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Meeting and Dating Asian Women

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Meeting and Dating Asian Women

When most men think of dating on an international basis their minds will instantly wander to the wonders of everything Asian women have to offer. Asian women have been seen as exotic since the times of Marco Polo for the very simple reason that they are just that – exotic in every sense of the word.

In addition to their stunning beauty a lot of American and European men lust after Asian women because of their willingness to do what it takes to make their relationship – and ideally their marriage with you – work for many years to come.

Asia is a vast expanse of land, crossing several countries, with a total population of at least 2 billion people. What’s really surprising is that of that 2 billion people there are literally hundreds of millions of single Asian women actively looking for relationships with non-Asian men – and for a wide variety of reasons.

Of all the reasons Asian women have for dating Western men the main one is the lower social status of women in many Asian countries, and the simple fact that they are usually still expected to be obedient no matter how badly their husband or boyfriend treats them.

Arranged marriages are still very popular in many Asian countries, leaving the women involved with almost no choice when it comes to the man they have to marry, which is in stark contrast to the world of love and romance they see in Western movies and magazines.

It’s not that Asian men are “cold”, but Asian women now expect to be treated with more respect and with more equality than before, which is why they’re so eager to date American and European men. Studies have shown that Asian women will choose a Caucasian male over another Asian male when given the choice, and most Caucasian men react the exact same way to Asian women.

This guide will help you understand the nuances of dating Asian women, what they expect from you, and, most importantly, which countries are the ‘best’ countries to find your Asian bride in.

The Most Popular Asian Dating Destinations

Dating destinations in China, Philippines and Thailand


The first, and most important, aspect of dating Chinese women is that once they’re over the age of 30 they become what’s known as ‘Sheng Nu’ to Chinese men. This roughly translates to ‘undesirable’, and means that they have almost no chance of finding a husband at that point in their life.

This is despite the fact that ‘Sheng Nu’s’ are usually very well educated, financially stable and are on the verge of desperation when it comes to finding a guy to settle down with. For Western men this means that there are literally millions of Chinese Women who are waiting to hear from you right now.

There are no cultural barriers to marrying a Chinese girl, with the only real potential barrier being language, although you will find that most Chinese women – especially the ‘Sheng Nu’ – will be able to hold a short conversation in English.

China has several large international airports, so getting to and from there won’t be an issue for you no matter where you live on the planet.


This string of islands in the Pacific ocean is heavily Westernized thanks to the past Spanish and American occupations. It’s also home to some of the most beautiful women you’ll find anywhere in the Pacific region – women who are sick to death of their cheating boyfriends.

You see Filipino men are notoriously unfaithful, which has driven hordes of Filipinas into the waiting arms, and beds, of American and European boyfriends. It’s worth mentioning that most Filipinas are Catholic, so family and children will be very important to them.

From a “foreigners” point of view one of the biggest advantages of Dating A Filipina is that they usually speak better English than most Americans, for example. There’s also the added bonus that they are incredibly beautiful, loyal and faithful to an absolute fault – they will stay with you for the rest of your life if you treat them with the love and respect they deserve.

You can reach the Philippines by flying to Ninoy Aquino International Airport, or alternatively the far more modern Mactan-Cebu International Airport instead – most of the major international airlines serve both of these airports.


Although Thailand has a reputation for being a very popular destination for sex tourists that doesn’t take away from the fact that there are many ‘non-professional’ Thai women who genuinely want to marry Western men for no other reason than because they have fallen in love with them.

Obviously if you want to meet the right kind of woman in Thailand you need to avoid the whole bar scene and get to know the country, and its beautiful women, a little bit more intimately.

There are literally millions of highly-desirable Young Thai Women with respectable jobs, who are very eager to meet a Western “gentleman” to date and maybe even marry. So any assumptions you might have about Thailand being one gigantic brothel need to be done away with right now – you’ll offend somebody very quickly if you travel there with that attitude.

Thai women really appreciate a well-dressed man, so don’t turn up for an important date wearing shorts and flip-flops, please! Real Thai women will expect you to avoid public displays of affection, and that includes kissing in public places.

You also need to be aware that ‘non-professional’ Thai girls will expect to wait several months before having sex with you, so don’t even attempt to get them into bed any sooner than they want to – that is the single quickest way to end your relationship with your Thai beauty.

More “Difficult” Asian Dating Destinations

Dating and marrying women in most Asian countries tends to be a very straightforward affair. There are some countries in Asia however where dating foreign men is still frowned upon, for both historic and cultural reasons.

We’re going to take a look at two countries in Asia which Western men flock to in the hopes of finding an exotic bride, but come up against some unexpected barriers when they actually get there.

Dating destinations in Japan and India


The first thing you need to know about Japan is that unless you’re native Japanese then you’re still simply referred to as ‘gaijin’, which means ‘outside person’ or, more simply ‘foreigner’.

You see in as much as Japan is an incredibly modern and high-tech society it’s still a country steeped in thousands of years of tradition, most of those same traditions being as important today as they were centuries ago.

So although Japanese women live very modern and Westernized lives they are still expected to conform to tradition, and especially when it comes to getting married.

The biggest mental and cultural hurdle most male visitors to Japan face is expecting all the women here to be geisha girls – that’s a massive mistake.

In fact the reason why Japanese women are looking outside their home country for love and romance is to escape from tradition and its pressures, so the last thing they need is a ‘gaijin’ expecting them to act like a good little geisha.

