10 Tips for Dating Thai Girls

Thailand is a fascinating country with fascinating women. Thai girls can be challenging but we have 10 tips for nailing the date on the first try.

Many men go to Thailand primarily for the girls. Thai girls are exotic, chic and absolutely a blast to be around.

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There are other great things about visiting Thailand. From having the best massage parlors in the world to the spiciest curry and softest rice you’ll ever eat in your life. But we are going to focus on getting your meeting and dating the girls. We will leave the travel aspect of another article.

If you haven’t spent a considerable amount of time in the country, though, it’s not just something you dive into and get used to overnight. Thai women have a lot of expectations (much the same way you do).

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Understanding the culture and the expectations Thai women have is going to be half the battle. The other half is getting off your tuckus and putting the advice into practice.

Here are 10 tips to get you started right with dating a Thai girl:

1. Don’t worry too much about making mistakes

On the first date, you are bound to do something dumb, with all the murkiness of a whole new culture to explore and all.

Language can be a minor issue but it’s much easier here than in most Asian countries. Philippines is the only place that has Asian girls that are truly fluent in English.

pretty thai woman

For example, if it’s your first time meeting her, don’t go straight for the hug. Even if she doesn’t say it, chances are pretty high she’s going to be uncomfortable.

You’ll need to learn the Thai Wai instead. It’s a bowing gesture that’s used to show respect. If you don’t know how to do it, everyone feels awkward.


You’ll need to learn the Thai Wai instead. It’s a bowing gesture that’s used to show respect. If you don’t know how to do it, everyone feels awkward.

The Wai is actually a little complicated. The depth at which you do it depends on the level of respect. On the bright side, most Thai women are good at shrugging off your ignorance and embarrassing moments like that.

She’ll recognize your efforts and, if she’s a good sport, laugh about it with you later on. The worst you could do is to freeze up. Confidence is always attractive.

2. Thai Woman Want to Date a Farang

What the hell is a ‘farang’, you might ask? Well, that’s a tough question to answer because it’s not as clear cut as one might hope.

Simply put, it means foreigner. Put into context, it might be either offensive or a typical word used to describe someone who is (clearly) not a local.


Unfortunately, most people don’t put a lot of effort into what they look like and the result is endless stereotyping. That’s when the offensive side of the word ‘farang’ comes into play.

A typical farang apparently has nothing in his wardrobe other than a tank top, sandals and cargo shorts. If you’re off to the beach, it’s fine. But turning up for a date dressed like that? You will look like a sex tourist who isn’t used to proper date etiquette.

Still, if you hear someone use the word farang, don’t assume it’s a negative context. It may just be a neutral term.

3. Be a gent and pick up the tab

Thailand, with all its spectacular metropolitan cities and amazing infrastructure, is still nowhere near the same heights the US has achieved today.

It’s still considered a developing country.

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Above all else, chances are quite high that your date doesn’t make nearly as much money as you do. When you take her out, be a proper gent and take care of the bill.

Of course, some women are different, and if she asks to split, you should oblige.

Don’t count on that too much, though. That’s far more likely to happen in a western country than in Thailand.

Truth is, most Asian women are traditional and even if they have money, they will expect you to do your manly duty.

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The exception to this might be if she wants to prove that she isn’t one of those traditional women.

4. Avoid Public Displays of Affection

Few other countries have as loose an attitude towards public displays of affection as say, Latin countries. Or even western ones.

For instance, in the US, seeing people making out openly in the street isn’t something surprising.

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In Thailand, it will get you all manner of judgemental stares and maybe even one or two old ladies calling you out of ‘improper behavior.’

In the big cities, they won’t be quite as shocked. But in a more rural province area, it could cause quite a stir.

Nobody gives much of a fuss what the two of you do in the privacy of your own rooms, but don’t expect her to give you even a kiss out in public. It doesn’t mean she just doesn’t like you, It’s just something they don’t do in Thailand.

And you might say you don’t care what people think. But she probably does. It’s just the way she was raised.

