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Meet a Czech mail order bride and have a shot at a blissful marriage. Czech Mail Order Brides are a hidden treasure trove of single, beautiful women. I am going to show you exactly how to meet your gorgeous future Czech bride.

Central Europe has long been known to be the home of the most gorgeous women in the whole continent. What really sets the Czech Republic (and it’s beautiful women) apart is the kind of wild and wonderful variety that the country (and it’s women) offers. It’s native to women of all hair colors and plenty of eye colors out there, too.

In terms of looks, any permutation you can think of is likely a girl that lives somewhere in the country and should be easy enough to access through the right channels. Besides, if you’re one of the people who believe in character and substance over beauty, that’s catered for too.

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The Czech culture revolves a lot around keeping the man satisfied, so it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with one of these girls, no matter how terrible your luck with women back home.

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Here’s Why Czech Mail Order Brides Are The Best

Our favorite Central European country is known for a lot of things that I just so happen to love. Czech women are a lot more grounded on traditional values and ideals of femininity and traditional gender roles. They see jobs as means to an end, rather than the end, itself.

Traditional values

Like with any generalized statement, of course, it doesn’t apply to every last woman in the country willing to meet you. However, from my experience, a great chunk of them fall in this category. Here, you’ll need to do a bit of work in order to figure out how deep their individuality goes before you commit yourself to them. But the odds are definitely in your favor if you are looking for a more traditional wife.

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On the other hand, their beauty should never be taken for granted. Like any beautiful woman you’ll come across, you’ll need to accord them with the right kind of respect. From a young age, they are taught how fundamental values like independence and hard work are.

For that reason, Czech women can be pretty hard-headed when it comes to some issues – especially those concerning their families and their role in the home.

Communication and connection

Czech women are also extremely easy to talk to. At least once in their lives, every guy will come across the kind of woman with whom conversations just don’t work. And most of us come across those kinds of women constantly.  And I will be honest with you, all other things aside, it’s even harder with a mail order bride from another country because you have less in common, to begin with.  Whether from lack of experiences to share on your end or the woman just being un-talkative, it happens.

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And that’s fine if you just want fun but if you are looking for a mail order bride, emphasis on ‘bride’, you don’t want to get stuck with dead air when you meet her.  Or, worse, later on in the marriage, you figure out how hard communication is.


Fortunately, Czech women happen to be incredibly laid back and really great conversationalists. The country is super rich with new places to explore and experiences to live through.

Life in Central Europe isn’t as easy as in the Western parts of the globe, so the kind of personality exhibited by most Czech women is completely warranted. They are incredibly tough on the outside but on the inside, they are just as lovely as they are on the outside. The kind of uniqueness and diversity found in the country is nearly impossible to match, no matter how far and wide you search.

What is it like to be in a relationship with a Czech Mail Order Bride?

The first thing you’re going to need to get used to once you commit yourself to your new girlfriend is the culture.

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Age gaps are accepted

First of all, Americans tend to place a lot of stigma around a man dating an older woman or vice versa. However, the Czech Republic is a lot more receptive to the idea than a lot of countries. Unlike the US, where such a woman would be referred to as a ‘cougar’ or the man a ‘cradle robber’, no such stigma exists in the country.

The reverse also stands true in this scenario. Remember that a lot of them are pretty traditional people, but no country can wall itself so much that it’s completely free of the influences of their neighbors. For that reason, Czech culture will be a bit odd for someone experiencing it for the first time – a strange mix of traditionalism and modernism.

Aspects like giving her freedom express herself as encouraged by the modern society definitely exist, while at the same time, dating a much older man than herself won’t get her leery judgmental glances from old women chilling across the street.

sexy woman from the Czech republic

One word – sexy women!

Ok, you got me, that’s two words. But another different aspect of Czech culture, which goes for most of Europe, actually, is that they are a lot more receptive to nudity and near-nudity. On hot afternoons, don’t be too shocked to see her dressed in halter tops or blouses that are built to let in as much air as possible. You know how a lot of countries consider a overtly sexual clothing to be demeaning? Not here.

Czech women grow up being taught to love their bodies, so flashing a leg during the heat of summer is completely normal. Just don’t get too jealous.

Czech women are fashionable

If you think it’s all about dressing to show off those incredible curves, you’d be incredibly surprised how well versed with the latest fashion the average Czech girl is. Remember how the country is a strange mix of modernism and traditionalism? The same applies to fashion. Whilst incredibly subjective, a lot of Czech women have generally adopted Western-style dressing styles.

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Jeans, Uggs, yoga pants, the occasional scarf and booty shorts are all an essential part of women’s self-identity in the Czech Republic. If you ever get time to walk around the capital city, Prague, you’ll notice it’s a bustling metropolis of fashion designers like Mercedes Benz and even the occasional Fashion Weekend is held there.

Designers from the country are a dime a dozen, meaning even more diversity in terms of clothing and accessories.

What Will Your Czech Mail Order Bride Expect From You?