In terms of actual numbers there are a smaller number of Japanese women looking for Western husbands than in most other countries in Asia, but they do exist. Just be prepared to be patient, understanding and for the relationship to take a long time to develop.


When it comes to talking about dating, romance and even sex India is a real contradiction in terms. Firstly this is the country which is responsible for creating ‘The Kama Sutra’ – the ultimate guide to sex and sexual enjoyment.

The flip side of this is when you notice that public displays of affection in India are frowned upon – even among the younger generations, even extending to holding hands in public.

Generally speaking India is very conservative when it comes to matters of the heart, with at least 75% of marriages here being arranged by a girl’s parents. Basically only a very few Indian women get to enjoy a ‘love marriage’.

India itself is fast becoming one of the most powerful economies on the planet, and this means that women here are becoming Westernized just as quickly.

Bearing that in mind it’s important to understand that India still operates on a caste (class) system, and in certain castes Indian women are not even permitted to touch a “white” man – their parents can disown them for that one simple act.

If you want to date an Indian woman, from any caste, be prepared to not only meet her parents but to meet her entire family. In fact it’s not unusual for parents to create dating profiles for their own daughters, and will be actively involved in the dating process from the very start to the very, very end.

Is this all too much work? It might seem like that’s completely true until you meet these dusky beauties in real life – most Indian women have a natural beauty which you have to experience to really appreciate.

Untapped Asian Relationship Riches

99% of Western men tend to only ever think of the same handful of countries when they’re looking for an Asian wife – the ones we’ve listed above here are proof of that.

If you exercise a little bit of lateral thinking though you’ll find that there are lots of other countries in Asia with just as much to offer single men as the popular destinations, and this includes a dizzying array of exotic women who are searching for an American or European husband.

Dating destinations in Vietnam and Kazakhstan


After decades of uncertainty Vietnam is finally becoming the country it was always destined to, and is also becoming a very popular country for Western businesses to relocate to because of the very low cost of living here.

Obviously a bigger reason for visiting Vietnam is in your quest for love, and the hope of finding a pretty, submissive, petite Vietnamese girl to make your wife. Generally speaking Vietnamese women put their husband’s needs before their own, but don’t expect them to be emotional doormats for you either.

When it comes to dating Western men it’s worth remembering that Vietnam still bears the scars of several wars with European nations and America, and some of those scars still run quite deep with some of the older generation.

Vietnamese women tend to be very shy and retiring at first, which can make getting to know them very difficult. In fact if you check most Vietnamese Dating Sites you’ll find that many of the profiles have few, if any, pictures on them.

The reason for this is that Vietnamese women are just very shy, so you’ll have to work very hard to get personal pictures from a Vietnamese girl.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you’re exclusively dating a Vietnamese girl that she will assume that you have marriage on your mind, so be very careful about the choices you make.


It’s not until you actually see Kazakh Women that you start to understand just how much of a hidden dating treasure Kazakhstan really is. The women here are a mix of Germanic, Slavic and Asian genetic influences, which results in women with the kind of beauty that looks Photoshopped.

Kazakh women don’t just look good from the neck up though – they’re just as impressive everywhere else too, thanks in no small part to the crazy exercise programs most of them follow.

Kazakh women are just as obsessed with keeping their bodies in great shape as every other Eastern European woman is.

Simply being a Western man, with a job, is enough to put you in high demand in a country where there are already more women than men – it’s just that most Kazakh men aren’t exactly “husband” material for a number of reasons.

Kazakh women take their relationships just as seriously as their bodies though, so if you don’t plan on dating a Kazakh girl exclusively you’ll need to be very careful – they’re not interested in dating players or sex tourists.

Understanding Cultural Differences

This should probably go without saying but if you plan on marrying a woman from another culture then it’s usually a good idea to learn something about her culture, and her traditions, before you show up bearing gifts and a smile, right?

If you want your adventures in Asian dating to be as successful as it possibly can be then you must learn to respect her family and her traditions from the very start.

One perfect example of understanding critical cultural differences is that the vast majority of Asian women will only accept exclusive dating arrangements – most of them are horrified to think that Western men might date more than one woman at the same time.

Another example is that meeting an Asian girl’s parents is the equivalent of telling them “I love your daughter and I’m going to marry her”.

They’re going to act like that’s what you had planned, so don’t make the mistake of seeing her parents any sooner than you need to, or planned to in the first place.

Oh and one last example of a major cultural difference that Western men need to be aware of – it’s considered polite to burp at the end of a good meal. Yes. Really.

There are thousands of blogs written by Asian ex-pats so make sure that you study them carefully, learning all the tiny cultural differences which could mean the difference between dating success and failure for you.

Why Asian Women Date Western Men

We don’t want to generalize here, but most Asian countries are very male dominated, meaning that the women there usually take second place. This can often mean more than just taking second place in their social status when compared to their husbands, but also in education and employment too.

For most modern Asian women this social inequality has become something they can’t stand anymore, so they want to date and marry men who come from countries where women have the same rights and opportunities as men – something which will simply never happen in most countries in Asia.

Western movies and magazines have given Asian women a taste of what life can really be like, and they want more than just a sample of what this different lifestyle has to offer them.

They can see there can be a future for them which doesn’t involve spending their life walking two steps behind their husband, being the quiet little Asian flower everyone expects.

In a nutshell Asian women want the same lifestyle – plus all the love and romance – they see in movies and magazines, and a European or American husband can help make that happen for them. They see you as the gateway to real happiness and lasting love.

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