About This Site

WhereWomenChaseYou is a fun-filled website about romance and travel.  We are trying to introduce Western men to the concept that there are places on Earth where women want them.

And we have nothing but respect for the accomplishments of American, European, and Australian women.  We love all women. But Western women are a lot of work.  And for a lot of Western men, the constant rejection that they face in their own countries is just brutal. It kills their confidence. And a lack of confidence, in turn, kills their attractiveness to women. Which leads to less confidence. It’s a vicious cycle.

You can be an intelligent, successful American man.  You can be fit and generally happy with your life, but that does not mean you will be able to get a date on a Saturday night.  Not if you are a veteran or disabled or short or a little heavy.  And if you don’t live in a big city forget it.

The story is largely the same in Canada, Australia, the UK, and across Europe.

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Dating A Younger Woman

And a lot of men want to go overseas and date a younger woman because they have decide they want to have a child when they are fifty or more.  That is almost impossible in the West unless you are a rock star or a hedge fund manager.

But in a lot of places in the world where women chase men it is very doable for average Western guys.

There have been a lot of changes to American society in the last sixty years.  The birth control pill and increasing life expectancy have led to people pushing back the decision to settle down and raise a family.

A lot of people, both men and women, spend their twenties enjoying life traveling, dating, and starting a career.  Then in their late twenties and into their thirties they are working hard to build a career.

A lot of women jump off this bandwagon to have kids in their early thirties, but a lot of men keep grinding.

So, then a man ends up at forty-five or fifty and he is the largest used car dealer in three hundred miles, the most successful relator in the metro area, or the attorney that all the attorneys in his area dread facing in the courtroom.

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He is a success, but… that is about it.  He knows he is missing something.

A lot of these men realize they are missing children and unless they are very lucky they know they have missed their chance for a family – unless they decide to pursue a foreign bride.

Foreign Brides

Foreign brides are interested in Western men for a variety of reasons, but main issue is that they want to live a rich, full life, and they know marrying an older, foreign man is often their best option to make their dreams come true.   Women chase you, because you are better than local men.

Patriarchy of the sort that has not existed in the West in 500 years is still common in much of the world.  Sexual discrimination is not illegal, it is an old tradition.

Women often have very few career choices across Asia or Latin America and across Eastern Europe vodka destroys young men by the millions.  So, meeting a Western man who is nice, kind, and a little older is not such a bad thing.

So, we try to help put the women who want a better man in their life with men who want to be that guy.  In the old days people thought of sites like these as mail order bride sites, but today most of the women here come from what the industry now calls premier international dating sites.

Where Women Chase You is a place that makes romantic dreams come true for men and women.