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Top 10 Countries to Meet Hot Foreign Women

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’re a young, single guy who’s been thinking of doing some foreign travel, especially to cities where meeting hot women is easier than it is in Europe or the United States. The world is a pretty big place though, so we thought we’d help you narrow down … Read more

Drop-dead gorgeous Filipina beauty

Mail Order Brides In The Philippines

Filipinas make beautiful and loyal brides! They have that mix of Asian and Latina looks that gives them an exotic but familiar appeal.  They are loyal to their family and they are loyal to their man. Just take a look at these girls, all looking for a spouse. Ok, so now you’re convinced.  Or maybe … Read more

Hot African babe on the bed

African Mail Order Brides

The average guy in search of a mail-order bride probably doesn’t think about including Africa on his list of potential locations for international dating leading to marriage. There’s no particular reason for this except a lack of information and infrastructure. What we mean by a lack of infrastructure is simply that accessing the Internet in … Read more

Single Man’s Guide to Barranquilla Colombia

Why are There So Many Hot Women in Barranquilla? Barranquilla is neither the biggest, most picturesque, or nor oldest city in Colombia.  It is a business city, sort of Colombia’s version of Chicago.  The climate is oppressively hot and brutally humid, and the nearby beaches, though nice, are not anywhere near the best in Colombia, … Read more

Delightful Peru woman with a nice body

Peruvian Mail Order Brides

Peruvian Girls Are Looking for You! When most people visualize Peru the first image which comes to mind is the mountainous wonder of Machu Pichu. There’s a lot more to Peru than just historic Incan sites though, and with the vast numbers of beautiful Peruvian women usually being of far more interest! A population of roughly … Read more

Cute Costa Rican bikini babe

Costa Rican Mail Order Brides

What is it about beautiful Latino women that lift the typical male’s blood pressure? Asian women have that look of mystery and sweet innocence about them but South American women always look like they are ready to be kissed and dare you to do so. Beautiful Country and Beautiful Women The women of Costa Rica … Read more

Mexican women very beautiful in all black

Mexican Mail Order Brides

The country of Mexico has been getting into the news of late for all the wrong reasons. With drug cartels and illegal immigrants and a murder rate that puts it in the top 10 countries in the world, it makes you think twice about heading to Mexico for a bit of fun and games, a … Read more

Cuban girl sitting on the street

Cuban Mail Order Brides

If you’re looking for the absolute personification of female beauty then you won’t have to look any further than just a few miles south of Florida, in the tropical paradise of Cuba. Although Cuba has long been seen as a harsh Communist regime those days are far behind it, and the borders are open to … Read more

Sizzling hot Colombian bikini babes

Colombian Mail Order Brides

Meeting & Dating Single Colombian Women If you want to surround yourself with some of the most beautiful, friendly and intelligent women in the world then you need to seriously consider taking a trip to Colombia. It’s a fact that Colombian women are among some of the most beautiful in the world. There is good … Read more