European Mail Order Brides

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Of all the possible dating destinations for a single guy enjoying a few weeks or months of international travel, Eastern Europe still figures at the top of a short list.

Sure, there’s a little bit of stigma attached to certain countries in this part of the world because they’re the home of the mail-order bride concept, but there’s a really good reason that happened – Eastern European women are hot!

Here’s Why European Women Are So Gorgeous

The reason these women are so drop-dead gorgeous apparently has to do with the end of World War II, which left the population of Europe decimated. In particular, there were a lot more women then men left in Eastern Europe after WWII.  There were very few eligible men still left alive, so Eastern European women only picked their ideal partner, which is something called socio-sexuality.

What you get as a result is women with incredible genetics, women who are more than happy to spend time getting to know guys from other countries – guys just like you.

Why would some of the most beautiful women in the world be interested in men from North America and elsewhere in Europe? What most people don’t realize is that women in many Eastern European countries have to deal with serious domestic violence on a regular basis, due to most men having substance abuse problems of some kind.

Why Eastern Europe Is Great For Western Men

Gender imbalances

As a buddy of mine once joked, “If you have most of your limbs, some teeth, and a job, that makes you a real catch over there.” Women from this part of the world are often treated as second-class citizens and are expected to want nothing more life than to take care of their alcoholic boyfriend until he dies of cirrhosis of the liver.

Attractive women

You’ve probably already noticed that Russian, Romanian, Latvian, Estonian or Lithuanian girls always look amazing in any pictures you see of them, but the cool thing is that they look just as good in real life. It’s like being in Amsterdam for the first time – your head is on a swivel because every other girl is tall, blonde and pretty enough to stop your heart.

Eastern European and Baltic women take pride in their appearance, and that includes staying fit, toned and healthy. Do they all look like models? Hell no, but even average Eastern European girls blow away their best looking competitors from anywhere else in the world.

Number of women

Eastern Europe is absolutely huge – you’re talking about a landmass several times the size of North America, with a population of several hundred million. This combined with the fact that the number of single females often eclipses the number of single males can make these countries nothing short of a dating paradise for you.

So, we have some suggestions for you if you’re trying to plot out your journey across Europe, but don’t know which countries have the hottest girls.

The Best East European Dating Destinations


Sexy and glamorous Russian babes

Although you might think Russia is all played out when it comes to the dating scene for single guys you’d be wrong. A combination of cheap flights and more countries opening their borders means there’s just as many single Russian girls looking for love as there ever has been.

Many of the women here look like models and dress like them too, so all the stories you heard about the single girls here are true. The main thing a Russian girl is looking for in a guy is somebody who doesn’t spend their days getting hammered drunk with their buddies because they get enough of that with any Russian guy they date.

These girls love partying but prepare yourself for Russian pop music that will make you want to pull your own teeth out. Making a good impression is pretty straightforward. Be her knight in shining armor, pay for your first meals together, and generally just treat her well i.e. the exact opposite she’ll get from the average Russian guy. Once you win her heart she’ll stay loyal to you for as long as you choose.

One word of warning here is that Russian girls expect their men to be men, so if you’re a complete pussy you’re probably not going to have much luck on the dating scene there.

The exception to this is guys who flash their cash to get attention – the only Russian girls who fall for this are street pros, or a girl looking for a ticket out of the Russian Federation.

Don’t expect to blow into town, hook up overnight and then leave. Girls here know when you’re just chasing ass, so you have to play a slow game. One thing is for certain though – you’ll never regret dating a Russian girl.


lovely Ukrainian women

Despite what you might read or hear in the news, Ukraine is still a dating hotspot. Things have changed here a little bit though due to the political upheaval in that more Ukrainian women are looking at Western guys as a meal ticket out of their country.

In addition to this, some of the nasty influences of the EU are starting to become more apparent, with some Ukrainian women starting to take less care of their bodies.

What Ukrainian girls still have going for them is their natural beauty, so they look just as good without makeup as they do with it. This isn’t something you find in women from most countries, where you can fall asleep beside Angelina Jolie, but wake up beside Jabba The Hutt.