Like any worthwhile relationship, she’s going to have a few expectations from you, just as you have some for her. Well, the rules are simple: be yourself, unless yourself is an unhygienic, bad-mannered person. In which case, you are permitted to be someone else.

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First impressions

The trick is to always be a gentleman. How you dress tells a lot about your character, especially if you’re going on a date. Showing up in slippers and socks will disqualify you from 80% of the dating pool, as will being a terrible guest in general. On your first date, flowers are always a welcome token of gratitude for her meeting you, just don’t overdo it.

Tip: Czech culture has a lot of superstition surrounding even numbers, so do not give her an even number of flowers – it’s terrible luck!

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Happy European girl accepting flowers

It’s pretty important to be able to read your date before you take steps like taking her coat, opening doors for her and pulling out her chair. If she initially rebuffs you on any one of your offers, it means she’s okay doing the rest by herself and you should preferably not pursue them any further.

An essential part of being a gentleman, of course, is being a good listener. Pay more attention to what she has to say – ask her a lot of questions, preferably non-invasive ones, so you get to know her better and weigh your compatibility. Talk about yourself during the course of the conversation, but don’t get too personal too fast.

Play it cool

Lastly, go easy on the compliments. Everyone enjoys being told they look beautiful, but nobody really likes being treated like an object – just eye-candy and nothing more. Remember, a lot of them are in it for the long haul. They prefer stable long-lasting relationships rather than one-time hookups.

East European girl doing housework

On that note, don’t let all your attention be focused on sex. Don’t talk about other people you’ve dated unless specifically asked and absolutely don’t go bragging about how much money you make.

Tips for dating a Czech woman

Dating a Czech woman is a bit different from dating a woman from, say, the United States or the UK. A few issues do cross over from time to time, but due to cultural differences, not everything is how most newcomers expect it to be.

Don’t shake a Czech woman’s hands.

Handshakes are all well and good with the Czech. However, offering one is seen as a formal norm, more used at meetings and among businessmen than anything. The proper greeting when meeting her would be a quick peck on the cheek (European style!).

Otherwise, she might get the feeling that you’re not interested in pursuing her romantically.

Czech woman hugging another girl

Do bring gifts for your Czech woman, but not too expensive.

Bringing a gift of some sorts when visiting a friend is an unwritten rule in Czech culture and your Czech woman will certainly appreciate it. A small bottle of wine, chocolates or even (an odd number of) flowers would be a nice gesture. However, gifts that look like you’d have to give up a leg and an arm for come across as if you are trying to buy her affection.

During the first visit, anything below $15 is generally acceptable. Once the relationship matures and you’re more comfortable with her, more expensive presents can slowly make their way to the table if you so desire.

Be mindful of how you dress

Appearances are extremely important for the kind of impression you’re going to leave on your fair lady. Czech women value their appearances and dress magnificently even when performing the most basic day-to-day tasks like going to the grocery store. The only time you’ll catch them dressing casually is during sports events and get-togethers like barbecues.

pretty Czech girl dressed up sexy and nice

For that reason, when going for your date, you have to be pretty smart. Not necessarily a tux and moccasins, rather an in-between of business and casual dressing – a well-fitting blazer, clean shirt and chino pants would get you some nice looks, for instance.

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As a rule, always be well-groomed, too. Women like a woman that has a great fragrance to complete the gentleman look.

Don’t be afraid to split the tab

If you want to impress her on the first date and you feel you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket, offer to pay for the date. She might want to chip in, but recall that a lot of them have their ideals rooted in the traditional sense of the man taking care of the woman.

However, if she seems serious about splitting, let her. You get bonus points for being traditionally chivalrous, too: offer to take her coat and open doors for her.

Making a beautiful woman laugh

A good sense of humor is always a welcome asset when it comes to the dating game. When you’re meeting someone new for the first time, getting a laugh in is an excellent way to break the ice and create a rapport.

East Euro girls laughing

You don’t have to have flash cards with jokes written on them hidden in the background that you occasionally look back at and recite. It’s more along the lines of teasing her kindly and complementing her. Stories about your goofy pet or that one time you did something completely embarrassing are also nice to bring to the table.

Always remember to keep the tone light throughout the conversation so she knows you’re joking. And, again, don’t overdo it. You’re on a date, not at a stand-up comedy routine.

What to talk about with her

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A nice rule to abide by when it comes to conversations on the first date is that they are meant to be a measure of compatibility. Czech girls happen to be very talkative, and they live in a country rife with endless experiences to explore, so you’re in for luck.

On your end, talk about what you’re interested in and your hobbies. Talk about the countries you’ve visited and how the people are. What do you think of her country so far and do you think you’d visit any time in the future.

If you have pets, let her know how much you adore your dog/cat/iguana and how boring life would be without it.

a cute pet puppy

This may be a bit contentious but talk about your beliefs – religion and political-wise.  Remember to give her more time to speak so you can get to know her better too. If you share the same beliefs, you’re in luck!

