10 Tips for Dating Fiery Spanish Girls

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Spanish girls are amazing on many counts. Killer dance moves, amazing food, curves that go on for days and passion that’s almost impossible to match.

Dating a Spanish woman is one of the most fun things you’ll ever experience because they are always down for a party and constant fun every moment of the day.

With one of the largest tourist populations per year, people are attracted to the perfect weather, the flawless beaches, and, of course, the beautiful women.

As it turns out, though, dating her isn’t a walk in the park. Cultural differences run deep and just a few things can make or break your relationship.

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This post should help enlighten you on what the most important things to her are. You can avoid the most common mistakes guys making when dating a Spanish woman.

1. Get Close to Her Family

To almost every Spanish woman, her family is an intrinsic part of her life.

It’s probably not in the same way you’re close to your family – where you call home once in a while and go visit over the weekends.

Nearly every big decision she makes has to go through her family in one way or another.

Get along with her mom. Tell her you love her food and compliment her dress, bust out your limited football knowledge (European football that is) and be ready to either bandwagon or have a friendly argument for hours on end with brothers and father.

Maybe even learn how to play a game of FIFA on a console if you don’t know how. Football is an incredibly large part of their culture.

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2. Be Ready to Handle Her Fiery Passion

Spanish girls didn’t rise to the notoriety they have today because of moderation. Oh, no. The Spanish are known for being intense in literally everything they do.

And relationships are not an exception. Only hot blooded Brazilian girls can even come close to competing in terms of temperament.

A lot of guys brush it down with the classic, ‘eh, how bad can it be?’ Well, if you’re not in the right state of mind, it might as well be the hardest thing you’ve done in your life.

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Be ready for constant phone calls many times a day and long long discussions about otherwise mundane things.

If you’re already feeling tired, then don’t even get into a fight with her. The typical Spanish woman is both loud and knows how to win an argument.

There’s no chance in hell you can compete with the flurry of hand gestures she has in store for just the occasion.

If a fight seems to be getting out of hand, don’t raise your voice, don’t escalate things.

Stay calm and try to let her do her thing without getting sucked into the whirlwind.

3. Don’t Expect Her to Be ‘On’ All the Time

While Spanish women are known to be a fiery lot with a flame that’s somehow impossible to extinguish, don’t expect her to be all over you all the time.

A lot of guys go wrong when a woman they meet doesn’t meet the expectations they’ve set for her. Just trying to make sure we didn’t set your expectations TOO high with that last point.

Just like everyone else, she’s going to have her up and down days. What’s really going to set you apart from her other admirers is that you are going to be able to accept some moodiness.

She may have quiet days when nothing is going quite right and she doesn’t feel like being touched. Respect that and you might just crack the code.

It’s tough but patience pays off with Spanish women.

4. Get a Gym Subscription

No, really. It’s not so much about a macho culture. That’s been dwindling in modern Spanish culture. It’s more about how all over the place she is.

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She may want you to help her with numerous things all over the day, and you can bet your ass you’ll need a lot of stamina if you’re going to get all of that done.

Maybe, more importantly, dancing takes a lot more energy than you may think. Prepare your body for the most laborious thing you’ve ever done.

If she’s a dancer, then you’re in for quite a time. Just start hitting the gym and going for those runs every morning. Trust me, you’re going to need it.

And we are talking about Endurance here, not just being the biggest guy around.

Spanish girls need both physical and mental endurance.

5. Be a Traditional Gentleman

While you’re going to have expectations of her being a lady, she’s also going to need you to be a gentleman.

You should either try to match her displays of affection with your own or exceed her efforts. But don’t think you can just go all out.

You don’t want to outdo her by too much or you may look desperate or simply make her feel uncomfortable that she has to do more.

Little things like picking the tab after the meal, surprising her with tickets to go see her favorite shows or getting her chocolate on days other than Valentines are all little ways to keep her excited about being in a relationship with you. Never let a Spanish girl get bored.

6. Don’t Rush Her

While Spanish women are known to be all over the place at the worst of times, they are also certainly not in a rush to give up their exciting life and settle in for the long term too quickly.

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If she says she’s not ready to settle just yet, you will have to decide if you want to stick around for the long haul.

Trying to rush a woman like that into giving in will just lead to her dating both you and other guys on the side as she ‘test the waters.’

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And if you think you might as well try it on the side, you need to be really sure she is going to be cool with it. You don’t want to get on a Spanish girl’s bad side.

7. She’s Going to Be Late, Get Used to It

Spanish women are known for being passionate about everything. Well, except being on time. maybe.

It seems those Spanish ladies run on a whole different clock that’s constantly an hour or more behind.

Between getting themselves ready for the date and making sure they are comfortable with their looks, it’s a behavior that’s been pretty constant among them for as long as I have been dating them.

Trying to get her to change this is a fool’s errand.

Just don’t think you can do the same. Spanish women are not exactly known for their patience, either.

Bring along your Switch or iPad loaded with your favorite game or better yet, a book to pass the time.

If she’s not there within an hour, try to reach her – if she doesn’t pick up, you’re not in luck. Try again with some other girl.

Better yet, have her meet you somewhere that you can be entertained while waiting. Strangely they are pretty good about showing up. They don’t tend to flake out entirely, as much as some of the girls from other Latin countries.

8. Be Careful with What You Make Fun Of

Being funny is a huge advantage for any guy looking to hook up with literally any woman in the world. And even more so for Spanish women.

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That said, there are quite a number of topics that are out of bounds. Most of these are obvious but here are some particulars I have found with Spanish women.

Don’t allude to your expectations versus what she is. Phrases like ‘you’re not what I expected’ or ‘I thought Spanish women would be fierier’ will immediately get you on her bad side.

Don’t make fun of her culture. Things like how they spend too much time with their family or how much you dislike Spanish food.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of other little topics you only know to avoid once you get to Spain and live the experience on your own.

9. Show Her Chivalry Isn’t Dead

Coming from a culture that once exemplified the macho culture, where men were only considered men if they kept their women on a virtual leash, modern Spanish women want something different.

While a lot of their traditions are still preserved, the typical Spanish woman doesn’t want to be controlled by her man, or anyone else, really. They love having space and time to do the things they love while juggling family life in there, too.

Speaking of culture, one of the traditions that have managed to survive is big, expressive gestures of love.

Their tradition is known for being big on things like poetry and serenades under the moon (or at least Hollywood wants us to believe that one) so you have to be at the top of your game when romancing her.

10. Get Along with Her Friends

Social Circles! Something that’s not usually mentioned when dating a Spanish woman is that they usually hang around one clique of people pretty much their whole lives.

It’s from this clique that their future spouses usually originate. It’s quite common for them to date and even get married outside the clique, but they usually remain close well into old age.

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Therefore, it’s a pretty important part of the dating game to be on the good side of these friends.

For example, when you invite her to go out clubbing, or she invites you, for that matter, at least one of those close friends will turn up and hang out with you guys for a good portion of the time.

It’s important to be on their good side because they will deliver feedback to your girlfriend, whether she asks for it or not.

If you are looking for girls with a more of an independent mindset, then I would recommend a strong Costa Rican woman as an alternative (more info on Costa Rican women and marriage here).