5. Invite a friend

Getting a proper date in Thailand is somewhat affected by your value towards the family and the community.

And what better way to impress said community than to feed them? Well, no. Not exactly. Thing is, though, that when taking a Thai girl out, she might want to take a friend of hers or two along.

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This might be as a chaperone. It might be for safety. Either way, it’s as important to show goodwill towards her family and friends…as it is to her. Maybe even more so.

One of the many things that make up a man in Thailand’s value is his ability to provide for and spend on his woman. (Don’t think this is just for farang)

Amolatina dont go out

You might think: ‘Hey, isn’t that just systematic gold-digging approved by the community?’ Put aside western culture for a minute. It’s not like it’s a one-sided transaction with the girl just being a parasite. There are lots of expectations for the woman, too.

Taking care of a woman on a date is meant to demonstrate the ability to support her and kids in the future.

6. A friend will likely tag along anyway

Here’s one of the oddest bits about dating in Thailand. Even if you don’t invite on of her friends to come to join you guys, chances are pretty high one of them will anyway, especially on the first date.

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The typical way farang handle this is to politely decline on the first date and maybe accept on the second date.

This may seem odd, given the previous point, but you also don’t want her to think you’re a pushover.

A lot of people just blindly accept, given the fact that Thailand is very, very cheap and doesn’t cost them much.

7. Don’t expect quick sex if she’s a good girl

If you’re the kind of person that wants to date a Thai woman, you’ll need to understand that they are very conservative in almost every aspect of their lives. (Note: We are talking about regular ‘good girls’ here, not bargirls).

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For that reason, you may not have much luck trying to get her to sleep with you on the first date… or the second… maybe even the third, depending on how lucky you are and the woman herself.

Thai people tend to regard intimacy with more importance than the average Westerner.

8. Don’t expect her to quickly profess her love for you

There are two crucial aspects of this that you will absolutely need to get before you expect a girl you’re going out with to be all over you, telling you she loves you.

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First of all, Thai women don’t like disappointing men and they avoid conflict at all costs. This is a common theme in Asia but particularly so in Thailand.

She won’t tell you if she’s not into you and will likely ‘ghost’ you rather than tell you a second date is not on the table.

On the other hand, the fact that girls are not supposed to be ‘easy’ also means that even if she’s interested in you, there will be a bit of hesitation before she says yes.

This is why it becomes important to read her body language. If she seems happy and cheery after the date, you did well.

9. Be careful with who you date

Men, being men, will jump at the first opportunity to take a beautiful woman out for a cup of coffee or something of the sort in the hopes it blossoms into something more. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. But you should be careful with the kind of woman you pick for a future partner.

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A society where men are expected to be the sole bearers of the crushing burden of supporting a household also creates conditions ripe for exploitation.

The men at the top get more women, but in the process attract all manner of scammers and naughty girls as well.

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Their beauty standards are such that women with fairer skin are considered more attractive than those with darker skin.

‘Higher class’ women are a lot more costly to maintain than the rest because of the kind of expectations their environment has led them into having.

Not only that, their family has higher expectations of her, as well.

10. Don’t take her to that fancy restaurant just yet

What better way to show how classy you are or can be than to take that woman you’re now head over heels for to that super expensive restaurant, right? Eh, not so much. Or at least not on the first date.

If her friends tag along on the second date, you might have to make a last-minute change of plans.

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The kind of place you take her on the first date sets the tone for what she’s going to be expecting from you in the future.

A lot of times, too, setting the bar too high on the first date makes her regard her as one of those farangs looking for a girl they can sponsor.

Sponsoring means a boyfriend who goes back to his country and sends her money to live on while he isn’t in the country.

If you go super cheap, she will lose interest. If you go super expensive, she might see you as trying to buy her. Stick with something affordable. And, for god’s sake, remember most girls like Thai food.

If you take her to an expensive steak place, not only will she think you are showing off but she probably won’t even LIKE that Wagyu steak and expensive wine.