainian girl preparing food

For that matter, they cook a lot. They spend a lot of their time in the kitchen, learning to prepare different meals. And it’s not like they only know how to prepare traditional foods. Ukrainian girls can prepare a variety of dishes and they will put their hearts into it. They were brought up to believe that good cooking is a part of a happy family.

In fact, don’t be surprised if you hear her remark something about the food that’s presented at restaurants while on a date. Since every dish they prepare is quite different from the ones you meet at a hotel, they consider such food an unfinished product and don’t appreciate it much. They prefer to cook their meals themselves. And, if you are a lucky, lucky man, maybe for you too.

Simple and undemanding

I know, I know, those model photos makes them look like they will be demanding and have a princess attitude, right? But don’t be fooled by photos, that’s just the pose. If a pro is taking the photo, they will probably tell them to do that.  Truth is, Ukrainian women are pretty friendly.

blue-eyed Ukrainian babe looking flirtatious

Next to their food and their beliefs, there’s nothing they hold more dear to their hearts than the kinds of friendship bonds they form with people along the way. They believe honesty and sincerity and understanding are the best way to get any man’s heart.

They are pretty supportive in the worst of times, and, mostly coming from humble backgrounds, they are pretty content with an apartment rather a fully-furnished mansion and sports cars sprawled across the front lawn. A house in the country that you take for granted will be like something out of her dreams. They are pretty meek folk and are undemanding.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait

Life is only so long and we only get that many shots at finding someone we are truly compatible with and will settle down with for the rest of our lives. If nine out of ten people you’ve met at home don’t fit the bill for the kind of person you want to settle down with, it’s time you give foreign women a chance. And I’ve given you a good idea of what Ukrainian women are like in this article.



If a Ukrainian bride does look appealing to you, you need to keep one thing in mind. You’re not the only person who is trying to get her to settle down. People can only be so patient with anyone in the world. If you make a promise that you can’t keep, someone else will. Men all over the world are looking for soulmates.

And Ukrainian women are such a great find, they get a lion’s share of the attention. As the world becomes more and more globalized, more and more guys are going to finally land their eyes on Ukraine and settle down with the girl of their dreams. And that girl just might also be the girl of your dreams.


It’s always a great time to visit Ukraine and visit the gorgeous countryside. You can see the site of the infamous Chernobyl nuclear meltdown and have a private tour of Kiev. Once you’re done exploring the beautiful countryside, it’s time to explore another kind of beauty the country offers.

beautiful blonde Ukrainian girl

You’ve taken the first step

These women aren’t going to run off to another country with the first western man they see. But you have made the first step in reading this insanely long and in-depth guide I wrote for you.

But lots of guys have time to read guides on the net. So I am telling you, the next step is to stop couch surfing and take the plunge. Bookmark this guide for reference, start contacting ladies and get your tuckus over to Ukraine. And meet one of these gorgeous women.

Last of all, when you find the girl of your dreams (and I know you will) come back and share the story with us!