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They are super laid back people, which should come as a great relief, and are usually very blunt about their opinion on issues like affect them. At the end of the day, however, a well-dressed, articulate, well-traveled, well-groomed and educated man gets the most gorgeous ladies.

It’s not all about how beautiful she is and what she brings to the table, you have to do some investing in yourself, too!

Where to take your future Czech bride

The choice for a location for the first date is a bit subjective. Depending on what kind of activities you enjoy and what she prefers to do, the two of you can reach an agreement of sorts on what will suit the both of you.

Bohemian Switzerland National Park, Czech Republic

There are plenty of options to choose from, however, since the capital city, Prague, literally never sleeps. Artsy people will enjoy visiting exhibitions and musical performances that happen every other night; party people will rave all weekend at festivals and clubs that never close; foodies will visit luxurious restaurants and pubs to try out some of the delicious foods the country has to offer; sporty people should visit parks and take part in activities like cycling and snowboarding over the winter period.

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll likely be surprised by how cheap things can get in the Czech Republic. From picking mushrooms (yes, you heard me, that’s a popular date)…to getting a simple meal, they are almost half the price usually charged by American enterprises. There’s so much to do, no way you will be out of ideas on which one to pick.

simple but very beautiful Czech girl

The only tip here is to make a choice that reflects what traits you want in her. If you’re all about fun and the nightlife, take her to a club like Le Valmont Club & Lounge or Zlaty Strom Prague and have some fun. If you’d rather have a hearty discussion about the future, take her to the Restaurace Mlejnice. You will love the lavish menu they offer.

Why Are There So Many Czech Mail Order Brides?

As anyone well-versed with their history knows, the Czech Republic and Slovakia used to be a single country ‘Czechoslovakia’ before the collapse of the Communist dictatorship in 1989, followed by the election of a new president – Vaclav Havel.

The Czech Republic then gained full independence in 1993 and was officially separated from Slovakia and recognized by the world as an independent state. Since then, the Czech Republic has boasted one of the highest GDP growths in all of the EU.

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A recurring theme with countries that have managed to lift themselves out of poverty is a small upper class and an incredibly large lower and middle class. The Czech Republic isn’t any different on this front.

The average monthly salary in the Czech Republic is € 1,158 (about $1,300) as compared to the US’ $3,000 (with a median income of $857). They aren’t necessarily poor, but a lot of the comforts Americans take for granted are largely not available at all in the Czech Republic.

Although the country has seen some pretty decent growth in recent years, it’s not enough to offset the kind of economic imbalance that has rocked the country for decades past.

A better life

A lot of Czech women are looking for a better life in foreign countries, and people from nations like the US, UK and Canada are the best positioned for getting any one of the girls of their liking.

Reasons vary, but it’s almost always so they can support their families back home or simply create a more suitable environment for future generations to grow up in.

And a better partner

unattractive smoking and drinking Euro guy

Oftentimes, it’s just because they’ve had enough of repugnant men who smell like weeks-old tobacco chasing after them. Adoration is always welcome in the arms of a man who is willing to give her what she wants.

That isn’t to say that every Czech man is like that. Or that every Czech woman wants a foreign partner. But it’s clear a lot of them do. Enough to make it a great place for foreign guys looking for a beautiful Czech mail order bride, anyway.

The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a country located in Central Europe, just southeast of Germany. There is a lot to be loved about the country environment-wise – it has some of the coolest summers and cloudiest winters of any country in Europe.

As far as preferences go, it’s not be at the top of most people’s list of countries they want to visit before they die. However, the country is rich in culture and the people are welcoming and friendly to tourists from all over the world.

the beautiful place of Czech Republic

Some fun facts

We’ll finish it off with a fun fact about the country. Czechs love music, food and alcohol, all three of which are deeply rooted in their thriving tradition. I happened to be in the country in May, when the fertility rituals take place and it was quite a fun experience.

During this time, men grab their women for a passionate kiss under cherry blossoms before they head for the pub in order to have a drink or two and celebrate what the future holds. A very important part of all this seems to be giving a toast to the occasion when mugs are smashed together and rowdy cheers sound the air.

Another interesting fertility ritual happens in Easter, when women are spanked on their bottoms with a willow whip and men have freezing water poured on them. A great part of the country is deeply traditional, so they strongly associate with events such as this. Being the nation that they are, of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a bit of alcohol. Czech plum schnapps, referred to as slivovice is an essential part of the Easter time festivities.

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Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Find And Date A Czech Bride

You’ve only got one life, after all, and it’s not getting any longer. The more you wait, the more likely someone will be on their way to snap up your Czech dream girl.

We don’t live in an ideal world where she’s waiting around somewhere for a knight in shining armor to rescue her from the tragedy of her home life. It’s actually more along the lines of her getting into the arms of the man that caters to her needs and treats her right.

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If you’re afraid of feeling lonely for company while there, you’ll be happy to find out that the country has one of the largest expat communities in all of Europe. There are tons of clubs and groups tailored specifically for people who aren’t native to the country. Chances are pretty high you’ll be able to make friends from all over the world.

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