Lithuanian Brides – Baltic Beauties Seeking Marriage

Lithuania is best known for being one of the three Baltic states, and perhaps the best of them all for a couple of reasons. The one reason that concerns us, however, is the fact that they have some of the prettiest women in the region.

One thing that really stands out once you land in the country is the resounding number of blonde women the country has.

The Baltic and Scandinavian countries are famous for having the largest population of blondes in the world. As much as 90% of all people around that area are naturally blonde.

It is also one of those rare countries with more women than men.

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This shortage in guys has led to an uptick in the number of local women looking to get married to foreign men. This is one of the widely accepted explanations for the recent increase in people moving from the US to countries like Latvia and, of course, Lithuania.

Most people take a thing like this quite casually – like, so there’s less men than women, not like we’ll be able to notice or anything. You’d be surprised by how much you’re able to pick out that the country really is more female.

Knowing all that, what makes Latvian women so desirable, and why do men from the West appeal so much to them?

What are Lithuanian women like?

They are more open-minded

Of the Baltic states, none is as large or as populous as Lithuania. For which reason, it’s capital, Vilnius, is often considered one of the most important cities in Europe.

Being such an important geographical location – it receives quite a large number of tourists every year – they have been hit with a fair share of modernity.

By which I mean the women are not restricted in what they can do – they are a lot more liberated than in a lot of other countries.

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Meeting and hooking up with a woman in the same night can be a piece of cake, as long as you know what you’re doing, of course.

Sex isn’t something these folk are too afraid to talk about or see happen, so if you’re looking for a good time, it’s an excellent place to visit.

Blonde Beauties

Lithuanian women are a complete doozy. They are pretty tall – the average woman is 5’6” and two inches may not seem like a lot, but they tower over the average American woman’s average 5’4” average height.

You probably already know all about their blonde hair by now – I’ve been on about it for quite a while. Remember how like 80-90% of the population is blonde?

The other often ignored percentage consists of some of the most lovely dark-haired women I’ve ever set eyes on. Slim, tan (a lot do have pale skin, though) and incredibly long legs – they seem to go on forever.

So despite us being all over blonde women, because, hey – who doesn’t love a little pigment in their hair – the brunettes are also a force to reckon with.

Live Like an American, Love Like a Lithuanian

Anyone going into Lithuania with an old school vision of love and the like is into perhaps the rudest case of culture shock of their lives.

Of more than a thousand participants found that Lithuanians prefer spontaneity over a long, budding relationship. Unlike the American ideal of love, which can best be described as a ‘loving, caring, long-lasting’ relationship, Lithuania is more ‘surprising and spontaneous.’

This manifests itself in ways such as being able to fall in love a lot faster than the average American.

You know how American women believe it takes a lot of time – pamper her, take her on dates, discuss your interests and such – before she can call it ‘love’? Well, Lithuanian women are a lot looser with the definition.

According to the same study, while most Americans think it takes at least two months, and, more often, several years to actually fall in Lithuanians think a month is more than enough.

The main reason is that while they are not the most social bunch, they find making new friends quite easy since there’s only so many of them.

If you feel you’re short on time and would prefer to get things on the road with someone fast, a lovely Lithuanian woman might be of interest to you. Live like you’ve got American money, love like you’ve got Lithuanian time.

Relating to Lithuanian Women

Meeting a Lithuanian woman, it’s a lot harder to tell if she’s into you than with a Latina woman, for example. They have a reputation for being stoic, cold and unemotional.

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While this may be somewhat true, Lithuanian women are just more like your characteristic neighborhood introvert rather than unfriendly folk. They are quiet and will hide their feelings from you unless they have known you for a while.

They don’t like to smile a lot or even hold small talk. It takes a lot of effort to get them to like you, which makes us tourists think they are an unhappy bunch.

A typical encounter with a friend of my friend’s friend in Lithuania typically goes something like this – a firm handshake while looking them dead in the eye and referring to them as “ma’am” until she’s comfortable with me using her real name. For them, respect is tantamount.

Once we get to know each other better, we can happily embrace each other like long lost friends. After all the ultra-formality has worn off, they are a pretty warm folk.

Let the conversation flow at her pace – try too hard and you just come off as a boundary-pushing desperado.

Speaking of conversations, the most commonly spoken language in the country is Lithuanian, which should be pretty obvious. However, you don’t have to worry about speaking to the locals as long as you stick to the big cities.

Most of the local ladies are actually pretty good at English. It’s been heavily promoted by their government that young children should learn English to make it easier for them to get jobs in the future.

With a 99% literacy rate among females, you can bet your ass every woman you come across in the country is going to be good at speaking, at the very least, conversational English.

Dating in Lithuania

On hearing just how little time it takes for a Lithuanian woman to fall in love with you, maybe your biggest concern is that she will fall out of love just as fast. Well, on average, Lithuania is one of the countries with the lowest number of lifetime partners.

When we say love like a Lithuanian – we mean fall in love and stay in love. It does take time, but then again, don’t all good things?

Most Lithuanian relationships are formed over a considerable period of time. You’ll first have to be at least friends before you can start considering yourself as being ‘together.’

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Meeting Lithuanian Women

Before the internet boom, the most popular way to meet women was in night clubs, but these have always been for one night stands or something that will last a week or so at most.

Most Lithuanian-foreigner couples usually meet during get-togethers with friends of friends or during exclusive parties they’ve been invited to

Now that we have the internet, dating someone from the other side of the globe has become easier than ever.

Considering just how easy-going Lithuanians are, you shouldn’t be surprised to know they were some of the fastest adopters of online dating during the early 2000s.

