Thai Mail Order Brides – Sexy Thai Women For Marriage And Dating

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This is your guide to marrying a Thai woman or Thai mail order bride. We will cover finding, dating, meeting and marrying a Thai woman. We tell you everything you need to know about finding and marrying a Thai bride.

But first, you owe it to yourself to peruse the guide on Asian mail order brides. It gives you a nice overview of all the Asian countries and what similarities and differences Asian women from different countries have.

Why Thai Women Want to Date & Marry Foreigners

Thailand is an amazing place – a tourist mecca.  It has exciting cities, gorgeous beaches, beautiful mountains.  The climate is pleasant year-round.  It has beautiful architecture and interesting historic sites.

white guy and thai girls

That’s all well and good, but not nearly as interesting as sexy Thai women.  For many men, Thai girls are the main – almost the only tourist attraction.


Many self-respecting Western men have found love with Thai women, and they are idyllically happy in their flourishing relationship. They not only share each other’s culture but also start families together.

Many Western women, feminist professors, and similar types criticize the men that seek Thai mail order brides as degenerate losers and the women as naive, simpletons.  Neither of those characterizations is fair or accurate.

Here are a couple more reasons why most Thai women prefer to date and marry western guys:

Western men are romantic partners

When compared to Thai men, Western men are more romantic. They are caring and are willing to go the extra mile to make their lover happy.

beautiful thai ladies

They also know how to rekindle the love once in a while even after many years of marriage. They buy gifts such as jewelry for their spouses and treat them to romantic tours and activities.

They want to improve their social status

In Thailand, most women who are dating or married to western men are given a higher social standing. There is an increased level of respect and admiration a Thai woman receives if she is dating a Western man.


This is one of the things that really drive Thai women to become wives of Western men.  They want a better life and in many cases, Thai girls are the aggressors in the relationship.  Per the NYT:

some of them can be quite assertive, and aggressive in their pursuing of a foreign man

This is something Western men should remember.

Why Western Guys Should Date & Marry Women From Thailand

Western guy and Thai girl in traditional clothes

Apart from the beautiful beaches and scenery, Thailand is home to the most beautiful women in the world.

Sexy Thai women have their standards, understand precisely what they want in relationships, and it is thus a lot easier to please a Thai woman than it is to please western women.

A surprising number of Western men find real happiness with a sexy Thai mail order bride:

Americans are thought to be faithful and kind to their wives, while the native men are cruel and run around with other women. True or not, this is the perception.

Or maybe it should not be surprising, because they say love knows no borders.

Most importantly, here are the reasons why many western men would want to date and marry Thai women:

Thai women are fun loving

Dating a Thai girl means to love and fun. These girls are outgoing and like to dress up for parties and other social gatherings.

They are a stark contrast to some of their western counterparts who are a bit laid back and are not used to going out often.

They are not domineering

Thai women have been brought up to respect their husbands and boyfriends. They do not dominate their partners despite being just as liberated and empowered as the western woman.

pretty thai girl

They are hardworking

Thai women have the desire for better lives and hence work hard to achieve this goal.

The men who marry Thai brides get a strong Thai wife who can take care of themselves and the family. Denied equal chances, they work hard to even be on the playing field with men.

They are inspired by the independent western woman and the desire to gain the respect that comes with hard work.

They value marriage

Thai women respect the institution of marriage as a bond that brings together two people to become lifelong partners. The Thai society discourages divorce, and those couples who end up divorced are looked down upon by the community.

latin mail order brides
thai bride

Bottom line

The Thai woman is a vibrant woman who plans for her future wisely. Dating one would undoubtedly lead to a happy and stable marriage. They know how to take good care of their partners and sustain relationships.

What is a Thai Mail Order Bride Like?

Are Thai Women beautiful?

Their self-imposed beauty standards are very different from those of western women. It’s closer to what the Chinese and Japanese strive for in terms of ideals – small petite frames, not-so-large eyes, light skin, and small mouths and chins, often doll-like in appearance.

