International Dating: How To Actually Go Where Women Chase You

International Dating is an amazing opportunity for Western men, but a lot of guys get so overwhelmed with the process that they freeze. They don’t ask the right questions to the right people, end up getting a lot of false information, and finally give up.

This site is here to make sure that provide the basic rules of international dating. It is not complicated.  There are four basic rules for international dating:

  • Do your homework.
  • Make a plan.
  • Show the women you meet that you were worth the wait.

If you are like most of our visitors, you probably stumbled across this site, took one look at the amazing foreign women and said, “I wish I had the guts to do this, but is it too complicated, too expensive, and probably a scam.” 

No!  That is what your last ex-girlfriend would like you to believe, but it is not the case. Whether you are a young guy just looking to meet some beautiful women and learn about foreign cultures or an older guy ready to settle down International dating can work for you.

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There is certainly a learning curve to international dating, and it is almost impossible to get a visa for a woman from one of these countries to visit you, particularly if you are from the United States or Australia.

If you want to meet the beautiful foreign women you see on this page you have to overcome the logistical, cultural, and emotional issues involved in international dating. 

With a little planning it is not that difficult.

Getting Your Passport

passport and map of the world

The first issue that separates international dating from all other sorts of dating is that there are certain legal issues related to foreign travel that you must take care of before you can start practicing your pick-up lines.

You have to have a passport. This is not debatable.

In many countries people get a passport about the same time that they get a driver’s license, not in the United States. Everybody has that friend or third cousin who says, “I ain’t ever leaving ‘Merica!” Well, if they want to meet sexy foreign women they have to get a passport.

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Many Americans live their whole lives without a passport because the United States is a huge country. It has plenty of places for hunting, fishing, beer, and football or even futbol.

Back not so long ago  Americans did not need a passport to visit Canada, Mexico, and some other nearby countries in the Western Hemisphere. Concerns about terrorism end that in 2009.

So, many Americans don’t have passports. Luckily, it is not hard. Yes, you can do it!

Check out this simple page from the United States State Department. It is all pretty straight forward. In most smaller cities the main Post Office can accept the application, which speeds things up, and you should be able to get the photos taken at CVS, which was running a special when I checked.

Getting your passport takes four to six weeks so you do need to plan ahead, but the process is not particularly complicated.

While that is going on you can start thinking about the girls.

Where Do You Want to Go?

Next you should start thinking about where you really want to go on your journey. Which of course means that you have decide which sort of women you are most interested in.

Asian Women For Marriage

Marriages with Asian women, particularly Filipinas, are highly successful according to the research. A lot of this is cultural. Even today most Asian women grew up with the expectation that their purpose in life is to be a devoted wife and mother.

This does not mean they are submissive in the sense that some men on the far edge of the men’s rights movement believe. They are not going to be slaves, but they will listen.

They will try to help their husband and they will push him to become a better husband and father. And generally, Asian women don’t want much interference from their husband about running the house or raising the children on a daily basis.

Often Asian women are not well educated, but that varies widely both among the countries and even within countries. This might not seem like a big deal, but if you don’t love soap operas, action movies, and K-pop it will start to bother you. 

A lot of time foreign men get bored because they just have nothing to talk about with the girls.

Eastern European Women For Marriage

young russian woman

Eastern European women are usually seen as sexy, sophisticated, and well educated. In the cities that is often true but there are tens of thousands of small towns and villages spread throughout the region where that is not going to be as true.

There has been a major rebirth of religion in Russia and Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union that is attractive to a lot of American men. But the Russian party girl stereotype is still alive and well in the big cities.

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The truth of the matter is that Slavic women do often enjoy nightclubs and fine restaurants, particularly in their twenties, but they take their duties as mother very seriously once they have children. So, it just depends on where she is at in her life.

Slavic women are often extremely well educated, probably better educated than Western women in some regards. It is not unusual at all to meet a mechanical engineer who looks like a fitness model or a physicist who looks like she walked off the cover of Vogue.

Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Russian women tend to be extremely well read, and they expect you to have some notion of the Russian classics. They also usually want a man who appreciates classical music and art, which can be a little tough if when you hear the word “classic” you think of the 1980 Sugar Bowl or Tupac’s last album.

