Serbian Brides – Ambition, Beauty & Class

Ambition. Beauty. Class. You can meet Serbian women that embody these traits. They are looking to meet you today.

Along those lines, it’s often been said that before you head over to Serbia, you should exercise your neck, because at every turn and every corner, you’ll find yourself turning your head so much your neck will lock up.

Serbian girls are the perfect combination of femininity and beauty. Not too much of either one, if there’s even such a thing, and yet passionate, caring and sexy at the same time.

They are the rare kind of woman that has nearly every aspect of their lives nailed down and working like a finely tuned engine.

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So, is it possible to get together with these amazing ladies? Sure! Here’s how.

About Serbia

Before getting into it, maybe a little bit of context about the country itself will help. I cannot stress how important it is to at least seem to be interested in her country if you want her to return the favor and be interested in you.

Serbia is a tiny landlocked country. It’s all mushed up together between Hungary, Macedonia, Bulgaria and a bunch of other countries. Serbia is best represented by Hollywood as being a cold, uninhabitable wasteland where bad guys go to hide, but the summers here are to die for.

The capital is Belgrade, and it is inhabited by the most stunning creatures on Earth: Serbian women.

What are Serbian Women Like?

Your first experience of the country may differ, but my very first impressions were tall, tan and sexy women. Every single place I turned the women were like these exaggerated beauties from a runway show.

The streets were pretty cold, but to be fair, I didn’t to a great deal of research before I set off for the country. An old friend of mine just hit me up and was like, “this place is great. You should see the girls. You’ll have the time of your life.”

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And there I was a month later, chilling the morning cold at the word of one of my mates. Anyway, back to the women.

There’s always been something special about Slavic women. I’ve never quite been able to put my finger on it.

My friend describes it as ‘an oozing sensation of femininity.’ When they smile, you can literally feel the air around you warm up.

Maybe it’s because the country has remained so immune to the infection of the country’s ways with western ideals.

With which regard, a great deal of women here have never even heard of the word ‘feminism,’ which had me kind of shocked.

Everything that happens in the west usually has far-reaching consequences. So much so that even normally isolated nations like China have felt the brunt of more and more women searching for equality and yet…

Their skin tones are a little paler than their Ukrainian counterparts – I’ve been to Kiev, too, and wow, are those women gorgeous, too.

And most of them are also blonde. These two features usually blend incredibly well together.

If she’s not blonde, she’s brunette, with flowing hair that reaches the small of her back. It’s very shiny, of course, because God knows the number of hours a Serbian girl will spend making herself look pretty.

Having spent so much time in Eastern Europe and Central America, I may come off as a bit biased with regards to what Western women are like, but I have loved what I’ve seen where I’ve been so far.

Anyone with second thoughts really doesn’t know what they are missing.

Then again, if they didn’t know what they were missing, I’d be out of a job – so here’s even more information about what you should expect from these amazing girls.

Communicating With a Serbian Girl

I’m going to come clean right off the bat.

I’m not originally a Russian speaker, but I have spent nearly all my life near or around Russians to be able to speak it quite decently.

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To be honest, I can’t understand a single word of Serbian in speech, but can relate to their rather strange sense of humor in writing and even hold a decent chat with one over the phone.

Speaking to one, though? Literally like mixing Greek and gibberish into one unholy concoction and pouring it down my ears.

That’s relevant because a decent percentage of the country speaks some form of Russian. A bit different from the actual motherland dialect, but nearly the same in many aspects. If you can speak or understand Russian, you’re in good hands.

The good news? The Serbian alphabet doesn’t take very long to learn how to read.

Now, how to write is a whole other war with words and pens I don’t want to get into, but if you can understand a few signs, at least, you’re going to be okay.

A week or two of regular practice and you’ll be fine.

If you’re like most people and wouldn’t dedicate three months of your life to learn a foreign language to save your life, there’s even better news!

English is quite widespread in some parts of the country. Before you pack up all your clothes and book your next flight, though, it should help to let you know that this is true in the more modern parts of Serbia.

Of course, the younger generations can speak English. It would be a terrible waste if they couldn’t. English is the most widely-spoken second language in the world after all.

And by younger generations, I men anyone under 35. The rest will stare at you in confusion for a second, mumble something rude under their breath, and shuffle away as if they hadn’t even encountered you to begin with.

And speaking of under 35, let’s get down to the most important part of getting to know one of these irresistible lasses.

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The Dating Scene in Serbia

The dating scene is Serbia is wild, it’s exciting, it exhilarating, it’s super confusing and can be super rewarding. The only downside? It takes time.