It’s rooted in their tradition. The average Thai woman isn’t very large and obesity is very uncommon, thanks to a diet that features fish and vegetables.

sexy thai girl

Character of Thai women

In this regard, they are a lot like Latina women. They are constantly at either end of the extremes – either really happy and doing everything with you or angry, disloyal and disruptive.

They are pretty easy to spark, too. Guys who don’t like drama are advised to stay far far away from them.

Communicating with your Thai girlfriend

One of the biggest concerns people have when it comes to foreign women is how to communicate with her. The language barrier seems like it will be an issue to newbies, but most times, it’s really nothing to worry about.

A lot of Thai women are taught English from the time they are young children – meaning they will be almost completely fluent by the time they grow up.

It’s a rough generalization, but a few of them speak English just well enough to get them through the dating game, anyway.

how to say thank you in thai

If you really want to prove yourself, try and pick up the most basic Thai words – salutations and phrases like ‘good night’, ‘thanks’ and ‘excuse me’.

They can be extremely useful when the time comes. It’s a language with quite the learning curve but will set you apart from the average Joe.

If you find foreign languages difficult but you still like that Asian look, a Filipina mail order bride would be perfect for you.

latin mail order brides

Thai women and money

Here lies another one of people’s biggest concerns – gold diggers. No country under God’s sun is without them and is known as the sex capital of the world, we’d be lying if we said Thai women are always faithful and never interested in your money.

If you want to find a more successful woman that might actually make more money than you do, then there’s a guide to Chinese mail order brides. And yes, you could end up richer for it.

hot thai dancer in thailand

Back to Thai women, now. To escape the kind of generalization that usually surrounds this topic, however – Thai women only want money, they only want to be showered with gifts, etc. – it really depends on a number of things.

For example, certain places are known to be frequented by women out for a good time and nothing more. And other areas (like Pattaya) have a much higher percentage of ‘working girls’ (ie, prostitutes) then the less touristy areas.

If you go to such places, don’t be surprised to find gold diggers everywhere.  But don’t assume that’s all Thai women, either.

If this sounds a little too wild for you, a more traditional Vietnamese mail order bride might be a better choice.

Meeting A Good Thai Girl

If you have made no prior arrangements, then you will not be denied the company of a beautiful Thai girl as a result of your bad planning.

Thailand was the number one country for sex tour holidays but has been overtaken by the Philippines during the past couple of years.

Venture out into the Bangkok night after you arrive, looking for a place to drink, and you will surely get laid.

Even if you don’t get lucky, you are going to have one hell of a night. Bangkok nights come to life after 9 pm.

Thai girl doing the salute of respect

Best place to find your Thai bride

Everybody talks about Pattaya and Phuket being the places to go to pick up a girl in Thailand.

That’s almost right except it’s more a case of a girl picking you up. Foreigners wandering around in those Thai hotspots are fair game.

The bars are fully stocked with beer and women, most of them will be the most gorgeous honeys you will ever see. The beer is pretty good too.

The way in which you see women behaving in these sex places is not typical of a Thai female, though.

If you really want the best place, you have to get away from the tourist spots. Bangkok is great if you like the big city.  And Chiang Mai has a lot of foreigners and is very affordable.

The Hunters and the Hunted

Many women in Thailand are looking for a way out of poverty and the life they are living in their village.

They come to the big city and become Go-Go Girls, Massage Girls, and Bar Girls. Finding a Thai guy who can provide them with security and a better life is a slim chance for them.

thai woman farmer

There are dating sites full of lovely and available Thai ladies almost begging for foreign guys to make them their girlfriend.

In Thailand, if you are holidaying in the sin cities of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai or Koh Samui, the girls will come after you. Sometimes shy, sometimes reserved, because not everybody is a sex worker or a gold digger.

In fact, the majority of Thai women are kind-hearted, gentle and loving. They make excellent wives and companions.

