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Asian Dating Sites are more popular than ever. Both Asian women looking for American men as well as foreigners looking for an Asian girlfriend or wife.

We give you the 10 best Asian dating sites. Some of them are free dating sites. All of them have earned a place among the top Asian dating sites on the internet. And some of the best places for men and women to find love.

Composed of over 4.3 billion people, Asia comprises of 55.1% of the world’s population. Of those, roughly 49% are connected to the internet, and also make up about half of every person that visits the internet every day.

If statistics are anything to go by, about 43% of the world’s population is willing but as yet unmarried and single.

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Aside from sheer size, Asia offers a lot of different opportunities that no other continent in the world can. For starters, the greater the population, the greater the diversity. Thai and Vietnamese women, for instance, are insanely popular with Westerners for a whole number of reasons.

Regardless of your race, as long as you’re preferably looking for Asian singles from any part of China, Vietnam and beyond to spice up your life, are interested in Asian culture or something about the continent’s women just draws you, there’s something on here for you. Hopefully, you will find your perfect match.

We also have a full list of the best International Dating Sites on the internet (not just Asia). Or just the best Latin Dating Sites if you like.

Lastly, if you want to actually get serious about an Asian girl, you need the info we lay down on Asian Brides. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s all about dating as well as marrying that hot Asian girl.

But enough delay, here are the 10 best Asian dating sites you’ll find anywhere on the interwebs.


Asiandate is an essential site when it comes to the world of online dating. This is so because unlike most other sites that focus on the courting aspect of dating, this one is like the Asian version of eHarmony. It’s more specifically for people looking to get married, rather than a casual fling.

Amolatina dont go out

First things first, this site runs on a credit system. You have to buy coins in order to read and send messages, make calls and read emails. A good thing to remember from this point forward is that any site that relies on such credit systems are a lot more expensive than normal sites since everything costs coins – read money.

Most of the women on here are based in China and don’t speak English, so the translation feature is going to be really essential.

The translation feature isn’t great, but the site scans every single text you send and scraps away identifying details like emails and phone numbers. No system is perfect, however, and if you’re clever enough, they should be easy to get past.

The only real advantage of the credit system is it’s possible to filter out women who don’t seem interested almost immediately.

So we don’t like the credit system but we love everything else about the site. It’s a great place to meet Asian women.

Rating: 9/10

2. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossom is by far the oldest and most renowned of Asian dating sites free of charge on the internet. It has been around for as long as anyone can remember and is likely the first site anyone will run into while on their search.


As far as Asian dating websites go, the Cherry Blossoms dating site has a decent amount of love going for it. The first thing most people instantly fall in love with is their search function.

Unlike other sites whose search is solely based on the name you’re looking for, Cherryblossoms indexes every single thing that’s visible publicly.

The end result is a very searchable database based on a whole lot of different variables. Think of it as a search engine for your potential partner.

The site isn’t short on features, either.

One interesting thing that’s missing from every other site is the ability to rate different people according to your preferences or ‘bookmark’ them in order to visit them at a later time. You can then opt into receiving different matches based on your ratings and the people you’ve bookmarked.

The chat feature included within the app is pretty intuitive and thoughtful. If used right, it can be very engaging. It allows for sending emails, video messages or even starting a live chat.

Is it free?

Which brings us to the fact that Cherry Blossoms is not, in fact, a free dating site. Basic features like viewing profiles and signing up are, of course, free, but more advanced features like the video chats are competitively priced to prevent abuse.

Best of all, what helps this site stand out more than any other is the fact that it has nearly the same number of women as all the others combined. This leads to a great pool of diversity to choose from and definitely makes up for the price. Cherry blossom dating is quite a unique experience on the web.

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Rating: 7.5/10

3. Pinalove is fun website where people from all over the world can meet people from the Philippines either for casual hookups, friendships or long-term relationships.

Whereas other sites try to set themselves apart using large numbers of users, this site prides itself in the fact that they are able to offer professional features almost totally for free.

It does come with a free and premium version, but standard members are allowed to get in touch with other members using a lot of the available features already. For instance, you can begin texting right away or emailing whenever you wish. However, if you need to make a video call through the site, for example, you will need to snatch up the professional version.

One downside of the site, however, is that it does not feel as professional as a lot of other sites out there.

For once, since everyone is responsible for entering their own details, most people just leave them blank or provide bland details about themselves. This makes finding someone you can strike up a conversation with disappointingly difficult.

This also leaves the site at the mercy of spammers and scammers, though, for the most part, the automated system does a decent job of digging them out and keeping you safe.

