Petite Latinas – The Cutest Women In The World?

Petite Latina Women are the epitome of the saying, “Big things come in little packages”. Cute, sweet, sexy and little fireballs of Hispanic awesomeness.

Ever since the monumental rise and rise of celebrities like Sofia Vergara and J.L.o, the idea Latina woman has always been thought of as curvaceous and sexy. Big breasts, thick thighs, small waists, and even larger butts, that kind of thing.

And while plenty of Latin women fit that profile (just ask Brazil), genetics are as varied as the number of taxes the government levies on peanuts. There are all kinds of women in Latin American countries. Tall, short, slim, and, yes, petite Latinas.

So, when did guys suddenly start liking the tiny Latinas?


Why We Like Petite Latin Girls

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The thing is, guys have always like petite women.  And guys have always liked sultry Latin women.  Admittedly, Latin women aren’t famous for being tiny, like their Asian sisters. But not everyone is into Asian.

Sometimes I find it hard to believe but I really think that people that are into full-bodied amazonian women are in the majority. Are petite women underappreciated? I think so!  And here are some great reasons why we love them.

The height difference makes men feel taller

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Don’t laugh! Girls have always preferred guys who are taller than them. It’s the whole caveman “protect them” thing. If the guy can manage to maintain that status while she is wearing high heels, even better.

Not all of us are blessed with a 6’4” stature. But when she is 5′ tall, every guy stands tall. People have seen pictures of me with a cute little munchkin and thought I was a good 10 inches taller than I am. Yes, it’s vain.

But it’s not just vanity. Let’s go back to that thing where short girls prefer guys that are taller than they are. If you are kind of a short guy, it can be a challenge to find girls that don’t make you feel awkward. Or that don’t find you awkward, themselves, if she is taller than you.

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So it can widen your choices AND make you feel more comfortable.

Amolatina - video dating

Speaking of looking good in pictures, it should also be noted that picking up the petite Latin chicks on dating sites is both easier and harder. On any decent Latin dating site (and we reviewed the best sites for you), you can search by height. That’s a great way to go for what you want.

The only downside is that camera perspective can make it hard to tell what she actually looks like. Assuming she even has a distance shot at all. A face selfie from a short girla looks the same as one from a small one!

Personal preference

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This point should really go on without having to be mentioned. Some people feel attracted to girls of a certain stature for whatever reason they cannot explain.

Considering just how sexy Latina women tend to be, a lot of men find themselves attracted to Latina women without them really knowing why.

I am like that. I always wondered if there was some hidden part of my psychology in play. Do I like them because they often look younger? Or is it because they make me feel more manly? Is it because they just fit my body better, for some odd reason?

I haven’t been able to figure it out. And I have stopped trying. Instead, I just look forward to the cute little hotties I can find in South America.

Small girls are easier to do a lot of things with

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From things as simple and seemingly mundane as hugging to cuddling, there’s a lot less to have to put up with when it comes to petite Latina women than their more voluptuous counterparts.

Not many guys I’ve interacted with like being the big spoon (some do enjoy it from time to time, but never perpetually). So, we’re going to have to just face it. Small-bodied girls are easier to cuddle with in bed.


Petite women are easier to pick up

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Lots of women don’t realize it but a lot of warm fuzzy feelings come out of being able to lift a woman to bed. Or swing her around while she is laughing. Besides, being able to lift a lady easily is advantageous for a whole host of reasons.

In a club and something starts going down and you need to vacate? Did she fall asleep on the couch and she’s looking really uncomfortable?


Need to carry her to the car after it’s rained because she’s in high heels and you happen to be in your handy all-weather, all-occasion pair of boots? You know what to do.

Carry her right out of there. If she’s small enough, you can even one arm it.

Not a lot of men are in peak physical condition. Getting buff is tough and most of us have real lives. Having a petite girl and an average guy is like having an average girl and a buff guy. Without all the working out!

latin mail order brides

Petite Latina Mail Order Brides

Why look for a Latina bride?

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Petite Latina women are some of the most desirable women in the world. Their genetics are a fantastic mixture of Native American, Caribbean and European that’s almost impossible to find natively in places like North America.

Latin mail order brides are desired by men from walks of all races. That combination of the beauty we’re used to seeing in Eva Mendes and world-class Mexican hotties like Salma Hayek aren’t all that rare. IF you know where to look. Many Latin girls like that are single. A many of them are interested in dating date western men.

South American women are very passionate about life. Most of America and Europe has a culture of staying at home all day and watching Netflix. But Latin girls love being on their feet and moving. They love being active throughout the day. Partying or enjoying one of their favorite hobbies or just going for a walk on the beach.

The only thing they could ever place before their love for life is the love for their families. There’s nothing more important to a Latina woman than spending quality time with her family. Her children, parents and husband are always her top priority.

Don’t ask me how they manage to balance a busy work life, having fun and spending time with their husbands. That’s a secret I will never uncover.

