20 Reasons You Should Be Dating Foreign Women

reasons in dating a foreign girl

Men have been conditioned to accept the selfish nature of Western women, and many women have realized that they have far more control over western men than is fair.

The battle of the sexes has been turned upside down, with men now being perceived as inherently guilty of something, and constantly having to work harder to keep their western girlfriend entertained and happy.

Relationships across Western Europe and North American have become very materialistic, forcing men to work themselves almost to death to provide everything their girlfriend wants or needs,  no matter how trivial it might seem.

This has convinced more and more men to look at dating women from foreign countries, and here’s a list of reasons why you should consider this too:

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women abroad are more feminine

They’re Feminine

Women from developed countries expect a man to look, act and feel like a man, which is perfectly acceptable. The irony is that western women are slowly stripping away their femininity to become more masculine in how they speak, dress and act.

This is thanks to a new wave of hardcore feminists who are doing their very best to convince women that they don’t need men, which is pretty much the dumbest thing we’ve ever heard. So, one of the most attractive aspects of having an overseas girlfriend is that they embrace their femininity instead of trying to cover it up.

foreign women stays in shape by working out

They Stay in Shape

A quick check of any website promoting overseas dating will show you that the vast majority of foreign women actually take care of themselves. They don’t live on a diet of junk food, followed by hours of reality TV shows while they’re half asleep on the sofa.

Foreign girls eat well, go to the gym, and take care of their bodies in a way that western women simply don’t. The obesity epidemic in the western world is very common amongst women, and being massively overweight is becoming normal.

A Latvian, Peruvian or Chinese would never dream of doing that to her body. Instead, she sees her body as a temple which should be cared for.

foreign women are friendly

They’re Friendly

If you think back to the last few times you’ve been at a bar or club, and attempted to talk to an American or European girl you’ll remember just how dismissive western women are of men. Men have somehow become second class citizens in their own countries, desperately trying to get the attention of any woman they can.

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The situation has become so bad that many men are turning to PUAs (pick up artists) to learn techniques for breaking down these social barriers.

When you’re dating any girl from a foreign country you don’t need “game” or any “Pick Up Artist” techniques. You just need to be a man. It’s that simple. Single foreign girls from all over the world are actively looking to meet you. There’s no need for any psychological warfare here.

women want a relationship

They Want a Relationship

Western women are more focused on their independence and careers than they are on settling down and starting a family. This is proven by the fact most western women aren’t willing to even consider having children before they’re in their 30s.

This leaves you, as a western man, waiting until they’re ready to actually date in a serious way. Foreign women, on the other hand, are far more family-focused, thanks to their culture, and want to meet a financially secure guy as soon as they can.

This doesn’t mean that overseas girls are docile, or slaves, but what it does mean is they understand from a young age the importance of having a healthy relationship with men.

Mr. Perfect is rejected

They Don’t Want Mr. Perfect

Western media has done an amazing job at convincing women living in the western world that Mr. Perfect exists in their universe. Magazines, movies and the internet tell them that they should only ever settle for their perfect man, and accept nothing less.

This means the average western man is expected to have his own home, a great job, be in perfect physical shape, not drink, not smoke and never speak to other women.

He must also have endless financial resources, endless patience and a willingness to put up with the kind of crap that would be totally unacceptable if the roles were reversed.

Asian, Latin American and Eastern European girls haven’t been brainwashed in this way, and only ever look for a guy who’ll treat them well, who wants to start a family and who definitely doesn’t need to be perfect.

woman giving a gift to her man

They Value You

They don’t just pretend to value you as a man, they actually do value you. You’ll feel appreciated for the first time in your adult life. At last, you won’t have to play up to the insecurities of North American and European women – you can simply be you, and be loved for that.

That was never that much to ask for in the first place, was it? Western women are great at paying lip service to valuing your relationship with them, but their every action shows you they don’t respect or value you at all.

couple cleaning the dishes

No Second Best

When you’re dating women from your own country you’ve probably had to compromise on a lot of things. Their looks, their habits, and probably their behavior, too. Most men have trained themselves to compromise on almost everything they hold to be true, just to have the “perfect” relationship.

But instead of settling for a “5”, why not aim for a “10”? When you date women from other countries you don’t have to compromise what you’re looking for. You can find the woman of your dreams. Not just in her looks but in her personality too. Traveling the world to meet all these women will show you just what you’ve been missing out on.

close family ties of a foreign family


Foreign women tend to have good relationships with their own family and very close family bonds. They value the family unit above most other things, including their career and material possessions, and also respect the role that men play in a relationship.

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They look forward to having kids and raising a family. And once she chooses you as her husband she will do everything she can to make your marriage work. You’ll be expected to hold up your end of the deal. But you’re a good guy, so that’s exactly what you’re going to do.

old man young woman couple

Age Is Irrelevant

The age gap has always been an issue for guys in western countries because even if you have no criminal record, a healthy income, and your own home, women won’t date you because you don’t fit their “Mr. Perfect” age profile. In most foreign countries women could care less about your age.

In fact, older men are usually seen as being more mature, more financially and emotionally stable, and far less trouble to live with because they won’t be out partying with their buddies every other night.  This is one of the rare times in your life that being an older guy actually works to your advantage.

natural beauty of an asian girl

Naturally Beautiful

It’s only when you visit Eastern Europe or Asia that you’ll see what women are meant to look like. They’re not overweight, with pasty skin, bad hair and worse attitudes. These are the types of women – almost like fairytale princesses – you were brought up to believe western women are.