Slavic women tend to take more work to convince, because many Ukrainian and Russian men do not like the idea of their women dating foreigners and lots of want to be playboys show up in Odessa and Kiev every year. But it is possible for a good guy to win the hand of a Slavic beauty.

It just takes a little more effort.

Latin American Women For Marriage

pretty latin woman

Latin American women are somewhat in the middle. They really expect to be wined, dined, and feted while dating. Latin America is a land of romance, but it takes a lot of foreign men a while to understand this. 

Nothing is over the top romantically here.

Educationally they tend to be between Asia and Eastern Europe. Sometimes you will run into highly educated women, particularly in Argentina and Chile, but it is not as common as in Eastern Europe.

Once they marry and have kids they tend to become devoutly Catholic, and they expect that their husbands will leave them almost completely in charge of raising the children.

They make great wives, and are drawn to Western men who did not grow up assuming that the first thing a happily married man needs is a mistress.

These cultural issues are all important and the travel issues can be tough too. If you live in Houston a flight to Colombia is about three hours and a flight to Thailand is  eighteen or more.

Amolatina - video dating

Score one for the senoritas!

Also, there is the weather. Traveling to Russia in December is brutal, just ask Napoleon. Latin America and Southeast Asia are nice year round, although parts of China are brutally cold.


travel visa

You also need to be sure about the visa rules for the country you are visiting. Visa’s are a document that the country you are visiting requires you to have before they allow you enter.

If you are unsure about the countries you are planning to visit check out the Henley Passport Index. It’s a great tool, just enter you country, and see if you need a visa for the country you want to visit.

American citizens can visit 174 countries visa free, but forty-one countries do require visas for Americans.

Most of the countries that do require visas, like North Korea and Syria, are not high on the list of destinations for men interested in mail order brides or international dating, but there for two glaring exception – Russia and China.

Getting a Russian visa is an expensive hassle.  China is a little better, but I recommend getting help from Ivisa. They are not expensive and they will help get you through the process without too much hassle. 

Finally remember, you can’t apply for a visa unless you have a passport. That’s why it is so important to get a passport before you do anything else. 

Once you have a passport and some idea of where you would like to visit.  Then you can use an international dating app to meet women you want to meet in person.

The Best International Dating App

Every guy wants to know the best international dating app, but really it is more of a matter of what you are really looking for and what you need to succeed.

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Today there are tons of ways to meet women from around the world. You can meet them on Tinder, Facebook, or other social media, but just meeting them is only part of the battle.

You get absolute no help meeting them from a social media platform or most dating apps, and there are some logistical challenges to that process.

The tips we are providing here will help you regardless of how you first contact the woman, but lets assume right now you want to do more than send electronic messages back and forth, eventually you want to meet them face to face.

That is really where dating sites have an advantage, because the girls on dating sites are explicitly looking for a relationship with a foreign man. That is why they are there, so they are actually excited to see men like you!

Yep, it is amazing when you think about it a little.

So, what is the best international dating site?

Are you interested in the most beautiful girls in the world? I mean Playboy quality women? Is that what is driving you?

Well, if you are really just trying to meet the most beautiful girls in the world there is only one family of sites you should consider…

Anastasiadate, Amolatina, or AsianDate

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These sites are all owned by Social Discovery Ventures.  And for over twenty years they have made an effort to be sure that their sites have the most beautiful women in the world. They do.

There is simply no competition. If you want a chance to meet a perfect ten these are the sites you need to be using.

AnnastasiaDate covers Eastern Europe mostly Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. They have thousands of women from Moscow, Kiev, and Minsk. If you want to meet the most beautiful blonds in the world AnastasiaDate is the place to start.

Amolatina is the SDV site that covers Latin America and they have women who are amazingly hot. If you have a thing for Salma Hayek or Sofia Vergara this is the site for you.

AsianDate covers Asia. They have more sexy Chinese girls than Chairman Mao ever dreamed of and also gorgeous Thai girls.

