Brazilian Mail Order Brides

Appealing Brazilian woman

Brazilian brides are passionate, kind, fun and beautiful.  There is nothing more exciting than dating a sexy Latina.  Brazilian women, in particular, are beautiful, passionate and loving.

If you are interested in meeting and marrying a Brazilian mail order bride then you are like a lot of other men.  But you have one advantage most of them don’t have. 

You are actually going to do something about it!  Right?  Right.  And in this article, I am going to tell you what you need to know to get that Brazilian girl in your life.

But first, let’s make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.  You need to know if this is the right kind of girl for you.  And if you are the right kind of guy for a Brazilian wife.


What Are Brazilian Women Like?

7 key traits of Brazilian Women

  • AmbitiousBrazilian women, over the past few years, have emerged from the cocoon of home and baby maker to the competitive world of finance, business, management, and independence.
  • Strong – Due to financial needs, they have made sure of gaining a good education and using those qualifications to get them into positions of influence and power. That doesn’t mean they are ball-breakers, it just means that they are no pushovers in the dating scene.
  • Family Oriented – Family remains an integral part of their culture and traditions so looking after older relatives remains high on their list of priorities.
  • Bold – They are not shy and have no problem walking up to a guy and exchanging phone numbers, or asking for him to buy her a drink.
  • Affectionate – Like many European countries such as Spain and Italy, greetings are up close and personal with a kiss on each cheek regardless of the degree of friendship.
  • Simple – There is little or no need to impress a Brazilian damsel. They enjoy an uncomplicated life and simple entertainment. Beach parties, a local bar or club, an inexpensive but delicious dinner with a glass of wine will do the trick.
  • Stylish – Brazilian girls are aware of their femininity and always like to dress nicely. A little make-up, high heels, and a knock-out dress.

Hint: Dress like a slob and you’ll more than likely bust out trying to attract Brazilian honey. That’s true for many South Americans but not all. For example, Dominican women aren’t picky so if your style is socks with sandals, Brazil might not be the best choice!

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Brazilian women are sexy as hell

Brazilian women are absolutely beautiful. Being with a beautiful woman can be exciting but can also be challenging.

They enjoy dressing up and being taken out. They are different than many American women because they enjoy and relish being arm candy. A Brazilian woman feels her best when she is in great clothes.

They also love flattery and will go out of their way to look nice to get it.  It’s flirtatious and fun but totally harmless. They as loyal and loving as they come.

Are Brazilian girls loyal?

If a Brazilian woman loves you, you will never have to worry about her cheating or turning her back on you.

Brazilian women have a lot to offer from beauty to brains to loyalty and strong family values. Their passion for the people that they love and their fun-loving spirits are without match.

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Do Brazilian partners make good wives?

If you can get a Brazilian woman to fall in love with you then there will be no happier and more fulfilled man in the world than you! You will live a life of joy, passion, family, and fun.

Like their neighbors, the smoking hot Colombian women, Brazilian brides are natural homemakers who make wonderful lifetime partners and mothers.

Although that might be the end result of dating one, for this article we will stick to helping you capture one for your holiday. And maybe more.

Ok, you know what you are getting into now.  Here’s where we tell you what to do next.

How To Meet Your Future Brazilian Bride

The Modus Operandi is, as usual, meeting a girl in another country. You can wing it and take the chance that things will fall your way once you have landed in Rio.  That’s a risky plan.

The safest and the best plan is one in which you did a bit of preliminary work, such as getting to know her through a dating site.  There are about 5 good dating sites that specialize in Latin American women and in particular, girls from Brazil.

There are also some great Brazilian mail order bride agencies out there who will do all of the footwork for you and make it easy.  For a price, of course. 

That said, they do have access to some of the most blazing hot Brazilian goddesses I have ever personally seen.  So you might at least want to give some of them a look.

It’s usually a good idea to get to know some basic Portuguese before traveling but it is a little different in this country. You are trying to snare a lady who can speak a little English and is not against dating a foreigner.

What to look for (and avoid) in your Brazilian bombshell

So she may have had a foreign boyfriend or she mixed with foreigners or she has traveled a bit herself and has had friendships with westerners. That’s the type you are looking for.

  • You don’t want married women.
  • Forget about women with kids
  • Gold diggers will reveal themselves relatively quickly, but be aware.
  • Can’t communicate, then you can’t date them.
  • Unattractive to you? Don’t bother.
  • Uncommunicative? Pick another one from the barrel.
  • Ballbuster? Move on.

Remember, you’re in the driver’s seat, so steer the vehicle in the direction you want to go.