With that being said you’re still at risk of a neck injury from checking out all the Ukrainian hotties, although you might find some of them lacking in the butt and boob department. The rest of their body will make up for that though. You have our word.

The nightclub scene is a mixed bag of experiences – there’s a good number of girls prowling around these clubs just looking for a guy to run away to the West with. This means that picking up girls during the day is probably going to give you better results. On dates she’ll dress to impress, so don’t turn up dressed like a schlub.

Ukrainian girls are also slow burners when it comes to opening up to a new guy, so be as patient as you can be. Oh, the first date isn’t for sex ever. If she does jump into bed with you then you’ve probably found yourself a pro, or a girl you’re going to have a lot of trouble breaking away from a few hours later.


hot and wild girls of Belarus

You’ve probably heard that most Belarusian women are tall blondes with blue eyes, and that’s pretty much exactly what you can expect to find here. The country is still in the middle of a post-Soviet Union hangover, so don’t expect a whole lot in the way of western influences, which is probably a good thing considering how quickly North America is flushing itself down the toilet. Belarus is still a bit of a hidden gem for finding hot Eastern European girls.

The other perk is that girls here love meeting Western guys because they see you as being exotic and unique, even if you’re Captain Boring at home. You’ll also make the effort to get to know them, whereas most Belarusian men just don’t bother.

There’s an expectation that women will do as they’re told, so when they meet a guy who shows real interest in their lives they do everything they can to get his attention and keep it.

So what are the women really like here? Long legs, pretty faces, blue eyes, and great bodies. Overweight women are the exception rather than the rule, and that includes on the street or in a nightclub.

Belarusian girls are also really friendly, so even if you’re not great at striking up a conversation with a random girl, they’ll never make you feel bad about it. Girls here travel, shop and go out in pairs, so you’ll need to breach their social circle to get close to them.

Bear in mind that Ukraine is as big as the United States, so plan a longer trip here than you might for Poland, Estonia or Latvia. Oh, and the guys here are butt ugly, so that’s in your favor too.


reasons to come to Estonia

The women you meet in Estonia have a reputation for being the friendliest of the Eastern European bunch, and it’s completely true. There’s a couple of reasons for this, with the first being that the dating scene here hasn’t become polluted by thousands of sleazy players looking for a one night stand, and next comes the fact that Estonian girls love to party. So much so that you’re going to struggle to keep up with them!

Breaking the ice here won’t take too much effort because English is widely spoken by women, especially the younger ones. In terms of their looks, Estonian girls have the best bodies of all Eastern European women, with some serious curve appeal going on.

Over 50% of the women here have the most incredible blue eyes and the kind of facial symmetry that would make a runway model jealous. These are the kind of girls you dream about meeting, and Estonia is literally overflowing with them.

The long flowing hair, flawless skin, high cheekbones, and dazzling smiles are enough to make even the most loyal guy think about straying. An “average” Estonian girl is comparable to a North American girl you’d rate as a 9 or 10 back home.

Tartu and Tallinn are the two dating and partying hot spots for single guys visiting Estonia, and it’s a country you definitely want to spend at least one week partying in. Estonia is still virgin territory for a single guy, and the girls here are the very best of what Eastern Europe has to offer a young stud like you.


the beauty of Lithuania

Any guy visiting this country will notice straight away the huge difference between Lithuanian women and American or European women. The slow decay of beauty and grace in the West isn’t reflected in how Lithuanian girls look or act. Baltic countries have remained a little isolated from the feminazi ideals of North America, so women here still care about their appearance in a way that most feminists don’t.

The prettiest girls here are usually married by the time they reach their 20s, so you need to keep an eye out for weddings bands, or missing ones. The good news is that the married girls are all the 9s and 10s, but the women who are considered average in Lithuania are 10x hotter than the 10s you’ll find back home.

Basically, this can be a real feast for your eyes and senses if you play your cards right, and especially avoid coming across as a PUA artist, or that you’re only interested in one night stands. You’ll get an instant rejection if any Lithuanian girl picks up on that.

