African Mail Order Brides – Single, Beautiful, Black Women

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The average guy in search of a mail order bride probably doesn’t think about including Africa on his list of potential locations for international dating leading to marriage.

I am here to tell you, beautiful black brides deserve your attention, too.  And there’s no particular reason they aren’t in the limelight except for a lack of information and infrastructure.

What we mean by a lack of infrastructure is simply that accessing the Internet in most African nations is difficult.

Countries on this mysterious continent are still what we would call developing nations, so although they might have emerging industries and technologies the idea of Africa-wide Internet access is still a dream for a far off future.

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This lack of web infrastructure then leads to a lack of information. Or at least a lack of information for outsiders on the individual dating scene in African countries.

The fact that you haven’t considered Africa as a potential dating spot means that tens of thousands of other North Americans, Europeans, and men from other parts of the world have made the same mistake.

Now that you understand the flaw in your original logic you’re ready to start viewing Africa as a place with untapped potential for finding single women.

There are literally millions of single African women actively looking for foreign husbands and are more than open to the idea of interracial marriage.

In fact, they don’t even see it as “interracial” – it’s just finding the perfect guy from their point of view.

So, sit tight and prepare to have your assumptions about dating African women completely blown apart.

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What African Women Are Really Like

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A typical Westerners perception of African women is, unfortunately, most likely based on National Geographic shows, or whatever information they see relayed by the mainstream media.

You could quite easily be led to believe that any African woman looking for a North American or European husband is doing so for no other reason than to escape the poverty she’s surrounded by.

Now, while this is true to a certain extent, it’s not the only reason that African women are looking overseas for love.

A far more pressing reason is the fact that the traditional cultural values found in most African countries, regardless of wealth, tend to favor men.

Women are often viewed as nothing more than mothers and housewives.

African women, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, are now more aware than ever that they can enjoy a better quality of life by living in a Western country. This means leaving their family behind, so it’s not a decision they will make in a hurry.

So, their search for international romance has more to do with finding a man will treat them as an equal than it does to do with escaping poverty.

It’s also worth mentioning at this point that many of the African countries you might think of as being impoverished are actually quite wealthy; the poverty in these countries is actually the result of corruption and financial mismanagement at the hands of a small number of politicians and officials.

Marriage is viewed as being a commitment to life by most African women, simply because that’s what her parents did, and their parents before them.

They, unlike the vast majority of Western women, don’t view marriage as something they can sign up to and then bailout of when it no longer suits them, taking 50% of their ex-husband’s financial assets with them as a result.

The key difference is that an African woman views the failure of the marriage as a personal failing, not just for her husband but equally for her as his wife.

Naturally Passionate

African women view sex as being important in that it’s part of strengthening the relationship between two people, as well as the obvious benefit of creating children.

The vast majority of African women have developed a reputation for being enthusiastic lovers but only within the confines of a monogamous relationship for Christian girls, or a committed relationship for Muslim girls.

Something else to be aware of is the fact that in almost all African countries that intimacy is viewed as being the most natural thing in the world.

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It’s not something that’s shied away from or hidden from view because it simply seen as being part of the natural cycle of life.

With that being said it’s also equally important to state that you should never view African women as being easy to get into bed, or easy to manipulate in a sexual manner.

In fact, making unwanted advances towards your African girlfriend will be the quickest way to bring whatever relationship you have to a screeching halt.

The African Dating Scene

young African girl having a date with Western man

The best way to describe it is that it’s like the dating scene in the Soviet Union from 1989 onwards.

Women here are just starting to discover what life in a western country can mean to them, at the same time they are discovering personal freedoms that didn’t exist for them just a few decades ago.

The main difference here is the distance involved in traveling to most African countries from North America, although this is not as much of an issue for guys living in Europe or Asia.

Something you can most certainly is that African women are exotic, both by their nature and because of where they come from. Africa is still a country almost shrouded in mystery because of the lack of communication amenities for the people living there.

This means that most Western guys will make assumptions about how things work here, especially when it comes to dating.

Things you need to be keenly aware of include that she places value on her personal dignity, that her family is incredibly important, and that although you might be wealthy in comparison to her own circumstances, she won’t like you boasting about it. If she does, then she’s a gold-digger and you need to walk away.

One of the most important things to understand about African women is one of her life goals is to find a man to fall in love with. After that she wants to settle down, get married, and have kids – she’ll be very direct about this, which might seem like she’s coming on a bit too strong at the start, but it’s really just that she doesn’t see any point in wasting time beating around the bush.

Understanding the mindset of an African woman is one of the keys to enjoying a higher rate of success in dating than the average guy.

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What African Women Want In A Man

Again, this is where understanding the mindset of African women is important. Most African women, regardless of what nation they’re from, will place far less importance on your physical appearance than on your character.

She will judge you based on your behavior, how you treat her, and how you treat your family. She won’t be swayed by the fact that you’re charming, or that you have a pocketful of cash.

There is one exception to this and it’s that African women tend to favor physically strong men, and especially healthy, physically strong men.

Her cultural expectation is that you will be capable of protecting her from danger, and your children if that were required.

muscle biceps

Although this doesn’t mean that you need to be training to enter a Mr. Universe competition, it does mean that he should at least hit the gym for a couple of weeks before you meet her.

Remember, for her marriage is a lifetime commitment, so she expects you to be around for the duration.

Indecisive men tend to not do very well on the African dating scene. The reason for this is simply that she will expect you to be able to make decisions that will benefit both yourself and her in the future, so she won’t understand if you have a meltdown when deciding what pizza to order, or what movie you should go and see.