Dating or marrying a girl from a foreign country means you end up with a woman who can look like a real woman without resorting to plastic surgery, thick layers of makeup and/or daily visits to the salon. Their natural good looks are real, so there are no implants, injections or augmentations needed.

beautiful street wall art


Women from foreign countries appreciate art and good food. They read books, and they enjoy learning new things and visiting new places. They also usually speak several languages (English ideally being one of those), and they value education. They’re cultured or work hard to become a cultured, well-rounded female.

Many western women will live their entire lives without ever leaving their own city or state. The idea of reading a book is almost foreign to them. This is why there are so many illiterate women online these days. Their Facebook status updates tell you everything you need to know there.

You can have a beautiful and intelligent girlfriend become part of your life. Just take a trip overseas and hit the dating scene in your country of choice.

romantic girl playing her guitar

Naturally Romantic

Western women have pretty much given up on the idea of romance to pursue material goals instead. Foreign girls still yearn to meet a truly romantic guy. They believe in true love and in a real romance. And they want it in their lives so badly they can almost taste it.

American and European women talk about wanting romance, but it’s actually more about being in control than being in love. A foreign girl will bring just as much romance to your relationship as you do, if not more.

compassionate love of a couple


If you’re looking for women who are forgiving, non-judgmental and who genuinely care about how you feel, then you’re wasting your time dating women in western countries.

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Women from countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Costa Rica, and Peru don’t want to make you feel bad about yourself.. They care about how you feel, and this compassion comes as part of their traditional values. Taking care of family is an important part of their lives. And you will be her future family.

The ability to care for and about each other is what sets us apart from savages. And it’s a shame more western girls don’t get that.

passionate couple


Sex for western women has become a chore and is avoided until they feel like it. Even then it’s often like sleeping with a tranquilized mattress. Eastern European, Asian and passionate Latin American women are far more interested in making it an experience you both enjoy. They’re also far more sexually liberated than their allegedly enlightened first world sisters.

What some American women consider to be taboo is just normal sex for women from other countries such as Colombia, Latvia or Thailand. Sex isn’t something to be ashamed of, from their point of view – it’s something to be celebrated.

divorce is not an option

Divorce Isn’t An Option

America has one of the highest divorce rates in the world. Even if you do find a nice American girl to settle down with, there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll wind up divorced within ten years. A devoted Asian wife (or other foreign brides) will only resort to filing for divorce if you leave them with no other choice.

Lots of western men have been stung by gold-diggers who marry them for their cash and then divorce for some silly reason. This is because western women value possessions over passion. The exact opposite is true of women from poorer countries. Go figure.

foreign women are good cooks

Great Cooks

There are more morbidly obese women alive today than ever before in history. And the answer lies firstly in fast food diets. And secondly in that most American women have no idea how to cook a tasty, healthy meal. They rely on pre-packaged, frozen and “junk” food instead.

Cooking for family is a part of the culture in most other countries. Most “modern” North American women would struggle to boil an egg. Just look at the dishes a beautiful African wife can cook up without breaking a sweat. Now compare that to a Western woman living on fried chicken, frozen pizza, and 3-liter bottles of soda.

experiencing other places and countries

Experience the World

One of the fringe benefits of dating women from foreign countries is that it gives you a chance to expand your personal horizons, and to see much more of the world than you already have.

Traveling forces you to embrace the unknown, and to take chances in life. Some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet have spent a lot of their free time traveling internationally. You don’t have to be rich to travel to a lot of foreign countries. You just need to become an expert at finding cheap flights, and the best places to stay.

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Being a guy who has traveled to exotic places, and really experienced life, is far more attractive to women than you can ever imagine. Especially if the girl you’re falling for has never left her home country.

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We’ve probably painted a very rosy picture of finding, and dating women from exotic locations. But each of these opportunities will come with their own challenges. It might be financial, linguistic, religious or a difference in how dating is handled in those countries. But each of these challenges helps you to grow as a man.

Guess what women from all over the world love to see in a guy? Yup, somebody who can tackle a problem head-on, where other guys just give up. Growing as a person, and as a man, is always a positive thing, and it’s always something women find attractive.

no mental health issues

Lack of Mental Health Issues

One of the first things you’ll notice when dating women from places like Asia or South America is that they don’t have the same mental health issues as European or North American women.  Western women have a habit of using dysfunction as a cover for the fact they’re horrible human beings.

Dysfunction has become a way of life for many North American women. Too many spend each day in a haze of Valium or Xanax. Girls from Brazil, Kazakhstan, China or Africa don’t live like that. Why? Because they can’t afford to pay for the dramas that western women seem to enjoy so much.

man holding a card of heart


Your overseas girlfriend will expect loyalty and commitment to be the foundation of your relationship. And she will return this to you many times over. They don’t believe in discarding their man because their friends, or a TV show, told them to.

There’s a line from a TV show which has always stuck in my head. It’s spoken by a character who has found the perfect guy, but breaks up with him.

Her reason? She states “I love you, but I love myself more”.  What a crock. Western women think that’s how real life works, and it’s not even close.

Lying and cheating amongst American and European women have become so common now. Even guys who think they’re in a really positive relationship can find out they’re being cheated on.

This isn’t an issue you’ll have to deal with when dating a girl from another country. Or at least you won’t if you’ve been smart about how you met them in the first place.

So, what do you think of our list? Is it comprehensive enough? Did we miss out on anything? If so be sure to let us know!