Take a trip to Thailand

There is no better way to plan a holiday which will include the company of a beautiful Thai girl than meeting them online first.

With whatever communication method you can find, meet a few online and weed out the ones you don’t want, and hang on to the one you are interested in.

thai tourist attraction

Bangkok may not be the best choice and it would be better to find a girl that lives in a city away from the hot spots. One you can visit or who can even meet you at the airport.

Meeting Thai girls online

Register with a dating site. Give them your name and add a few recent photos. State on your profile that you are looking for a traveling companion who can show you around their country.

Hint – a Thai girlfriend can save you a lot of money by bargaining on your behalf for things you want to buy.

Thai girls online are a lot different from women from other SE Asian countries. You should be respectful and not come on too strong when starting a chat with these girls.

Make sure you have picked a single girl, and not one with a kid or two and previously married, or still married for that matter.

pretty girl chatting


What Thai women are looking for

Chatting to girls online is akin to a dance. You lead and find out information that can help you make an educated judgment on the bona fides of the lady.

Make it clear that you are on a holiday and not looking for a wife. Many of the decent women online will dump you right there.

No prospect of marriage means they are not interested.

If she stays, then she knows you are looking for a fun time companion with whom to travel. There are no misunderstandings that way. She also wants a good time and a break from whatever is happening in her life too.

By the way, don’t continue courting a girl online who will not, for whatever reason, cam with you. That is suspicious behavior.

How to Make Your Thai Girlfriend Love You

Going out with a beautiful Thai girl, you should treat her as a national treasure. That doesn’t mean you have to spend money on her buying clothes or jewelry.

It means being a gentleman, something they are not so used to from their own menfolk.

Beautiful and attractive Thai singles

Asian women are normally considered men’s chattels in marriage or relationships. Your tenderness, thoughtfulness and romantic behavior are going to get you a long way. Enjoy your trip.

Thai women are beautiful, intelligent, vibrant and fun. Thai culture is rich and wonderful. Their food is delicious, their history fascinating and their landscapes and cities stunning. There is a lot to love about Thailand and its women.

If you are interested in meeting and marrying a Thai mail order bride, however, please be careful. Use your head and do not become so obsessed with the idea of being with a Thai woman that you lose your wits and your common sense.

Tips For Dating Thai Women

There is a lot to think of when developing a relationship with someone and getting too involved too quickly or allowing her to take over your life is a huge mistake that you will regret.

tips on dating thai girls

1. Dating a Thai bar girl

Prostitutes are everywhere in cities like Bangkok. The truth is that these women are loose and are sometimes (often, really) looking for rich Western men to take care of them.

It is an absolute mistake to meet a woman in the bars or on the streets of Thailand and think that you will find a loving, lasting, relationship.

Please, please, please, look elsewhere for a wife. They may be sexy, fun or exotic but these women are not wife and mother material.

They are not looking for your love and to have a genuine relationship. They are looking for a free ride and will drop you as soon as the money runs out.

This, of course, is not only true of Thai women. These types of women exist all over the world so please don’t misinterpret this as racist.

It’s just a common practice in Thailand for American men to get suckered in by beautiful, exotic and less than moral women. Protect yourself from that pain at all costs.

thai sexy bar girls

2. Getting married too quickly

Thai women are strong-willed and will let you know what they want. They are definitely not usually docile or subservient.

While this is extremely attractive and shows intelligence and independence, it can also result in a lot of pressure to get married before you are ready.

If you are dating online, take it slow and if you are visiting Thailand do not feel pressured to bring her back with you immediately.

Many Thai women believe Western men to be rich and will seek to manipulate you or push you into marrying them so that they can cash in.

You do not owe her anything but your affection and if she is pushing you to act in ways that you do not want to then she doesn’t love you. She just wants to possess and control you.

Thai girl and American guy taking selfie

This is not to say that all (or even most) Thai women are this way. Again, this is something that happens all over the world.

However, there is definitely a good number of these types of women in Thailand because they do see Western men as a meal ticket and a way out of poverty. Look out for your heart… and your wallet.

