Argentina Brides Want to Meet You!

Of all the Latin American countries I’ve visited, few have the kind of warmth and friendliness that I experienced whilst in Argentina.

Maybe everything was just in place when I went to visit and I was phenomenally lucky, but the kind of food, resorts, women and general aura around me was always so lovely.

At the end of the day, it turned out luck had nothing to do with luck. The story goes the same way for tons and tons of people – everyone was really impressed with Argentinian women.

Their bodies are slim, their waists are small and the bodies generally fit.

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Even when it comes to being curvy, they really took my breath away because once I’d seen how hot Brazilian women were,I thought it was game over. But with Argentina women, they met their match!

What do argentinian women look like?

First things first, Argentina is a country that thrives on diversity. Their generations are as a result of mixing between Southern and Northern European people.

For which reason, you’ll notice a lot of different skin tones in all of the locals. Every one of them ranges from slightly pale to olive.

For the most part, Argentinian women are natural brunettes. Blonde girls are not uncommon, but I’m told so many people dye their hair that it’s impossible to tell who’s who.

If you’ve never seen it in real life, olive skin and blonde hair is one of the most wondrous sights you’ll set your eyes on.

Then again, maybe all this beauty is contributed to by the fact that Argentina is one of the modeling capitals in the world.

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Every woman wants to look their darn best. At the end of the day, the only thing that sets apart one from the other is their personal preferences.

With that said, fashion turned out to be a lot more important than I could ever have imagined in Argentina.

Now, I’m not the most fashionable person you’ll ever meet. I couldn’t name a single designer brand off the top of my head if you offered me a free beer or a whole weekend in the Caribbean.

However, I know a well-dressed person when I see one and high-quality clothing when it passes me by.

Argentina checked all the boxes.

The women seem to want to be as trendy as possible. It’s weird because there are so many different things trending in different cities, the more you visit, the more amazed you are a single country can be so different.

Although, to be fair, with their tall, slender frames, almost everything is going to look good on them.

For the most part, there’s quite an overlap between them and Brazilian women.

The biggest difference for me is that while Brazilians tended to be more on the curvy side, especially obsessed with having bigger asses, Argentinians are taller and slender.

It helps explain why Argentina has the lowest obesity levels in the region, if you’re not a guy that’s into larger women.

In the end, there’s a bit of something for everyone.

Dating an Argentine Woman

Dating a woman from Argentina is quite a unique experience. The culture has a big part to play in everything, of course, and being so new to it, there was no end to the amount of time I wanted to be around that woman.

Dating can end up being quirky if you’re used to the same ‘free discourse, everyone is themselves’ kind of thing I was used to back home. Argentina is different, not in a bad way – just so foreign it’s hard to describe.

A date might not be a date

Argentines in general have a tough time getting their dates together. There’s so much going on at any one time with the average person that sticking to plans is difficult.

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Argentines themselves are used to it, but experiencing it in person is kind of a downer.

There’s been over ten different situations where I’ve been invited out (yeah, the girls do that over here) and the dates just didn’t happen.

It’s not that they didn’t just show up, but the sheer number of (at times strange) explanations seemed like flaky excuses.

The strangest one I’ve heard is that the Boca Juniors (the country’s favorite football team) didn’t win.

At the end of the day, it turned out that was the most credible reason to miss out on a date. Football is so big it might be a religion over here.

Dates Start Late

You know that old saying that ‘nothing good ever happens after midnight’? The implication is, of course, that if I called a girl at such times, it was bound to be a booty call (as if that’s a bad thing).

In Argentina, everything good happens over midnight. Late-night rendezvous are all too common and don’t necessarily mean sex.

For instance, dinner is always eaten after 10 PM and people start flocking to clubs at 3am. The time in between is reserved for dinner dates.

Punctuality Isn’t a Thing

With so much time to lose, why waste so much of it getting there on time? That’s the thought process of the average Argentinian woman.

If you ever plan a date and she doesn’t flake on you, there’s a big chance she’s going to be late.

What’s even stranger than that is the seeming lack of self-awareness they seem to have of their own tardiness.


I once finally asked my girlfriend why she was always late all the time and she gave me the most confused look I’ve ever seen.

It was like I’d told a really obscure joke that she had a hard time getting her head around.

Don’t Bring Up The War

After a long time knowing her, or if you like stirring controversy, no time at all, the ugly head of the Falklands war will rear its head.

It might have been something that took place in just ten weeks and happened more than three decades ago but the resentment around Las Malvinas is still strong.

