Moldovan Mail Order Brides – Meet, Date & Marry a Hot Moldovan Woman

When Europe is mentioned, few people ever think of small countries like Moldova that live in relative peace and isolation. However, it’s a country rich in resources, tourist destinations and, best of all, sexy women are aplenty.

Moldova is a tiny almost-impossible-to-spot-on-a-map landlocked country just Northeast of Romania and Southeast of Ukraine.

Just like its neighbors, the summers are warm and the winters are harsh. But that’s not what Moldova as a country is best known for by said neighbors.

The women are passionate about life, about everything that affects them and can be incredible company at the worst of times.

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What do Moldovan Women Look Like?

Moldovan women come in all manner of looks. Walking on the streets of Chișinău, it’s pretty hard to find the right words to use to describe them.

The only thing I found they all have in common is that they are incredibly stunning.

blonde Moldovan with sexy kissable lips

Some features are shared by a lot of the women, though, and are easy to pick out almost instantly: high cheekbones, blonde hair and incredibly flawless skin.

They look like what I’d envision mermaids that managed to grow legs and walk on land to be.

And yes, I realize the irony – Moldova being landlocked and all.

Aside from their physical features, their unique sense of fashion also instantly hits visitors sharply. They are all so neatly dressed and feminine that any other wordless than ‘perfection’ would be a gross underestimation of what they represent.

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They embody something between ruggedness and femininity – a nice in-between that’s impossible to complain about.

lovely Moldovan girl sitting on the couch outdoors

Blonde girls are quite the common sighting, but the occasional brunette is also never more than a stone throw away, carrying about on her day-to-day business.

Their eyes are sharp, warm and welcoming, and their lips red and luscious. Most of them give you at least the acknowledging smile we’re so used to back at home as you pass.

A single day with one of them and you will feel more at home in the country than you possibly ever did in your own country.

Moldovan women are quite the charmers. For whatever reason, nature decided to endow them with luxurious flowing hair that hardly needs any effort to take are of and faces that men fall for with even a casual glance.

Take care of yourself out there!

What are Moldovan Girls Like Once You Get to Know Them?

Few places in the world are as renowned for being cold and unemotional as countries in Eastern Europe – Ukraine, Russia and the like. The persevering culture here is very different from what you’re likely used to back at home.

classy blonde Moldovan woman

Do you think you’re bad at picking up hints from a woman who likes you back at home? Wait till you meet a woman from Moldova. They are almost stoic to the point saying ‘I love you’ affectionately is going to need at least some effort before you believe her.

But it’s not without its pros.

Moldovan women tend to be both brutally honest and reserved at the same time. If you’re curious how this can be, we’re not fully sure either, but it is what it is.

But the best thing, by far about her is that she is not shy to share anything from her myriad of life experiences, depending on where she grew up.

Once you’ve cleared her ‘creep alert’ radar, you’ll meet a whole new side of her you thought couldn’t possibly be real.

Ah yes, it should be worth mentioning what the ‘creep alert radar’ is first.

pretty Moldovan babe on the bed

Moldova is one of the poorest countries in the world, somewhere near the bottom even for an affluent continent like Europe.

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A common theme in such countries is that guys from richer countries like the US and UK often visit with the intention of having sex with locals, also known as sex tourism.

Surprise surprise – Moldovan women are terribly repulsed by such men.

Don’t be too shocked if she starts asking you questions about why you traveled so far. Was it to meet a woman, perchance?

Nevertheless, Moldovan women are well-known for being extremely hospitable, but likely not friendly in the same way you’re used to back at home.

Dating Culture in Moldova

The dating culture in Moldova is extremely different from what’s found in the West.

Considering just how far apart the two cultures are, this revelation really should not come as much of a surprise. Despite this, dating a foreign girl is just as enticing as it sounds.

What Single Moldovan Ladies Think About Western Men

Do you know how Western guys gawk and stare at foreign women whenever they come across someone who’s obviously not a local? It’s almost the same thing when a foreign guy visits the country.

serious Moldovan girl on the bench

Never had a woman think of you as exotic in your life? Well, this is one of those opportunities that only come once in a lifetime.

And, even better, considering just how well we are paid in the west relative to the guys over here in Moldova, you’ll have enough cash to push you through a whole week of all-night benders.

Just make sure you know the places you’re headed to are safe beforehand, of course.

Dating a Foreigner

Nobody ever wants to hear it, but once you land in a country like Ukraine or Russia, you will be instantly struck by the sheer number of dating agencies that populate the country.

Amolatina - video dating

And you know what’s sad about their existence? I was repeatedly warned by my guide that almost every single one of them is set up to swindle money from unsuspecting foreigners.

Other than which, a lot of the country is so conservative it makes Texas look like child’s play.