The downside is that English isn’t a commonly spoken language here. Russian is probably the safest language to learn because a lot of the girls don’t speak any English. Not a single word of it. So, unless you’re the world’s best mime artist you need to brush up on your foreign language skills.

Try to date during the day and especially in malls – the night time dating scene can be messy and unpredictable, especially if you’re hitting on married women. Once you do get some interest from a girl you’ll find that Lithuanian girls are probably the easiest to convince to spend some “special” time alone with you.


Polish girls and places

Ever since the early days of the international dating scene guys could tell you exactly what to expect from a Russian girl, but in the same breath knew nothing about Polish girls.

It wasn’t until Poland became part of the EU that the floodgates opened, and tens of thousands of beautiful young Polish girls started flooding across Europe looking for a better life. Polish women have the same Slavic/Baltic influences as their Russian neighbors but are far more passionate in how they live their lives.

Dating a Polish girl isn’t something you’ll forget in a hurry because they’re very sexual, they love telling jokes and having fun, plus they’re also so laid back it’s almost impossible to get into an argument with them. Sex isn’t something they see as being a chore – they’ll do it just for fun, and want it as often as you can provide it.

Your Polish date will expect you to be polite and chivalrous, so hold doors open, pull her seat out for her, etc. In return don’t be surprised if she offers to clean your house for you, or cook your meals – this is her way of showing she cares.

Which is a hell of a lot more than you’d get from most North American or European women. She’ll expect you to be a man’s man in return, and capable of protecting and caring for her.

Bend to kiss her hand on the first date – this will win you major brownie points, but kissing on both cheeks is also acceptable. Don’t try to impress her with how much you earn because small thoughtful gifts will mean much more to good Polish girl than you can imagine.

While you’re around your Polish girl don’t even think about looking at another woman…even if it’s just commenting on how pretty an actress is. Yes, they really are that jealous.

Do learn Polish before getting here. It’s not actually all that difficult and it shows you cared enough to communicate with them in their native language. English is widely spoken here too.

Czech Republic

the beauties and places in Czech Republic

Prepare yourself to meet some of the most sexually liberated women in the world. This might be due in part to the huge porn industry operating in the Czech Republic, or that the women here just enjoy sex, but either way it’s a win for you.

Does this mean the Czech girls are easy? Far from it. For example, if you’re a drunk, a junkie or a deadbeat, then you’re going to have a hard time getting a Czech girl into bed – they expect their guys to be hard-working and capable of acting like a man.

Their country is filled with guys who want to sit around and let their women provide for them, so don’t present them with the same package with a North American or European accent. Czech girls will play hard to get no matter how much they’re attracted to you – it’s just how things are done here.

Overall the women are stunning, with the better ones making an effort to look good no matter where they are. Going shopping for groceries? High heels. Going out for dinner? High heels. In the bedroom? High heels.

One thing you need to watch out for here is that once you break through their cool exterior they’ll be completely loyal to you. How is this a bad thing? Because it means you’re now in the boyfriend zone, and if you stay there too long you’ll wind up in the husband-to-be-zone.

If you meet a girl you want to spend the rest of your life with then cool, but if not then you need to know when to bring things back down to a simmer between you and your Czech hottie.

Kissing her on both cheeks is what to aim for when you first meet a Czech girl, and give her some flowers. She’ll also expect you to hold doors open for her, and generally be a gentleman. If your idea of a great first date is getting wasted and pestering a girl for a BJ then you’re going to find yourself sitting alone because she’ll get up and leave.


hot Armenian girls and places

You’ve probably been admiring an Armenian girl, and her sisters, for several years now without ever realizing it. Who is this lady of mystery? Kim Kardashian. She’s not typical of women from this part of the world, although the big boobs and big ass is something you can expect to find here if you’re looking for it.

Maybe that’s what you’re into, but we believe that Kim has had butt implants of some kind because that’s a beast of a derriere she’s got there.