If you like having an Argentine girlfriend, regardless of what you really believe, when asked what you think, just say the island should be returned to Argentina.

If you really want a second date, say it was a trying time for Argentina and be sympathetic.

Learn Spanish

English isn’t too widely spoken in Argentina, unfortunately, but you can survive. In my experience, few things excite an Argentine woman more than seeing a foreigner fluently speaking her language.

Spanish isn’t too hard to learn, after all. Just get into the basics and the rest should flow in naturally.

Are Argentinian Women Into Guys From the West?

This is a tough topic to cover in such a short amount of time because the kinds of different ideas women have for men in Argentina is astounding.

Traditionally, Argentina was sort of like Brazil – a machismo driven culture. But with the restoration of democracy in 1986, things changed for women nearly in the blink of an eye.

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Suddenly, there were a lot more opportunities for them than were previously allowed and foreigners were freely allowed to mix with anyone.

The end result? Men had to step up their game and some clearly didn’t want to.

Argentine Men Are Notoriously Romantic

Going up against an Argentine man in the flirting game is like meeting Casanova or Don Juan himself in the flesh.

Paying for dinner, opening doors, showering the woman in compliments, and calling her all manner of lovely Spanish names is the norm.

Coming from a society where we men sit back and hope everything works out, I felt hopelessly outmatched.

Being such a good flirt comes with a steep price to pay, however. While it might take you maybe months or years if you’re unlucky, to have the same kind of mastery of language and people as they do, there’s one big catch.

Argentine men just cannot keep a woman.

They are easily fascinated and will tell all those niceties to every woman they fancy.

Well, to put it bluntly, Argentine women are not the most faithful bunch around. That’s where guys from the West have them down.

Western Guys Have Something Different to Offer

Aside from the endless flirting and the endless dates, Argentine men are surprisingly terrible at creating lasting connections. The average Western guy might have trouble competing, but we, at least are no strangers to commitment.

It also helps that getting into a commitment lifestyle is a lot harder than being exceptionally good at flirting. You can always start being a good flirt at any point in your life.

Additionally, the same way we see Argentine women as being exotic and desirable, so are we in their eyes. There’s a huge shortage of decent guys to marry, as it turns out.

Why are There so Many Argentinian Mail Order Brides?

Things may have changed a lot in Argentina over the last few decades but there’s still a lot going on that needs improvement.

Having had two female presidents so far and consistently voting in a third or more women in their parliament, Argentina may look very progressive to the casual observer.

However, it’s not so once you get to hang out with the people themselves.

Domestic Violence is a Big Problem

Domestic violence against women is a really big problem in argentina.

In 2012, it was so bad that a woman was estimated to have died every two days as a result of domestic violence in the country.

The crimes often go unreported, and even when they are, they tend to be overlooked by the authorities, as the police seem to have the notion that it’s a home issue and they should not get involved.

The result is that more women want to get married abroad. Argentine men, with their silver tongues and words that could charm a snake are, again, surprisingly terrible at commitment.

Political Instability

After WWII, Argentina had several run-ins with debt that it was unable to repay and coups that brought down successive governments. The uncertain environment remained until 2003, when the country finally saw some windfall.

All these combined led to more and more people preferring to leave the country at any cost. The easiest way for women to get out and still be able to provide something for their families back home was to marry abroad. Since then, everything else just fell into place.


Poverty in Argentina has decreased greatly from 35% in 2010 to 30% in 2016 and, finally, 25% in 2019. However, 25% of the population living below a dollar a day is still a significant amount of people unable to eat or provide for themselves.

For women that lie in this category, getting married abroad or even blessing their daughter’s marriage to a man from the West would be an incredible blessing.

Rape and Sexual Harassment

While an outside observer might be tempted to think Argentina is a progressive country, they just have less gender bias than most other countries. One way to see this is by taking a quick look at how long it took them to get favorable laws against rape and sexual harassment.

Before 1999, the law against rape was based on the ‘honesty of the woman’, which left all manner of crooks outside of jail due to the interpretation. And before 2009, sexual violence within marriage wasn’t recognized as a crime.

Now is a Better Time Than Ever To Meet Single Argentina Women

Argentinian women may be pretty, available and head over heels for guys from the West, but there’s only so much life in all of us. If you want to get married to an Argentine, today is a better day to start than any other.

The initial days of getting to know any woman may be a bit of a rough patch, not knowing where to even start, but once you get out of your initial comfort one into a new one, you’ll be shocked how easy it is to click with them.