Petite Asian Girls – Why You Should Meet One ASAP

Meeting and dating a cute Asian girl is something most guys can only dream about. We will tell you how and where to make this dream real.


Western guys have always been attracted to Asian women. Above all else, they are a lot more feminine than the kind of women usually available in Western countries.

Thanks to genetics, they are, on average, much smaller than Western women. And often softer-spoken, too.

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Luckily for us guys, the number of insanely cute women in Asia far surpasses the total number of Western guys. And the great thing about it all – Asian women are just as attracted to Western men as western men are to them.

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Hollywood makes American life (and all western life, to a degree) seem bigger than it really is. And even Asian media in China, for example, often follow suit.

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For instance, a lot of Chinese people believe there are no poor people in America. And France is often portrayed as a perfect city. No dirt, no beggars, everyone is rich, etc. If you’ve never heard of Paris Shock Syndrome, it’s a rare but extreme reaction that occurs when some Japanese people meet French culture:

Many of the visitors come with a deeply romantic vision of Paris – the cobbled streets, as seen in the film Amelie, the beauty of French women or the high culture and art at the Louvre.

Back on topic, here are some of the reasons that make petite Asian girls so deliciously awesome.

What Makes Tiny Asian Girls so Attractive?

They are as feminine as they come

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There are petite women in every country. But Asians have something special going for them and that’s their amazing genetics. An average Asian girl is petite by the standards of most western countries. And their petite girls are absolutely tiny!

I am actually sitting here, while I type this, looking at my Filipina girlfriend who is 30 years old and all of 32kg (roughly 70 pounds) and 5′ tall.

Asian features are often softer and younger looking than western men. Their jawlines less pronounced, for instance. And their eyes look like innocent pools of untouched ink. They also have less sharp bone structures and are slimmer. Low levels of obesity throughout the continent do a great job in helping them look younger, fitter and sexier.

On average, however, they do tend to have smaller hips and less curvy bodies, especially when compared with others like Latinas who are just gifted with everything. Like was mentioned before, though, Asian girls can rock their petite look better than anyone in the world. The result: younger-looking faces, tighter skin and so much femininity they don’t even have to try.

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Asian girls do their best to look young.

In America, women want to be taken seriously in their careers. Looking young threatens that. So while western women may try to look nice, they often struggle to find common ground between their looks and their outlooks. Asian women, for the most part, are supported by their cultures in pursuing a youthful appearance.

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So they want to look young. You can see it in the difference between makeup styles and products. Western makeup aims for a natural look, while Asian makeup often has a dewy, moist, youthful goal.

My current girlfriend (30 years older, remember) has been carded when trying to buy alcohol in the west.

They care about their looks – a lot

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A lot of guys find themselves drawn to Asian women and they don’t even realize why. For most guys, that would be because Asian women are really careful in the way they present themselves to the world.

They are always clean and their skin looks flawless every time they step out of their houses. Some of them even have a characteristic smell they like to consider their personal smell.

Asian women are also blessed with thick, wavy locks of hair that falls into place quite easily. As you might guess, a lot of time is taken into maintaining it, but it greatly helps that it doesn’t dry up or wrinkle as easily as most other hair. The result adds to their incredible beauty.

Especially their beautiful skin

asian beauty

Another unique characteristic that arises from their genetics is their avoidance of the sun. They have pretty sensitive skin that’s usually paler than most Americans’, for example. The sun thus damages it quite easily, and they have to avoid harmful UV rays like vampires.

Much like America at a point in the recent past, they also consider tanned skin to be a feature of the working class. So keeping their skin paler is a sign of beauty, status and wealth.

This leads to a thousand and one different creams, soaps and even controversial glutathione injections to make their skin whiter. In some countries, such as the Philippines, girls will even carry umbrellas around all day. This isn’t for rain, it’s to block the sun from getting to their face.

Asian women love fashion

asian fashion

Asian women are slaves to local and international fashion trends. Fashion events are very popular in Asia, throughout the year. And you can bet the average Asian girls does their best to attend at least one of these events.

At a minimum, they follow the trends quite closely. In a room full of people, they will often be the best-dressed. And regardless of whether they are going somewhere fancy or just taking a stroll in the park with you.

They have an exotic appeal

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A lot of guys are attracted to Asian girls because they have never been exposed to Asian culture or beauty. This exotic factor helps them stand out in a group of people who are otherwise pretty used to each other.

And this goes both ways. An American in any part of Asia is considered the exotic one, and women often flock around them for this reason. The kind of beauty they offer is so rare that they will be stunning and stand out among any group of women.

An Asian woman living in America might not give you a second look. But the same girl, living in Asia, might be the one approaching you.

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Petite Asian Mail Order Brides

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Asian girls have remained largely desirable to men all over the world for decades on end for a number of reasons. On the flip side, they actively seek out men from the West for similar reasons. It all boils down to culture and preference.

Asia is a huge place. It is the biggest continent in the world, after all. There are millions of different kinds of women spread out all across Asia. All looking for different things. And all with their own personal preferences in men and foreigners for different kinds of reasons.]

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A lot of these are interested in dating someone from outside their country, especially someone from the West, which puts you at a great advantage.

A lot of the cultures in Asia are also used to arranged marriages. Or even to being mail order brides. So putting the two together, meeting a cute, petite Asian woman who wants to marry a western guy, is as easy as pie.

