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Cuban girl sitting on the street

If you’re looking for the absolute personification of female beauty then you won’t have to look any further than just a few miles south of Florida, in the tropical paradise of Cuba.

Although Cuba has long been seen as a harsh Communist regime those days are far behind it, and the borders are open to tourists and foreign investment again. Castro apparently shudders at the thought of the westernization of his beloved Cuba, but that’s progress.

With a population of over 11 million people, Cuba is the most populous country in the Caribbean, and life inside Cuba is very different from external perceptions of it.

You’re also going to find yourself very pleasantly surprised at just how stunning Cuban women are – they have a natural beauty which has to be experienced to be understood.


Cuban Women

Cuban women are very feminine and very curvy – if you’re looking for a lady with a little more “junk in her trunk” then you’ll find plenty of beautiful and voluptuous women in Cuba. With such a mixed ethnicity in Cuba such as Spanish, African and Asian it’s not surprising that some of the women there are quite stunning.

You can also expect Cuban women to be very well educated and able to hold a conversation on a wide variety of topics. If you read a bit about the history of Cuba, you will see that the women dominate the country in as far as working and holding the majority of professional careers.

For example over 65% of all Cuban doctors are women and they make up over 40% of the scientific community too. This means that Cuban women not only have bodies to die for but minds that will keep any man challenged. And their strong independent streak means that they sleep with and live with whoever they choose.

If you like them bright and beautiful then you’ll find it easy to fall in love with a Cuban Yuma.

Sexiest single Cuban women

Although Cuban women do tend to be more career-oriented than most single Latin American women, children are still a major goal for most of them. So if your eventual goal is to settle down and have a family – you are good to go with a Cuban beauty.

If you can remember no other fact about Cuban women then let it be this: never be disrespectful towards a Cuban girl – it’ll kill any chances of romance with her.

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How to Meet a Cuban Woman

The answer is on the internet. Porn and propaganda are banned on the web in Cuba but Internet dating is alive and well, and growing.

It seems Cuban women dream about having a foreign boyfriend. Not unlike women in many other countries. The result of poverty that has been part of Cuban life for too many years means that trying to have enough money to just live is quite difficult. Enter the foreign boyfriend from Europe, Canada, Australia or from wherever.

Citizens of the USA still have problems entering the country and you will need to check with the latest government rulings about that.

All the internet dating rules apply for Cuban girls as it does for every other country.

  • Register with one of the good Latin Dating sites and add your name and some photos.
  • Start conversations with interested girls.
  • Be picky and choosy. You’re running the show.
  • No marrieds, none with
  • Some madams are running businesses that supply prostitutes. Be careful. Try to establish just with whom you are talking.
  • Cam may be difficult as the internet is still growing and has many restrictions and is expensive.
  • How good is her English?

If you are planning to visit the country and want a lovely Cuban woman as your companion, it’s best to follow the above strategy rather than land in Havana with all the difficulties of being in a strange country and the strong possibility of being scammed or conned.

Where Exactly is it?

Cuba is an island country surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. The islands of Jamaica, the Bahamas, Haiti, the Caymans and the Turks and Caicos Islands are its immediate neighbors. The USA entices long distance swimmers who want to make America their home with Florida being rather close to Havana, Cuba’s capital.

The population is only about 11 million and there is some very useful information about the country here. It’s not all about the famous cigars.

Where to Go?

You’re going to be pleasantly surprised if you’re looking for some beach time in Cuba. There are some fantastic beaches to where you can go and get some sun, sand and probably sex. Varadero, Cayo Santa Maria, and Guardalavaca all have resorts, white sand beaches and nightlife.

If you bomb out on meeting a sexy, beautiful Cuban woman you’re still going to have an incredible time on the beaches, swimming, snorkeling and relaxing.

If you did your homework and came to Cuba to meet someone, you’re going to rack up some serious brownie points by taking her to one of these places. The ambiance lends itself to a romantic holiday.

The La Habana Vieja strip is where you will find the bars, clubs and tango houses. Don’t take your girlfriend there dressed like a yobbo in shorts and singlet, they won’t let you in.

A strict dress code applies and if your Cuban miss is looking like a movie starlet, you should dress accordingly. One thing Cuban women share in common with beautiful Brazilian women is dressing to the nines. There is no end to the pursuit of a hedonistic but classy lifestyle in good ole Cuba.

Cuba still remains as a bit of a mystery destination and not as attractive with regards to meeting beautiful women, and because of that, rather than in spite of, the opportunities there are great. If you follow a plan and don’t leave yourself to the dangers of the country, Cuba may cement itself in your memories as the best holiday ever!


As you might expect the vast majority of people in Cuba speak Spanish, although it is slightly different to European Spanish, so you might want to take that into account if you plan on taking Spanish lessons.

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Haitian Creole is the other dominant language on the island, but you can also expect to hear English spoken quite a bit, especially with the number of foreign tourists visiting the country. Then again when you’re speaking the language of love communication barriers tend to just collapse.


The vast majority of Cuban women are Christian, and at least 70% of the population of the country is Catholic by faith. That could lead you to assume that Cuba is an extremely religious country but after the revolution, Cuba became 100% secular, which means there are no strict religious rules and religion isn’t part of their constitution.

This also means there are no religious barriers to Cuban women marrying outside of the Catholic faith, and that Cuban women are also that bit more liberal sexually.

Cuba – The Country

Most Americans and Europeans tend to have the dated outlook that Cuba is an impoverished country, and if you’re basing your opinion purely on the financial strength of a country then Cuba is by no means an economic powerhouse.

With that being said it’s worth paying attention to the fact that Cuba has exceptional healthcare for its entire population, and a free education system for everyone – even going to University is free once you prove you can pass the entrance exams.

This is more than can be said for most of the “rich” western nations.

Getting There

Cuba is widely accessible from a number of other Caribbean countries, so the US embargo on travel is almost pointless. Just remember that it’s technically a crime for a US citizen to visit Cuba, so bear that in mind when traveling.

If you’re uncomfortable meeting your Latina in Cuba simply meet her halfway in Mexico instead. There are already many Cuban hotties living in Mexico but make sure to check out the single Mexican women looking for marriage while you are there.

You can fly to Cuba via José Martí International Airport, which is served by pretty much all of the major international airlines, but many of them only connect from airports in Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean.

Cultural Barriers To Marriage

Because of its rich Spanish heritage, a constant influx of foreign visitors, and an entirely secular religious system, there’s no single reason why you shouldn’t be able to marry a Cuban woman.

For some people, the ‘Cold War’ is still part of their mindset, but for the younger generation of Cuban beauties, they’re more than willing to start their very own ‘Hot War’ with a deserving gringo.

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One final note is that Internet access in Cuba is still limited, so Internet dating isn’t as popular here as it is in most other parts of the world.

Global Dating Rank
  • Sexiness of Women
  • Ease of Communication
  • Ease of Air Travel
  • General Tourist Attractions
  • Nightlife
  • Safety
  • Weather
  • Cost of Living


Miles of white sand beaches, striking architecture, clear blue waters and some of the most sensually beautiful women in the world are all found in the lovely country of Cuba. With an ease on travel restrictions for Americans to this Island, Cuba is an up and coming Global dating destination hot on the heals of more established places like Colombia and Brazil.


  • Amazing culture still unspoiled by tourism
  • Colorful nightlife
  • The Cars!


  • Still not many Cuban women on Global dating sites