These sites are a ton of fun, but they emphasize chat – and they charge by the minute. That means that they are also more expensive than other sites. 

Some of the money might flow back to the woman you are chatting with. You can look at that as a scam or as a little justice since it gives women a little cut of the action. You have to ponder that. 

You can meet real women on these sites if you tell them you are going to be in their city. Generally, they will show up and be just as super hot as they were on video chat.  

Anastasiadate, Amolatina, and Asiandate are fun, but you don’t get much help actually meeting a girl. Generally, if you set up a date you will have to pay for a translator, but that is as much help as you will get.

And you need help. Think about it. On any Friday night from Melbourne to Milwaukee the most successful guys are usually not alone. They have a wingman, a buddy, or even a coach helping them stay out of trouble and make the right moves.

Well, in international dating this is doubly true.  It is a lot more complicated than regular dating, but where do you find that sort of help?

A Foreign Affair: The Best International Dating Agency

Most guys need more help than a dating app provides, they need a dating agency, and there is really only one full service dating agency: A Foreign Affair.

A Foreign Affair has been in business since 1995 and has launched more marriages than any other company. Literally thousands of marriages have started on their website.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona they understand what foreign men need, because the two primary owners have been married to Russian women for over twenty years.

They have led literally hundreds of romance tours to countries around the world, and personally helped thousands of successful couples meet.

They have offices and affiliates in something like thirteen countries, and an unmatched level of service.

Even if you meet a woman on a different dating site or a social media platform you should contact AFA for a translator and driver, because they are reliable, professional, and vetted. romance tour video
Check Out This Video and You Will Understand Why AFA is Special!

A Foreign Affair is simply the best international dating agency. There really is not any competition, because no one else offers so many services in so many countries with such a high level of customer care.

Getting There

airplane in the sky

Once you have began communicating with women you are interested in you need to start making travel plans. 

One of the biggest mistakes men make is to start email, chatting, or even talking to a woman and then wait a year before getting on a plane to go see her.

This is insane!

It often dooms a relationship before it even starts and is one of the primary reasons for men believing they have been scammed.

You cannot expect a beautiful woman to simply sit on her hands waiting for you to get off your butt and on a plane.

Part of the reason is that as long as she is on international dating apps other men will be speaking to her, and you cannot expect her to just stop because you say you are coming in six months.

Until she meets you in the flesh, you are still more of a hope than a dream, and certainly not real. 

Believe it or not, the women are just as wary of being scammed as men. They constantly meet liars, braggarts, and losers online.

Yes, many of them have friends who have married great foreign men, but others have friends who have been lied to, cheated on, and sometimes even assaulted by vile men they have met online.

Until they meet you they are never quite sure.

Their friends say, “Oh, sure he owns such a beautiful farm! My cousin met a man who said he was a rancher – a real American cowboy.  No, he was loser! Your farmer will be the same.” 

So, to end this cycle of uncertainty you have to get in front of her personally within six months of first communicating with her. Otherwise you are just asking for failure.

The best way to do this is to take one of A Foreign Affair’s romance tours, because then you can meet the lady you have been communicating with and if that doesn’t work out the trip is not a complete loss because you can still meet hundreds of other women on the tour.

After you’ve decided where you want to go start using one of the great language learning programs available online these days.

Unless, you have a real knack at languages you will not become fluent in a couple of months, but you will impress the women you meet with your seriousness, particularly for tougher languages like Russian and Thai.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to take stock of yourself and spend some time on self-improvement.

You now why your previous relationships failed. Go to the bookstore and check out the self-help section. Read one book that feels like it might be helpful for you.

Will it change your life? Probably not.

Will it help you make a few minor improvements and not stumble into the same mistakes – hopefully. 

Most of the guys who decide to try international dating are good guys who need a little help understanding relationships, and a good self-help book can help in that situation.

It certainly can’t hurt. 


It is not hard to go where women chase you. It just takes a little research and some imagination.

And the payoff can be incredible for a man’s self-confidence, because even if he doesn’t find the love of his life on his first visit he knows that there are women who appreciate him as a potential life partner.

And most guys who really make an effort will eventually find the woman of their dreams.