Seria is a European country, but the dating scene here is anything but. The first thing almost anyone will think of when Europe is mentioned is France or Spain, Italy or even the UK.

These countries are famed for being sexually liberated (in fact, having lived in the States for quite a while, my first experience of culture shock was seeing a naked woman – uncensored tits and all – on a television ad).

That aside, Serbia isn’t the most sexually liberated country you’ll come across. It may be in Europe, but it really feels like someone threw a giant dome over the whole country and made a mess of everything outside it and left Serbia intact.

Don’t get me wrong, the country is pretty messed up on it’s own. Especially given the fact that it’s not had any major wars for the last nineteen years or so and is still incredibly poor.

All the same, the women in this country are as classy as they get.

Dating in Serbia is a lot more selective than it is in the West. The girls don’t just get themselves into a relationship because they feel lonely as hell.

Why, when you can drive just a mile and hang out with your favorite cousin or something (it’s not a very big country.)

When a Serbian woman gives you a chance, it’s because she feels you have that… thing it takes to give her what she wants for the long haul.

You meet her standards. A lot of men are intimidated by a woman who knows what she wants, or at least acts like she knows what she wants, but Serbian women are quite the jewels.

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Tips for Dating a Serbian Woman.

Honestly, from what I’ve seen, the main reason why us guys from the West struggle so much to get a Serbian girl is we go flinging cash at the first nice pair of good tits we see.

Chances are, she’s going to be interested on the offset. Why make an effort at looking descent when you can literally just flash a fat wad of ash and have all manner of skinny babes all over you?

When you’ve had your fun and it’s time to go back home, you’re all alone again. Turns out, relationships formed not because you’re interested in her but wanted to get between her legs and get it over with don’t last.

This is properly distressing because girls aren’t the hardest people in the world to impress. You don’t need a thousand dollar suit and prince Harry’s glowing smile in order to get one of them to take you seriously.

Do you really want a consistent woman who will be there for you no matter what? Just kinda sorta impress her and boom! You’re set for life.

Making a Commitment

At this point, maybe you’re like: ‘Wait, it doesn’t cost me anything? That sounds like a salesperson who doesn’t know how to sell anything.’

Sure, Serbian girls want a pretty solid relationship, but let that not blind you to the fact that she is a monetary commitment, too, not just a mental and emotional one.

Meeting a Serbian girl is a commitment; so is meeting any girl who believes in the traditional foundations of a relationship, really; but you’re going to have to spend a pretty penny if you want to keep her interested.

Remember that mate I told you about who inspired me to visit Serbia after months of procrastinating?

Well, he didn’t get married to a Serbian, he married an Estonian girl, but that was way afterward.

The point is, it’s by far the most satisfying financial commitment he has made in his life, or so he tells me. She’s both an amazing woman and mother and would not change it for the world.

Given, he is a bit picky. The girls over there are also really pretty, so it’s not like he picked out the biggest ass, the prettiest face and the largest tits and expected her to be a good mother and wife.

He had had his fun all over the globe and knew what good women looked (and behaved like)

Impressing Single Serbian Girls

With that long story aside, let’s get down to the quickest and most reliable way you can get together with a Serbian woman. Or, rather, how you can get her interested and keep her interested.

The ultimate life hack? Get to know her culture. Show some interest in being in Serbia despite the fact that you’d probably prefer to be at home.

Let her know you enjoy being with her people, you love their food and you love the quirky bits of their culture like how almost every woman you come across has her legs bare (it’s a thing, by the way, and boy do they have amazing legs.)

You don’t need to sit through a year-long course in politics and international relations to understand how her people think.

Be interesting. Ask her questions – loaded questions, not just ones she can brush away with an acknowledging nod or a ‘yeah’ or ‘nope.’ and life goes on.

Ask her where you can get the tastiest food or have the most fun – the most interesting spots on the beach or about her language.

What Kind of Men Do Serbian Women Like?

I’ll have to start of by disappointing you a bit. Unlike the general consensus on this site that dudes from the West are an amazing blessing, women from Serbia love Russians.

Which isn’t to say they don’t like us guys from the West, of course. Those things aren’t mutually exclusive. As long as you know the right spots to visit and who to visit them with, you’re in very good hands.

It gets even better because younger generations are a lot more into Western culture than the relatively older crowd I hang out with.

Girls thirty and younger love to wear yoga pants, walk around in Jays and Nikes, take selfies at various parts of the park, and that kind of thing.

They are invariably attracted to a guy who speaks even a little ounce of English.