Tinder is quite a popular way to meet a potential spouse in Lithuania, but there do exist a couple of other sites that do exist just for meeting Lithuanian women.

In my opinion, what really makes Tinder in this country a site to behold is the fact that it’s littered with amazing women looking for serious relationships.

Lithuanian Single Girls Are Looking for Serious Relationships

Unlike other Western countries that glorify hookup culture, lots of Western-run sites like OkCupid are also reserved for someone looking for something serious.

The average Lithuanian person has just 3 sexual partners in their lifetime.

Most people spend their time outside dating and relationships than they do inside them.

In fact, for the longest time, the whole ‘dating’ concept didn’t exist in Lithuania. Shocker, right?

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Apparently, with the introduction of Western culture into the country during the early 2000s and diversification of knowledge, a new term was coined by journalists.

Even today, ‘dating’ doesn’t really exist in the same rigid terms as Americans and the like usually place it. There aren’t exactly ‘rules’ that need to be followed, everyone just knows their part.

For those that do decide to go the more Western way, however, it’s quite common for you, the guy, to pay her after the date.

At which, a thousand men all over the globe rise up in protest, but culture is what it is.

The practice has drastically seen a reduction in following over the last decade since lots of people see it as ‘thinly-veiled prostitution’ and the woman often reduces her interest in anything serious as such.

Women out for a one night stand will gladly accept the gratuity, though.

Dating as a foreigner

Of all the Baltic states, none has taken up Western norms and ideals at the same pace or extent as Lithuania has. So much so, that they pretty much share the same beauty and fashion ideals as those inspired by Hollywood.

Here, it’s referred to as fyfa – a style that encompasses and stresses high levels of femininity: clear, fair skin, slim waists, toned bodies and perked up breasts. High heels and makeup, even for a casual walk around the block are also quite common.

That said, this makes them the perfect target for guys looking for a woman who’s always willing to look pretty for him no matter the occasion.

What makes Lithuania more unique than it’s eastern neighbour, Ukraine, is that the girls are not looking for a guy who looks like he’s made of bricks of cash and drives five lambos. The country had quite a number of sad cases of the same during its younger years.

Don’t get me wrong, though. There are plenty of amazing Ukrainian women out there, but it’s a lot easier to get a gold digging Ukrainian or Russian woman than it is a Lithuanian.

These days, with their booming economy and more liberated women than ever, the materialistic Lithuanian is a rare sight to see. In materialism itself, she’s able to cater for herself anyway, so don’t throw money at her hoping to by her love.

Tips on Dating a Lithuanian Woman

Be Aware of Her Preferences

Lithuanian women do not like to have small talk, that much should already have been established. Right along with that is the fact that they are so used to be brutally honest that it’s often easy to know what they want right off the bat.

When scouring Lithuanian dating site, something common you may notice is women who list things like ‘getting spoilt’, ‘sex’, ‘gifts’ and ‘sponsorships’ among the preferences they want in a man. Lithuanian women are upfront like that.

Depending on the woman, the extent of the gift might vary – some want more expensive gifts than others. As you might expect, though, they will often tell you exactly what they want.

Such women are usually thought of as ‘selling themselves,’ for the long term. Among Lithuanians, they are usually referred to as ‘barracudas.’ They usually target older, richer men since they believe them to have lots of cash.

It really depends on your taste, but you probably want to avoid barracudas for long-term relationships. They are great for a night but will suck you dry if you aren’t careful.

Be Good at Conversations

When a Lithuanian woman gets close to you, you are one their emotional outlets. They want to have someone to have a good conversation with. The secret to keeping a conversation going with a Lithuanian woman is not hogging a conversation.

Like I already said before, most women from Lithuania are pretty decent at English and know how to steer a conversation to the proper direction. Talking to a Lithuanian woman is like an endless series of incredibly enjoyable give and takes – listen to them, ask engaging questions and answer them, too.

Dress Properly

While they are very obsessed with looking good themselves, they also have an obsession with guys who know how to dress. Most times, a casual jeans and t-shirt should do the trick – as long as you’re clean.

Those hideous brown cargo shorts are a definite no-no.

And when you show up, make sure you smell like a dream. Have a reliable source of great-smelling cologne and she will practically fall all over you.

The importance of being presentable, especially during the first date, cannot be overemphasised.

Give Her Space

If she doesn’t want to hug you, as will often be the case, don’t feel disappointed, it’s just how their culture is. It will take some trial and error and a lot of getting used to before they are fully comfortable with you.

Privacy is pretty important to them – maintain a healthy boundary between the two of you and don’t try and make contact if she clearly does not want to. There are better ways to show you’re interested in her than being rash.

Take Her to a Cafe

Lithuania doesn’t have a bustling amount of restaurants like you’d find in the US or the UK. Here, people prefer to head over to cafes in order to hang out.

Stepping into Vilnius for the first time, I was struck by the seer number of cafes at every turn of the street.

The best time to take her out would be some time in the evening after work. Head out and grab a cake and some coffee. They have some of the best cakes you will ever have.

At times, couples even prefer to just head out and relax next to each other while reading a book or two. No words need to be exchanged. It’s considered a very intimate affair.

Don’t Whistle

You know how every culture has those little oddities that other people look at and go – ‘huh?’ Lithuanians traditionally believe that whistling is a way of summoning evil spirits of ghosts from the other side.

It’s superstitious, sure – but it’s a tale normally told to young children to scare them out of the habit. By the time they get old enough to understand it’s not actually true, they are already accustomed to it. Hearing someone else do it is…weird at best.


Lithuanian women stand out as the most beautiful women in all of the Baltic states and, by far the most interesting. It might take a little bit of work to really know them but once you do, they are incredibly fun to be around.