Now, what’s the deal with actual native Armenian girls? They’re dark and exotic, with olive skin and full lips. Most of them tend to look like somebody put Mila Kunis and Angelina Jolie in a gene blender, but the end result is the same – beautiful women.

Armenian women like their men to be strong and masculine, which is something that ties into their heritage. Hipsters and metrosexuals can stay at home – you haven’t got a chance, buddy. When you’re on a date with one of these ladies never, ever talk about sex, or your past relationships.

This is the single biggest mistake you can make because most Armenian girls are from very conservative backgrounds, so they’d never dream of talking about sex with somebody they view as a complete stranger i.e. you.

Be a real gentleman on the first date, or you’ll blow whatever chance you have of scoring later on in the night, or a few days later. She’ll expect to be treated like a princess and spoiled at least a little bit, so keep your wallet, and your mind, open.

Armenian women respect the wishes of their parents, so you’ll probably need to get family approval if you want to keep dating her. Learn about the country before you arrive, especially the country’s history and heritage – it’ll show her you cared enough to do a bit of research, while also making a good impression.


sexy Moldovan girls and beautiful places

Where the hell is Moldova? You’re not the first guy to ask that question, and to put your mind at ease it’s a small country tucked away between Ukraine and Romania. It’s also not the most popular destination for single guys on an international dating adventure, so this means you have a lot less competition than you might have in Poland or Estonia, for example.

Now to the girls – they’re pretty, have slim bodies, great skin, are very feminine and really sweet once you get to know them. Their looks are typically Eastern European, bordering on Russian in many cases. What surprises the hell out of most guys is how many beautiful single women there are here – everything from stunning brunettes to beautiful blonds. There’s no shortage of runway-quality bodies here, with faces to match.

There has been some sex tourism in Chisinau, so try to meet girls during the day instead of flirting with them in bars at night. A lot of girls will expect you to hit them up with some cheesy pick-up routine, so avoid that at all costs. If she makes eye contact with you then smile back, because she’s definitely interested.

There’s also no major language barriers here because the educated girls speak at least some English. If she suspects for a second you’re just a tourist looking for fun you’ll get shut down in a heartbeat – say you’re taking time away from work, or your own business, even better.

There’s no sex before the second date as a rule, so don’t waste your time. There’s a large percentage of single mothers in Moldova, all of whom are eager to find themselves a boyfriend. This might be a niche waiting for you to tap into.


Romanian girls and places to relaxWhere should we start with a single guy’s guide to Romania? Well, the first thing you should know is that most Romanian guys took a pretty hard dive off the handsome tree, and hit a few big branches on the way to the bottom. What this means for you is that if a Romanian girl is given a choice of choosing between a western guy and a Romanian guy, then the western guy will win hands down.

Women here are usually well educated and speak several languages including English. So, there’s no communication barrier for you to hurdle over to get a conversation started. Their looks? Romanian women are hotter than you might imagine, especially if you think the country is stuck in the dark ages.

Romanian women put effort into looking good, and even the average girls look amazing once they’re dressed to go out. There are two basic types of look here: blonde hair with pale skin, and dark hair with sallow skin. There’s a brooding intensity to these women that gives you a hint of what you’re in store for if you’re lucky enough to get a Romanian girl into bed.

Now, there’s a hitch – this is a really religious country, so don’t expect the girls to be easy. If you want to make a good impression, then learn about the history of her country, and not just the gory bits about Vlad the Impaler. You did know that the story of Dracula originated in Romania, right?

Romanian women love compliments and are total suckers for romantic guys. A thoughtful gift won’t go astray, especially on days when gifts are expected. Yes, there are certain days throughout the year, excluding her birthday, when you’re expected to present your girlfriend with a gift.

For example, if your girlfriend shares the same name as a holiday (Flora, Brandusa, etc) then you should buy her some flowers, but only ever in an uneven number – even numbers of flowers are reserved for funerals.


That brings us to the end of our guide to the twelve best countries in Eastern Europe for any guy to visit. If you think we’ve missed out on anything please let us know with a blog comment below.