10 Tips for Dating Uzbek Girls

Meet Uzbek girls. So many words come to mind. Smart. Beautiful. Conservative. Muslim. Dating an Uzbeki is going to be an adventure.

Most people in the world know Uzbekistan for being one of Russia’s former pawns when the USSR still existed. Despite the economic issues the country still faces today as a result, Uzbekistan is beloved by tourists for being able to offer a glimpse into the past no other country can.

Like any tourist-rich country, however, they have a lot more to offer, especially for guys who have a taste for fine ladies.

One thing that especially fascinates guys is the fact that there are more Uzbek women than there are men. Any guy who visits has an instant advantage right at the moment they arrive.


Foreigners have a lot more advantages too, but before you pack up your bags and travel to a whole new country, here are some tips that will get you well on your way:

1. Uzbek Women Are Very Conservative

Most Uzbek women are a lot more conservative than the average American woman. Their day-to-day lives are largely governed by quite conservative traditions. Such as the man providing for the family, while the woman is supposed to be the emotional one, the caregiver and plays a supportive role in the home.

For instance, most guys today will appreciate that a man in the kitchen is something we’re used to – you can cook your wife dinner if you want to.

However, gender roles are something that has a strong standing in the country. In this case, a man in the kitchen is…unmanly.

If you want to date an Uzbek woman, make sure you can match the same level of conservativeness as them. It’s not something most of them are willing to compromise on. Even if she agrees to it, internally she will still be making judgments. It’s just how she was brought up.

2. Don’t Rush for Sex

While sex before marriage isn’t entirely unheard of, it’s definitely far less common than in most other countries. Even Easy-Going Polish Brides are more likely to want intimacy before those straight-laced Uzbeki girls. This often doesn’t matter very much since most of the women marry almost straight out of high school.


Additionally, dating periods are significantly short when it comes to Uzbek culture. Although their idea of a date isn’t exactly the same thing as in the West.

Here, you meet a girl/guy you like, get to know each other for a few months and finally decide to get married.

At this point, the guy has to go meet the woman’s parents and ask for her hand. It’s a huge commitment that’s not taken lightly in the community.

3. Marriage Might Not Be that Simple

Even so, that’s still simplifying things a bit. Marriage in Uzbekistan depends on a whole lot more other variables than just who you want to be with.

For instance, arranged marriages are still quite common (albeit mostly in small villages in the outskirts of major towns), and the ‘dating culture’ revolves around age and location.

Most people meet each other in school or work environments or through family members.

The country doesn’t have much of a night-life, so meeting someone you just want to have a one-night fling with or meeting someone new without knowing anyone might be a bit challenging.

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4. Make a Good First Impression

First impressions matter a lot anywhere in the world. In countries like Uzbekistan, your value is at least partially determined by how you present yourself.

Due to the conservative and rigid culture in Uzbekistan, how you dress will play an important role in your future relationship, even more than it does with the Courting in other European Countries.

Uzbekistan does not have restrictions on how foreigners should dress, and even local women are not forced to wear head veils, for example. However, conservative dress is the most common throughout the country.

Your ripped jeans may be lucky to your but that’s the impression that’s going to be stuck in your date’s head maybe forever of you, Take pride in your appearance. Wear something with long sleeves or, even better, pick up some traditional Uzbek clothing while there. Think of it as an adventure.

5. Be Confident

It’s been said over and over that the most attractive quality a man can have is confidence. There’s nothing wrong with being a little shy before it all begins, but get used to the groove of things as quickly as possible and start to take charge as soon as you can.

While talking to her – try to really enjoy it. Make yourself shine through the conversations, jump into it and get engulfed by the moment.

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If either one does all the talking and the other person just nods along as the story progresses, it’s not going to be a memorable experience for either party.

An easy way to do this is to pick something you’re enthusiastic about – like a hobby – or try to get her to talk about something she really loves. Most people will be able to sense the enthusiasm in your voice when you’re really into it.

6. Understand Uzbek Culture

When people hear about Uzbekistan being a majority Muslim country, their minds immediately jump to far-drawn conclusions that it must be the same as more extreme countries like Afghanistan and Iraq.

While they are pretty harsh about religion, it’s nothing compared to its much stricter neighbors. According to the stricter countries, women are forbidden from wearing headscarves, even in the mosque, for instance.

First things first, as we mentioned before, Uzbek culture doesn’t have ‘dating’ in the same way Western culture does. To loosely translate it, it’s more like ‘going out’ without really ‘being together.’ It would be pretty hard for a guy to just point out ‘that’s my girlfriend’, for example.

When you’re actually dating an Uzbek girl she’ll expect you to “pursue” her for at least a little while before she falls into your arms. This is purely a cultural thing, so don’t get thrown off by it.

Men are expected to be the head of the household, so she’ll want you to take the lead in the relationship.

Oh, and you’ll need her family’s approval to date her. Trust me, there is no Romeo and Juliet defiance. You really MUST get her family’s approval.

7. Dealing with Religion Issues

Understandably, one of the main concerns a guy from the West is going to have when dating or marrying an Uzbek woman is the differences in religious beliefs.

Ironically enough, being a majority Muslim country does bring about this complication, but their conservativeness is one of the factors that makes them such great wives.

However, if your religious beliefs conflict with their own, there are only two ways about it. Converting to her religion or converting her to yours. Of course, neither one of these is simple.


Uzbekistan has been known to be quite harsh in how it enforces the laws its people are supposed to follow. But if you’re Muslim already, the problem is significantly less severe.

8. You might have to learn a new language

English is nowhere near as popular in the country as it is in Western countries. Even Russian girls speak better English than they do in Uzbekistan.

The younger generations are the exception to the rules. They are more likely to speak English thanks to recent political reforms.

There are numerous dialects of the Uzbek language in use throughout the country. The Tashkent dialect is the official language in the country.

It may perhaps help to say that the kind of women from Uzbekistan who are comfortable with being in relationships with people from the West are most often working professionals like teachers and lawyers.

Considering their positions and education, many of them are very likely to know at least some English.

A not-so-secret secret about dating any foreign girl is to learn her language if you really want her to fall for your hard. Uzbek women are no exception. They’ll find your efforts to get used to it endearing, despite laughing at your terrible pronunciation and all.

9. Don’t Assume She’s Dumb

Another mistake that is way more common than it has any right to be is guys trying to educate women about ‘the outside world.’

Since Uzbekistan is poor and conservative, guys assume any woman they run across will be impressed with their western ways.

Resist the urge to ‘educate’ her with modern concepts and western morality, no matter how provincial her views may seem to you.

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To be fair, that may work in the more rural parts of the county, but in the cities, nearly every single woman can read, write and has access to all sorts of information about the world. In other words, the average woman is both educated and informed.

10. Know What You Can’t Make Fun Of

Humor has always been a good ice-breaker when meeting new people or trying to weigh how comfortable with another person you can get. However, there are limits to how far some jokes can go.

For an Uzbek girl, stay away from anything to do with her family or her country. At least until you know her better.

For a long time, it was mandatory for even women and children to pick cotton during harvesting season as it’s the country’s main export.

It has recently been outlawed, but the people are still pretty sore about the whole ordeal.

That’s a good example of topics you shouldn’t start discussing if you don’t have enough information at your fingertips.