3. Letting Thai culture control you

While it is VERY important to be respectful of and open to her culture, language, and norms, you do need to maintain your own culture and beliefs as well.

If she says that things should be done “the Thai way” be careful to think it through on your own.

Just because something is the way her culture doesn’t mean you have to go along.

For instance, dowries are traditional in Thailand but if you don’t wish to pay one or don’t feel that you can afford it then you two should be able to have an open, rational discussion about it. Your upbringing and feelings matter just as much as hers.

4. NOT getting to know your future wife’s family

This is true of any relationship of course. No matter who you marry, you are marrying the whole family. It’s cliché, yes, but true.

If you are dating online you may feel that it is inconvenient or impractical to meet her family but you need to find the time and the means to do so.

thai family

These are the people who have the most influence on her life and who have been with her since she was a baby. You can’t simply get to know her and think that your job is done.

Thai families, particularly parents, are very protective of their girls and they will ask lots of questions, feel that they have the right to stay in your home and won’t hesitate to ask for help or money if they need it.

This is also true of their treatment of you. They will be willing to help you, shelter you and be there for you at any time.

However, their family structure and values are much different than most Western families so you should be prepared to marry a whole lot of them… whether you like them or not.

With all of that said, you have to make sure you know what you are getting into before you propose or marry a Thai mail order bride. The wedding day is NOT the day to meet her family. Period.

thai wedding

Thai mail order brides are wonderful. They make great wives and phenomenal mothers. They are beautiful.

Thai cuisine is delectable, their culture is fascinating and they live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Really, what is there NOT to love? However, you have to be prudent when dating and thinking about marrying ANYONE, let alone someone from another culture.

Be sure that you aren’t just infatuated with her or with the idea of being with a Thai woman and that her motives are pure.

There is no reason you can’t find a great Thai girl and have an awesome, long, happy marriage… as long as you keep your head.

Pros and Cons of Dating Thai Women

Being one of the most popular destinations for tourism in the world today, I’ve managed to be exposed to Thai women quite a bit over the years.

They have the best nightlife I’ve ever experienced and their culture is extremely welcoming to people from other countries.

Not to mention the fact that the girls just pour all over you. A lot of guys who visit the country are either looking to get laid or want a relationship, so it’s pretty normal.

cute thai girl

Again, it’s wrong to generalize the whole population based on my experience with their deep traditions and difficult language, but over time, I did note some similarities between the women I dated.

So I am going to give you the things that are, in my experience, very generally the best parts of dating Thai women, and the worst parts, as well.

Advantages of marrying a Thai woman

  • Open-mindedness – Thai women are extremely open-minded about a lot of different aspects of life. As dictated by their culture, they will mostly let you live your life as you see fit. Whether it’s time to go out with the guys or being up to strange shenanigans over the weekend, they are not a judgmental bunch,
  • Sex – The greatest failing-point of a lot of relationships from the West is a lack of sex after getting married. This reputation for withholding sex from their spouse is so infamous that it reaches the far corners of the Asian continent. They often poke fun of Western women for their strange behavior while making sure they are as available to you as possible. Refusing to have sex would be quite counter-productive, after all. They are trying to escape a culture where men are loud and abusive, only to do the same once they get in a relationship.
  • The women are beautiful – By Western standards, a lot of Thai women qualify as models just by their looks alone. Having already gone into how the beauty standards of the country compared to the rest of the world, there’s no need to visit it again. The only thing that can be added, however, is that they generally take care of themselves pretty decently and love men that do the same. Proper grooming when you’re around her is a must.
  • They hate to fight – Remember how getting into an argument with a Thai woman is as easy as snapping a finger? They also tend to lie on the other extreme – making peace with them is also just as easy. Thai women don’t like to dwell on matters for too long, as their default state seems to be making peace with one another, not quarreling.
  • They know how to cook – If you’ve never heard anything about Thai food, you either need to read a lot more or get your more often. Thai recipes are so amazing that they are hard to describe in words. It’s a mixture of spiciness and sweetness that most people don’t think possible at first thought.
thai girl cooking

Food is crazy cheap at any location you can think of, and what’s more, is that the cost of living is incredibly low. Street vendors sell food for such low prices, people from the west are often shocked.