Despite the lack of users and the not-so-professional presentation of the website, Pinalove gets extra points for actively keeping away known scammers. Since it’s an automated system, it can get out of hand once in a while and flag innocents, but it’s pretty reliable for the most part.

Rating: 7.4/10

4. AsianDating

Previously known as Asian Euro, this site has also been around for quite a while, or at least the parent company has. It’s a cupid dating site, meaning it’s in the same network as all other sites owned and operated by Cupid Media Network, including JapanCupid and VietnamCupid,

For which reason, shares a lot of characteristics and features with the other sites owned by the parent company. For one, the database.

All sites combined, it has over 2.5 million members and counting, which some people might consider cheating, but the fact of the matter is that no other Asian dating site comes close to the kind of diversity it offers.

Another thing that really makes this site stand out is its pricing model. Unlike, which uses a dreaded micro transaction-based system, this one is subscription-based.

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Those who have used sites like OkCupid and Tinder should feel right at home on this website. Granted, the design isn’t as refined, but it’s definitely decently usable.

Rating: 7.4/10

5. Filipino Cupid.

As the name suggests, Filipino Cupid is part of Cupid Media’s vast network. It shares a lot of features with similar sites. And features mostly people interested in Filipina dating,

In a somewhat unusual move, the Philippines cupid allows you to send and receive text without having paid for the professional membership. Considering just how money-hungry these sites can get, this is an interesting change from the norm.

A few features are also locked behind the lock of professionalism, though. Video calls and improved texting features great features to have if you want to get more personal with your potential date.

Considering all this, the prices charged are higher than those on the sister site,, despite containing almost completely similar features. There are about five thousand active users at any time on the site, so there’s plenty of people to talk to, even for the pickiest of the pickiest. has one of the most generous free tiers there is out there, qualifying it as an excellent free dating site.

Unlike most sites under the Anastasia umbrella, these have thankfully dumped the credit system.

However, even as far as Filipino dating goes, this site is yet to find the same footing as some of its more mature counterparts.

Rating: 7.2/10

6. Thaifriendly

Thaifriendly is an eye-catching site that, as the name suggests, helps you get a date from Thailand. As far as organization goes, the site is extremely well-structured and easy to navigate.

Create a profile, find matches and away you go. The biggest let-down, however, is the fact that as compared to other sites, it lacks some rather important features.

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It comes with a free membership that’s relatively usable, but people coming from Western-based sites like Tinder may feel a beat cheated by the deal since it’s extremely limited.

However, the site claims to have over 500,000 active members. Every time you log in, there are tons of people ready to chat with you.

However, sorting through the myriad of profiles you’re bombarded with is a real hassle. It doesn’t have advanced filtering mechanisms like those found in Cherry Blossoms but they are pretty lovely to look at, at least.

What helps the site more than anything is the fact that nearly every member has uploaded professional shots of themselves, despite the rather bland view they are presented in.

Thai friendly is even more friendly on the pocket since, as it seems, the missing array of features like video calls and translation, have been given up for simplicity’s sake.

The premium version does offer some of these crucial features, and we really want to love it since the creators have tried so hard, but it still feels like it has a long way to go.

Rating: 7/10


As far as dating sites go, date in Asia is definitely one of the most popular. It’s been ranked as one of the most trafficked sites in the dating category according to Alexa. If you’re curious why, the site is no strings attached free, kinda.

Rather than having you pay for their services, which are relatively basic in the grand scheme of things, you will be bombarded with ads at every click of the mouse. Sadly enough, this only opens the platform further to fake profiles, fake people and lots and lots of scams. It’s fairly common, so be on the lookout.

Secondly, you will need to provide your phone number when signing up and confirm it. With the kind of shady dealings that happen on the internet, even with well-known service providers like Facebook, this is a rather intrusive practice.

Date in Asia is, however, a very decent international dating service once you’re able to dig through all the dirt and use it properly. Their database is very comprehensive and the female:male ratio is so respectably high that most guys would have a grand time on the site.

Pro Tip: A prerequisite of using is to have a burner phone and an ad blocker.

Rating: 7/10

8. VietnamCupid

Vietnam is one of the most popular countries on the continent for western men looking for a good wife. For which reason, Asian ladies dating someone from America or Europe has become a lot more acceptable.

VietnamCupid isn’t your typical Viet dating site, still, however. It prides itself in being a mail order bride site with the same form and appearance as modern dating sites. In essence, everything is the same as you’d expect. Only the men seeking beautiful women do so with the intent of possibly visiting the country and marriage.