You might then be able to easily guess that as much as 99% of the population identifies themselves as Christians and almost all of these women want to date a guy who holds the same beliefs as them.

There’s very little tolerance for people who don’t accept religion. Not the violent stuff – just general shunning and subtle hostility.

The expectations the women have of a man are pretty straightforward, as you might once again be able to figure.

Despite being rooted in a rather sad situation, women earn much less than men doing a similar job at a similar rank. And women are hardly ever exposed to the same opportunities as their male counterparts.

The man is thus expected to be the breadwinner of the family, and of any relationship for that matter. Pay for the meals, treat her once in a while and overall, just be respectful of her choices.

The feminist agenda isn’t very big in the country, so if you’re not the biggest fan of vocal women, you might just have hit the jackpot.

What’s it’s Like to Be in a Relationship with a Moldovan Woman

The most widely accepted age gap is anything up to fifteen years. From which point, things start to skew beyond your favor.

Most Moldovan girls on their own are incredibly sweet and loyal people. When it comes to taking care of herself and her family, nothing else comes even close.

Amolatina - video dating

These qualities make them really great wives – they really know how to take care of their husbands.

For instance, food is an important part of any Maldovan family. From a young age, the girls are expected to know how to cook delicious traditional meals and familiarise themselves with some more modern meals from as far as the UK and as close as France.

Nearly every meal involves meat in one form or another.

Perhaps the most popular traditional meal is known as mamaliga. It’s a hard kind of porridge made from corn and considered by many as the national dish and is usually served together with milk, cheese or sour cream.

Lastly, every single Moldovan gathering, regardless of how large is accompanied by lots of food – various kinds of meats, cakes, and wine.

Wine is an especially important part of both the Moldovan economy and family. Nearly every family in Moldova makes their own brandy, vodka or wine.

So important is the wine that some parents are usually visually upset if you choose not to drink their wine when eating. It’s considered a rude gesture.

Just be careful how much wine you take. Too much of it and you won’t be able to walk the whole night because it is really strong.

Communicating with Your Moldovan Girlfriend

The official language in Moldova is Moldovan – a language heavily influenced by Ukrainian and Russian, thus sharing quite a number of similarities. But much like a lot of neighboring countries, a sizeable population speaks at least some English.

Their language isn’t easy to learn, so if you were planning on traveling any time soon, don’t bother. You’re better off getting a translator.

Better yet, why not just hang out in the capital? The level of English the people there speak is really impressive.

Younger generations, especially the women, are really good at speaking it. A lot of them near perfectly.

If you plan on visiting the countryside, you’re in for a bigger surprise. Hardly anyone there speaks even a little bit of English. They do, however, likely understand Russian, Ukrainian or Bulgarian, depending on which area you visit.

Why Moldovan Brides Like Foreign Men

Which brings us to a lot of people’s main concern – what do they think of guys from the West, and how do they treat foreigners?

To give you a bit of context, according to a 2014 report by the UN, women have far fewer economic opportunities than men, despite things having improved since the turn of the new century.

For instance, women are paid as much as 13% less than women just because the money they earn is not considered family income.

According to the same report, around 100,000 citizens live abroad. These are often the only lifeline their families have to not living in complete squalor.

Of these, female migrants are a lot more common than males for the reasons outlined above.

Western men, being viewed as economically viable options for getting women out of their dire situations, are the only lifeline a lot of women have.

Marrying a nice foreign man is a great option.

Finally, just like its neighbor, Ukraine, the women have a domestic abuse problem.

Migrants are usually the biggest victims of kidnapping, discrimination, and abuse when they try to leave the country. Unfortunately, once they get back, it doesn’t get any better.

The common belief is that any woman who leaves does so to become a sex worker abroad, a situation that is met with jeers and constant stigmatization.

The main reason for women leaving wanting to leave the country is due to domestic violence at home.

You’d think something would be done about it, but there’s little to no concern regarding the issue among the political elite.

There’s no law preventing domestic abuse and there’s likely none to be passed by the very impassive parliament insight.

The only way to end the vicious cycle of abuse? Find a man who’s willing to get you out of the country. If he doesn’t come from nearby countries like Russia or Ukraine, the better.

Those two aren’t any better off at how they treat their own women, either.

Westerners are thought to be more willing to compromise, likely because of the kind of media the women are exposed to, and more able providers than locals.

As far as gender norms go, a person can only stand so much before being giving it all up.

busty Moldovan girl in a restaurant

Don’t get me wrong – if a woman wants to stay at home and take care of her husband, so be it. But I’ve seen the kind of nasty situations some guys end women up in, and it’s honestly the most disgusting thing ever.

A friend of mine had initial doubts because he’d heard stories of such women being gold diggers and cons.

Such people do exist, to be fair, but in my experience, they are a lot more prevalent when dealing with local dating agencies rather than big-name international brands.