Women from this part of the world expect the men to be men, so you need to fulfill that expectation.

What African Women Look Like

the beauties of the African babes

In terms of what to expect from African women in terms of their physical appearance, well that’s a pretty broad question.

At the time of this writing, there are somewhere between 47 and 54 individual countries within Africa, and the physical appearance of women can vary dramatically from one country to the next.

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For example, if you look at Ethiopian women you notice that they have straighter here, slightly fairer skin and a thinner nose than when compared to an African girl from Chad or Nigeria.

South Sudanese women, on the other hand, will appear to match the stereotypical image of an African woman more closely because they have darker skin, broader noses and a different physical shape, verging more towards curvaceous than the thinner body types found on Somali women.

No matter where you travel in Africa, whatever your stereotypical view of the physical appearance of African women is will be completely debunked after your first visit.

The reason for this is that various European, Asian and Arabic countries have been involved in the development of Africa over the last several centuries.

This means that there are pronounced genetic influences visible in African women in most nations here, but especially those in North African countries and on the nations dotting the coastline of the continent.

Are There Really African Mail Order Brides?

Although the title of this article specifically mentions mail order brides, it’s important to remember that the days of catalogs and photographs are a thing of the past.

African women are incredibly proud, and to them, the idea of simply being purchased as a possession for a man they barely know is something they could never live with, and for reasons, we don’t need to state here.

The weird thing is that although certain people might shy away from dating anyone online because they see it as being introduced to random strangers, the same people have no issue with meeting random strangers in a bar and investing several hours, and quite a bit of money on drinks, in getting to know them.

The reality is that the online dating space is inhabited purely by consenting adults who were all looking for the same thing, be that love, romance, or something more immediately intimate. And in this case, you happen to the looking for love in a particularly exotic location.

Although English is taught in most African schools, it’s not the first language of many Africans. In fact, most Africans will swap between several dialects when talking to people, and this can include English, French, and their own native tongue.

If you want to put yourself ahead in the dating game on the African continent, then learning how to speak French will do you a lot of favors. A surprising number of people throughout Africa still speak French as a leftover from French colonialism.

Have Fun, But Stay Safe

Traveling to Africa can be the adventure of a lifetime, but you do need to make sure that your vaccinations are completely up-to-date before doing that unless you want to find yourself getting incredibly ill for doing something as simple as drinking some iced water.

AIDS is also a massive issue throughout the continent, with certain countries experiencing infection rates of up to 50% of the adult population.

This means that you should never, ever have sex with anyone here unless you are wearing protection. Doing otherwise means you are taking your life into your own hands

Finding African Girls For Marriage

So, what African countries should you invest your time in to find the most beautiful women? After all, there is no way for you to physically visit or date women from several dozen different countries at the same time.

It makes more sense to whittle down the number of potential places and countries you should look at for your future African bride.

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list, and there are exceptions to every rule, so please treat the following as general guidelines based on our experience of international dating as a whole, and especially within the African continent.

The gorgeous beauty of Africa


This is one of the fastest developing nations in Africa, and because it’s a technology hub, internet access is less of a problem here than almost anywhere else outside of South Africa.

It has a stable government, overpriced tourist trinkets, and a population friendly towards tourists and foreigners. Lupita Nyongo’o is of Kenyan origin, just to give you an idea of how pretty Kenyan women can be.

South Africa

Although it’s rarely mentioned in other guides on African dating, South Africa is one of the most diverse and wealthy countries on the African continent.

You’ll notice strong European (Dutch) influences in the women here, with Charlize Theron being a perfect example, and then you have Nonhle Thema as a perfect example of native African beauty.


Here’s something you probably didn’t know – Ethiopia produces more supermodels and models than most other African countries combined.

The reason why is they’re tall, slender and have amazing bone structure. Stunning women like Yordanos Teshager or Liya Kebede give you an idea of what to expect from the women in this country.


Located on the west coast of Africa, Ghana is considered to be one of the friendliest countries in the region.

In fact, most people who’ve traveled here say it’s the perfect African country to visit on your first trip, especially because English is so widely spoken.

The local people are very friendly towards tourists as it makes up a lot of the economy, and Ghanaian women are beautiful – or at least Nadia Buari most definitely is.


The unfortunate truth is that the first mentions you find online about Rwanda are notes about the civil war in 1994. That was over twenty years ago, and the country is now more stable and safe than many others in the region.

Women here tend to have Northern African looks even though the country is located in the southern part of the continent, although you can expect the full spectrum of African beauty to be on display here.

South Sudan

One of the first perks of visiting South Sudan is that the women here are likely to speak English, perhaps not fluently but well enough for you to hold a conversation with them.

South Sudanese women range in appearance from very dark-skinned to almost olive-skinned, with Atong Demach giving you an idea of what the women here look like.


This is a beautiful country, inhabited by friendly people, and has a stable government and an equally stable economy.

Women here are curvaceous, with slender faces and full mouths.

There’s no polite way to put this, but a woman’s posterior is viewed as being something to celebrate and accentuate, which is exactly what Tanzanian women do.


Now that you understand the African dating scene a little better, you can see why a growing number of Western men are actively involved in it.

There’s so little competition from other North American or European men here that it means you’re a novelty.

In fact, most guys who have actually traveled to Africa to date and marry women will tell you that tourists are seen as a novelty instead of a nuisance.

There are still certain parts of Africa where most of the people living there have never met a person from another country.

That’s not something you can say about many of the more popular international dating destinations.