The site does an excellent job of helping guys meet the women. Especially given the fact they work to eliminate fakes, repeat profiles and scammers. However, they don’t arrange trips to Vietnam themselves, which is a total bummer, but workable.

Don’t get too excited too fast, however.

Like typical dating sites, it allows you the pleasure of pursuing every profile completely free. However, you’ll have to pay up if you want to start sending texts.

Not that expensive credit system popularized by Anastasia, but an affordable price on par with the services a lot of people are already used to.

A professional membership also comes with the advantage of new features like access to the emailing system, live video calls, and automatic translation.

Again, don’t expect the translation services to be on par with what Google offers, but it’s almost immediate, so a few wordy mistakes are worth looking over.

All in all, Vietnamcupid is decent enough to be used by people used to the dating scene but not the most friendly option for newbies.

Rating: 7/10

9. Korean Cupid

Korean Cupid’s first advantage is that it runs under the Cupid Media umbrella. This has invariably led to a more diverse user group than expected.

Therefore, guys exclusively looking for Korean women may find themselves lost in a trove of Chinese and Japanese women, too, since the site shares databases with its brothers.

The site’s usability is entirely dependent on whether or not you are willing to pay for either gold or platinum membership.

Unless you are platinum, you are going to notice a not-so-subtle push towards paying for the most expensive tier. This includes pervasive restrictions on the number of people you can text or call.

As you’d expect with this kind of pricing model, the more you pay, the more likely you are to get noticed by other profiles. This is considering the fact that you have a lot more at your disposal than ordinary free members, too.

The most useful features (translation, video calls, etc.) are reserved for platinum members. This includes being able to freely provide contact information without getting flagged by the system.

Our big pet peeve with Koreancupid is that it’s not exactly what it’s panned out to be. For one, it’s not exclusively for Korean dating, so its name and advertisement are misleading.

Additionally, nearly all the useful features have to be paid for, effectively making it a really huge black hole for your resources. It does get pretty fun to use once you’re up there. But if you’ve sacrificed that much money and still don’t end up with a date, things can get pretty frustrating.

Unless you have money to burn, have an affordable and relatively flexible budget before diving in.

Rating 6.8/10

10. Japan cupid

Japancupid is a lot like Korean Cupid. Except they claim to offer more specialized services to those looking to get married to singles from Japan. Like many sites under the cupid umbrella, however, it’s not that straightforward.

The meat of it is that to get anything remotely usable on this site, you will have to upgrade your membership to either gold or platinum. You can filter different profiles according to your interests. But there’s not much else to be done with the free tier of this site.

It’s not a bad site, overall, but Cupid Media could do a much better job of opening up the platform and making it friendly for newbies.

Rating: 6.8/10

Chn Lovesite, now being redirected to, is supposed to be ‘the Chinese dating site of Chinese dating sites’. Apparently, they have more Chinese women on their platform than any other non-Chinese site on the internet.

Still, the only way to describe the is like a mobile game whose sole source of revenue is microtransactions. And they make you spend as much as you possibly can in the process.

Part of the Cupid Network, this site doesn’t really pretend to offer you unique profiles that are Chinese. Names and pictures are shared freely across sites.

The only difference being these women are a lot more eager to talk and laugh at your obviously-horrible jokes. Ok, well MY jokes are pretty bad. Maybe yours are better.

The more you talk to them, the more it continues to feel they aren’t really interested in the conversation. But they do want to keep those credits flowing.

They even provide help with Visa applications for China. That’s a plus. However, as is always the case with any dating site online, if you’re really willing to go down that road, the less money you invest, the better.

ChnLove might not be the best site to find your next partner. Unless you are well-heeled and have tried the other sites already.  It’s not terrible. It’s just expensive and not especially amazing.

Rating: 6.4/10

Honorable mentions:

What review about Asian women dating foreign men would be complete without a site that’s everywhere on the international dating scene?

It’s not as nice as some people would like. But certainly has a lot of Asians and non-Asian on it. People not necessarily tied down to Asian women would have an enjoyable experience on here.


East meets east is pretty famous within the U.S. They have brought together over 10,000 different couples from around the globe. It’s been marketed as a matchmaking service for people of Asian descent who are looking for others of the same race looking for something serious. Although most people on the platform are from the U.S., it connects people from all Asian countries – Vietnam to China.

Interracial Cupid

Serious lack of creativity (or otherwise research) when picking the name of their site. Any race other than Asian would count as interracial.

Still, this site serves black people looking to get into a relationship with an Asian woman. It’s an interesting premise but a rather bland execution of the same. Once again, the most useful features are only available to paying members.