Dating Tips to Find Love With A Brazilian Woman

Brazilian women are show-stoppers with their beauty, confidence and sexy dark skin.  They are known for their butts but there is MUCH more to know about these vibrant, exciting women.  Read on for the important facts you need to keep in mind.

Brazilian women are spicy and confident

Brazilian women are passionate, loud, excitable, short-tempered and spunky. They are as spicy and exotic as the food they eat.

In short, they are not always easy to love. The same fire and passion that is possibly drawing you to a Brazilian woman may also drive you absolutely crazy at times.

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They will never back down from a fight. If you are looking to date, court or marry a Brazilian woman then be prepared for a sassy, wild woman with a lot to say.

She will never take orders. She will be as loyal as they come but may also drive you to drink!

It’s for this reason that we suggest you read our comprehensive guide to Mail Order Brides, as well as this article so that you are prepared. 

Brazilian mail order brides are one of the more challenging and rewarding countries to pursue women in.  We want you to be prepared!

Brazilian women love food


Food is extremely important in Brazilian culture. It is unique, delicious and comes from the heart.

The significance that Brazilians place on cooking and on food is symbolic of love, joy, and sharing. It’s important that you are aware of this and show respect and love for her cooking.

Her aunts, mother, sisters, and cousins will likely cook for you as well. Eat every bite and give them lots of compliments. They are giving you their greatest gift.

Brazilian women are very close to their families

Her mother, father, grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles will all be a huge part of her life. They will expect to get to know you and their approval will be important (we’ll talk more about that later.)

She will never turn her back on them in a time of need. She will open her home, her heart and even her wallet to them without a second thought.

To ask that she not do so would be a very bad idea. In Brazilian culture family always comes first. She will share her personal life with her family and ask for advice and opinions frequently.

If you are a private person then you might be a bit uncomfortable. However, she will simply see it as normal familial love and bonding and won’t understand why you feel that things should be more private.

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Your Brazilian girlfriend’s family must approve of you

Her family must approve of you. Her family must approve of you. Her family must approve of you.

Say it with me…


You will never make it in a long-term relationship with her unless her family likes you, trusts you and supports the relationship.

This will, of course, be especially true with her parents but will also apply to grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and more.  The Brazilian family unit is large, compared to what you are likely used to.

How do you get them to approve, you ask?

Get to know them. Don’t shy away from meeting them, spending time with them and talking to them. Let them see that you care for her and for them.

Family is so important in Brazilian culture that a woman will love you even more if she sees that you care for her family.

Brazilian women want kids

It is highly unlikely that you will meet and fall in love with a Brazilian wife or girlfriend who doesn’t want her own children. Her love and appreciation of family will make her want one of her own.

If children aren’t for you then neither is a Brazilian bride. To be totally frank, LARGE families are a high priority for most Brazilians and she will probably not want to just one or two children.

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It is not a good idea to get involved with a Brazilian woman if you do not want kids. If you do then you need to have an honest conversation about that topic early on so that neither of you wastes each other’s time.

You must ask your Brazilian girlfriend’s father for her hand in marriage

It is still extremely important that you ask a Brazilian woman’s father for his blessing. 

If you do not ask then her father will feel disrespected and if her father feels disrespected then the marriage will be almost impossible for the two of you.

Warning: If you choose not to ask for his blessing then it could totally destroy the relationship. 

Things to Do in Brazil

The absolute first thing we have to recommend is hitting the ‘biggest party in the world’ while you are in Brazil.  If the serious bride-hunting has gotten you need a break or if you met a girl who is a little on the wild side, you can take her with you.

Where is it?  Why the Carnival at Rio is the place to get the Hot Brazilian women!  Just don’t go there first, it might ‘ruin’ you.

Brazil is one fabulous country with many things to do as well as to see. If you’ve landed a lovely girl who would love to share your travels, then you are going to have a great time.

Some of the world’s best beaches, like the Copacabana and Ipanema, mountains, cultural stuff like museums and monuments, waterfalls, hiking, and really, anything that takes your fancy.

Brazil is the biggest South American country, and the 5th largest country overall, in the world.  Two weeks wouldn’t even do this country justice, but if that’s all the time off you have, then you shouldn’t get bored. One thing for sure is that Brazilian women will never bore you!

Global Dating Rank
  • Sexiness of Women
  • Ease of Communication
  • Ease of Air Travel
  • General Tourist Attractions
  • Nightlife
  • Safety
  • Weather
  • Cost of Living


Hot girls & warm beaches, what more do you want? Brazil has some of the hottest women in the world, but you will need to have a little bit of game if you want to date them.


  • Some of the worlds most beautiful women live here
  • Amazing nightlife
  • Beautiful beaches


  • Older men may find it hard to get any action here
  • Not as cheap to visit as some of the other countries on our list.