Perhaps the best part of it all isn’t so much that they know how to cook, rather, they like to do it, especially if they are feeding someone close to them.

At first, the food might not appeal to you since you’re used to something completely different. It’s an acquired taste, however. It takes time to get used to it.

Disadvantages of marrying a Thai woman

  • Money – This is the most contentious issue of them all. A lot of Thai women, especially the most modern ones, like to be independent, However, there’s no shortage of women who just want to take advantage of your cash. Some very good-hearted younger Thai women may also be obligated to send money home to support their family.
  • Trust – This point goes both ways. Thai women are, at this point, well-known for being insecure. They don’t trust very easily since Thai men are known to be a promiscuous bunch. On the other hand, a lot of people say you should never trust a Thai woman. We say: generalizations don’t help anyone. People are different. It’s completely up to you to decide whether you trust her enough to enter a relationship with her or not.
  • Communication – A lot of Thai women have at least learned English as a second language. However, a large percentage of them still don’t know a single word of English. If you intend on entering a long-term relationship, you should make an effort to learn some aspects of Thai. Also, encourage her to learn some English so you have a nice in-between where the two of you can meet.
  • Cultural differences – Their culture is very different from what you are used to. The things she does may be shocking to you, and some things you say may end up shocking her; as with all inter-racial relationships. Take time to learn what offends her and teach her how not to tick you off.

Myths About Thai Women


Referred to by all sorts of names – t-girls, ladyboys, katoey (in Thailand) etc. – Thailand supposedly has more of them per thousand of the population than any other country.

While the statistics are pretty hard to compile, mostly due to the lack of sources, most people agree that the country doesn’t really have as many of them as the media would make you think.

If you got your information solely out of movies like Hangover, it would shock you to know that the country has just as many transgender people as the US, for example.

golden buddha

The only real difference is that they are mostly Buddhist and Buddhism treats all relationships the same, whether they are opposite-sex or same-sex. 

They are a lot more open with how they live as compared to most countries, creating the impression that there’s a lot more of them.

Truth: There aren’t any more Transgenders in Thailand than America but you will probably see more.

Thai women are easy (for sex)

This is another one of those myths that simply won’t die. In a country of 30 million, it would just be bad math to lump every single one of them together as being ‘the easiest sex in the world,’ because of false information perpetuated throughout the media.

There is some truth to it, though. With 45 sex workers per 10,000, it’s one of the most famous destinations for sex tourism.

However, a relationship with a regular Thai woman can be one of the most rewarding things you ever experience.

If you put little effort into it, you’ll get little in return. The idea that you can get married to a Thai woman and treat her the way you wish and she will remain faithful to you is simply that – a myth that needs to die.

They do tend to be much easier to please than women from the West, but for a certain amount of effort, expect a certain amount of gratitude in return. You know, like with all human beings.

sexy thai woman

Truth: There are a lot of prostitutes and bar girls in Thailand but be careful not to treat all Thai women like they are prostitutes or you will lose out on dating some amazing, beautiful Thai women.

Sex tourism is for foreigner men

Every year hundreds of thousands of men from the United States, Australia, and the nations of the European Union fly to Thailand searching for love and companionship.

Almost all of them find companionship.  There is a gigantic Thai sex tourism industry and Thai bar girls are all over the place.

The main hubs are in Pattaya, Phuket, and Bangkok. But it would be hard to find a decent-sized city that wasn’t rife with them.

We are not going to heap abuse on guys traveling halfway around the world for sex.

Truth: Commercial sex is deeply rooted in Thai culture and most of the customers in Bangkok’s brothels and short-time bars are actually native Thai men.

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