Exposing The Feminist Lies About Mail Order Brides

Radical feminists have been telling ridiculous lies about international dating for thirty years and it is hard to catch them red handed. This particular feminist attack on the truth started with a frontal assault from the British newspaper The Independent which announced an investigation of a Reddit that discussed:

“The confessions of men who ordered mail-order brides: Most were apparently unhappy with their resulting relationships.”

Other mainstream media outlets quickly began firing away.  A few days later the Daily Mail ran what might be the longest headline since the Kennedy assassination, noting that…

“She spoke about sex like it was housework – Confessions of the men who paid thousands to marry mail-order brides… but who lived to regret it.”

It was an impressive attack, full of sound, fury, and melodrama.  The comments on this Reddit actually fit perfectly with feminist theory about mail order brides – too perfectly to actually be true.

Who Needs Research?

The guys at International Love Scout knew feminist theory that never turns out to be true in the real world. Twenty years ago, after the fall of the Soviet Union, when the modern mail order bride business started many women’s studies professors concluded that all mail order brides were just sex slaves and the men maladjusted losers.

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They didn’t do any research or interview any mail order brides to reach this conclusion.

No, they just cited feminist theory of patriarchy, capitalism, and neo-colonialism to prove, beyond the doubt of any reasonable feminist, that the modern mail order bride industry was as unjust, unfair, and brutal as the 17th century African slave trade.

Amazingly, the mainstream media and many politicians from both parties accepted this fact free feminist horror story without batting an eye. In in 2005 the Republican controlled Congress considered making mail order brides illegal.

But at about the same time a group of young feminist scholars – mostly graduate students working on their dissertations – began to study the mail order bride phenomenon and they decided to do something radical: they actually talked to mail order brides and sometimes even the men who married them.

Very few of the mail order brides realized they were slaves.  Many were surprised at the negative perceptions of mail order brides.

The researchers were often shocked that the women had more agency – which is ridiculous feminist lingo for control and power – in the United States, Canada, or Australia than they had in their home countries.

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The more research these young academics did the more they discovered that experiences of the couples they researched were not following the patterns expected from feminist theory.

Mail order bride marriages tended to be happier and last longer than other marriages.  That was a shock.  And incidents of reported domestic violence were tiny compared to other married couples.

Worst, for many aspiring young academics, many of the foreign women they interviewed considered that becoming a mail order bride was the best thing that ever happened to them.

A surprising number of these young feminists changed their conclusions when they realized opposition to mail order brides was actually keeping many women in places like Eastern Europe and Latin America from bettering their lives.

Of course, older professors were horribly offended.  The resistance that some of these brave young feminist scholars faced was savage.  They were ostracized and given the academic hiring is always a popularity contest it probably end the careers of a few of these young women.

Investigating The Reddit

The guys at International Love Scout knew these attacks were simply too perfect, so they went to the Reddit and tried to check the quotes.  But it was a huge Reddit with nearly 10,000 responses.

It was hard to sort anything out, so they let it go assuming that in a few months it would blow over.

Instead, as the months went by new articles were published that cited the curious articles about the Reddit as proof of the evils of international dating.  This drove the guys at International Love Scout nuts.

These reports of a Reddit were being treated as scientific evidence by journalists and researchers, but they simply did not “smell” right to people who had read every major academic study on international romance published in the last twenty years.

So, the staff at International Love Scout printed the entire Reddit.  It ran about 400 pages.  Then they spent three weeks reading, classifying, and sorting all of the responses.

A lot of the comments were jokes and brief comments, but it did not take them long to realize that the majority of the apparently serious comments were actually positive!

And it was not even close.

Seventy-seven percent of the relationships were at least moderately successful.  This was actually higher than what the guys International Love Scout expected, but then they noticed something else after really studying the stories and the Reddit intensely.

This was not just an accident.  All of these stories used the same cherry picked quotes.  Apparently, what happened was some anti-mail order bride feminist wrote a press release and got it picked up by these papers.

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It is the simplest explanation of the incident, but maybe the so-called “journalists” copied the story from one another.  Who knows?

What is interesting is that this shows how easy and it is to generate fake about a story when people are not willing to stop and consider that they might be wrong. These journalists already believed that mail order brides are little more than sex slaves.

Maybe they learned that in a women’s studies class or maybe they picked it up in the mainstream media, but they were so certain that mail order brides are sex slaves that they did not bother to check the Reddit.

The radical feminists did not cover their tracks, but everyone was too lazy and too sure of their beliefs to check the facts.

Are there problems in the relationships that develop on mail order bride sites?  Sure, but the evidence – from this Reddit – is that those relationships have less problems than most other romantic relationships.

Of course, that has also been proven by virtually every academic study that took the time to interview mail order brides and the men who marry them.

The article over at International Love Scout is over seven thousand words long.  It offers lots of quotes and links to dozens of sources and if you are considering joining one of those international dating sites full of super hot girls from Ukraine, Colombia, or Thailand you should read it.

You will be shocked at how explicitly it exposes the feminist lies about mail order brides. This groundbreaking article was mentioned in the Huffington Post.  Take a look at these articles and you will understand how frivolous and unfounded the mainstream media’s attacks are.

Hopefully, you will realize that just because feminists hate romance doesn’t mean that you have to be scared to wine and dine a stunning woman from the far side of the world.