Best Countries For Size-0 Asian Women

All of the Asian countries have beautiful single women. But when it comes to supercute, elfin women, there are 3 Asian countries that stand out.


The US isn’t currently in the best of terms with China for political reasons. That isn’t stopping westerners from going to China and meeting cute Chinese girls, though.

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You’ve probably heard about the country’s long-standing one-child policy. What you probably haven’t heard is that it resulted in one of the largest gender gaps in the world.

There was a lot of selective abortion in favor of boys. In the end, a society based on valuing boys more than it does girls leads to a lot of women wanting something different. A big plus if you speak Mandarin.


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The Philippines currently stands as one of those countries that have heavily embraced Western culture. One of the effects of these is that English is quite widespread, so you don’t necessarily have to worry about learning the local dialects.

The women are also quite receptive to the idea of getting together with a foreigner. Many reasons contribute to the success of Filipina and Foreigner relationships. Western media influence, colonization, wealth differences, cultural similarities and more.


cute thai woman

Thailand is currently renown for having the largest population of commercial sex workers in the world. This is pretty unfortunate since the locals are extremely friendly and a lot of women are constantly on the lookout for a guy to fall in love with.

They aren’t usually very tall, like most Asians, and almost never fat. Some of that is the fish based diet and some of it is an infusion of Chinese blood into the genetics.  Getting someone overweight in Thailand is pretty rare.


Perhaps best of all, Thai women are excellent cooks. If you’ve never eaten Thai food, you’re missing out on a lot of life’s pleasures. Meeting a sexy Thai woman who can cook is a great way to spend the rest of your life.

Marrying a Cute Asian Girl

Asians have been viewed as being more feminine than the West since the invention of literature, over the course of the 300-year colonization of the continent. There’s definitely some amount of truth to the statement. Asian women are a lot more feminine. But what other reasons are there to genuinely want an Asian bride?

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It’s pretty hard to try and squeeze over a thousand different cultures into one generalized view of the whole continent, accounting for about five billion different personalities.

We thus majorly concentrate on the most popular destinations for men looking for foreign brides. Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines, China, and India. Even then, the cultural experiences are pretty diverse.

Keep in mind that every single girl you come across is going to be different. Try as you might, it’s pretty difficult to assume all women from a certain region are going to fit a certain expectation. They are not going to share the same personality traits or culture, even within the same country. For instance, China is pretty large. People who live in the North have completely different traditions (and language) from those living in the East and South.

Fun And Family

asian family

Most of the women you will encounter if you ever decide to go on a trip to various parts of the continent are fit, fun and sweet girls. They are incredibly fun to be around, and even more, fun to go out with. There is nothing more important than them than family, which, as ironic as it may sound, is both a blessing and curse.

It’s a blessing since a lot of them won’t mind staying at home to care for it and make sure everything is in order. What man doesn’t want that? On the other hand, it can also be scary because her family is now your family. Big caveat, that’s not always true, it depends on the country and the individual, of course.

You’ve probably heard about stories of the bride’s family moving in with you after you get married. As convenient as it may be, culture plays a pretty big part in any interracial relationship

Traditional roles

With the changing times, it’s a lot easier to find Chinese women who believe in traditional gender roles than it is in, say, America. Especially in the more rural areas, it’s not hard to find a lovely woman who has no problem cooking for her man and taking care of the kids while the guy takes care of everything else.

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However, a great part of China has been affected by Western culture. A lot more women expect more equality in marriage than those that will bend over backward to their husband’s will.

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On which note, the key to a successful relationship with an Asian woman is to find someone that shares the same relationship goals and expectations as you do. Finding a woman that wants to conform to traditional roles isn’t too hard.

As long as it’s what both of you want, there should be no problems in the relationship. I know this is a bit of a mixed message but the end result is that there’s a variety of outlooks and there is a pretty even mix of traditional and modern worldviews.

Are Asian Girls Tiny or Are Westerners Just Big?

It really depends on how you want to look at it. The average height of an American man is 5’9.4″, and in the UK, it’s 5’9.1″. This is pretty far off from China’s 5’6.3″, Japan’s 5’6.4″ and Cambodia’s 5’3.1″ (they have the shortest people in the world, on average).

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Additionally, the US is known to have one of the largest obesity rates in the world. Many other Western countries aren’t too far behind.

Considering the fact that there are a lot more Asians in the world than there are Westerners, it’s perfectly reasonable to conclude Western people are just bigger than Asians. This fact drives Asian women wild. They are fascinated by tall guys. Just like pretty much every other woman in the world. This works to a lot of guys’ advantage since what would be considered short at home is above average height in a lot of Asia.

But the real benefit here is to shorter guys. Because a guy that’s 5’7″ will still be tall standing next to a tiny, 5 foot tall, 90 pound Asian cutie.

Disadvantages of petite Asian girls

The main downside to dating a petite Asian girl is that they usually try a little too hard to be taken seriously.

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Because of their size, people often dismiss their opinions simply on the basis of their size. This leads to them developing pretty combative personalities. Getting into an argument with one of them is a pretty messy affair.

Most of the time, however, they are the sweetest, friendliest people you will ever come across. And even if they aren’t, they are so cute, you won’t care.