They are also looking for a partner

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Guys, most of you have a huge blind spot. Something that just doesn’t occur to you. You know that you are actively searching for a woman to fill the hole in your heart. Maybe you long to find the latin woman of your dreams. The part that guys always miss is that she is ALSO searching for the same thing. And she is out there, somewhere.

Western men come from a completely different culture, financial standing and emotional wellbeing. They have lived in this other world their whole lives. And if you haven’t realized it yet, Latina women are born adventurers. They want to visit your world.

One of the chief drivers behind this perpetual search for a Western man to marry is how abusive the kind of culture people in Latin American countries. The countries are highly patriarchal, and women mistreated a lot of the time.

Physical, emotional and sexual violence is so widespread in Latin countries that a lot of the women are regarded as second-class citizens. In fact, such widespread violence is the most common cause of emigration from Latin American countries.

Latin ladies are always looking for someone who can treat them better than men from the kinds of lives they have lived pretty much their whole lives. They watch a lot of Hollywood rom-coms, by the way, and often expect ‘ideal’ relationships to be the same things.

You are most desirable when you are furthest away from home, it’s often said.

Amolatina dont go out

Which Latin Country Has The Most Petite Girls?

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Extra small women come from all parts of the world, of course. But Latin America is one of the largest subregions in the world. It contains over two hundred million people. So…

Question: Which Latin American country has the most petite girls?

Answer: Argentina. Oh, it’s a close call between adorable Colombian girls and some specific areas of Brazil for second place but Argentina wins the gold on this one.

The best location for meeting tiny local girls in this incredible country is Mendoza. It’s located in the western regions of the country and best known for being the largest producer of wine in the region.

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It doesn’t have too many tourists. Which is great because the women do not get bombarded with the kind of bullshit those in larger cities are tired of seeing.

Aside from that, the women really look up to foreigners. It’s even been dubbed the ‘highest likely area to get laid’ in Argentina. The only real requirement is that you have to dress like someone who is going to get approached. A lot of times, you will be!

The girls here are definitely not shy. Aside from that, the only catch is you need to speak Spanish. Their English – if they speak any – is bound to be terrible.

What It’s Like to Date an Extra Small Latina

Dating a dainty girl is an interesting experience because diminutive women tend to have an interesting life perspective. It could get stressful if you’re not used to it just yet, so it might take some getting used to.

Oh, the energy!

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The first thing that should be noted about petite girls is that can have surprisingly fiery personalities. You know the stereotypical short, energetic girl who’s all over the place? Petite girls are that, only with a high-energy Latina feistiness amping it up a notch.

It can be pretty difficult to keep up with one of these little firecrackers. Some of the ones I have met didn’t seem to have an off switch. On the other side, anything that she does, she does with a fierce kind of passion and seeming ruthlessness. If you know how, that energy can always be harvested for more ‘creative’ purposes <cough>.

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She is exceptional at picking out something to wear from her wardrobe. She’s going to have an inexplicable love for flowing dresses and high heels, but that’s really not something you’re going to be complaining about, is it?

Even if she doesn’t like dresses, she will know what to wear to make her stand out. Maybe it’s because they are afraid to be overlooked, due to their stature? Either way, I think every single elf-like girl I dated put a lot of thought into what she wore.

But watch the short jokes!

slim costa rica girl

What she might be sensitive about, however, is ‘cute’ nicknames that reference her size or height. Don’t call her ‘shorty’ or ‘small-fry’ or names like that.

Unless you are teasing her and you are absolutely sure she can take it.

It’s like calling a chubby guy ‘fatso’. Most guys are going to be annoyed, some outright hostile and only occasionally, will he really laugh about it.

Challenges of the Elfin Latina Woman

That title sort of sounds like a video game. But look, it’s not all roses and puppies when you have to clothes-shop in the kids’ section.

Getting on her bad side

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Remember how they have a lot of energy almost all the time of day or night? This may not always work to your advantage. This energy can often be harvested for use during arguments and disagreements. Which, by the way, you’re guaranteed to never win.

She is definitely sweet, for the most part, but when things start going south, try your hardest to prevent the situation from escalating. The last thing you want is to get into a screaming contest with a Latina.

And if you do, man, you will feel like an ogre. It’s one thing for a couple to fight. And fight hard. But if you scream at a girl half your size, it feels like some special kind of abuse. I mean, she’s NOT a child just because she’s child-sized <cough>. But it feels like child abuse, anyway!

I had this one girlfriend who I swear knew this exact feeling. And used it against me when she didn’t get her way.

I dare you to scream at me! Everyone’s going to look and you will feel bad, Bad, BAD!

Difficulty shopping

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Latina women really love going shopping. However, getting something to wear can be pretty tough when she doesn’t have the kind of body that clothes designers target. With all the obesity in the western world, there are tons of clothing lines aimed at ‘full figured’ women. But go the other direction and you will come up short. Yeah, I said it!

In which case, good designers are hard to come by, and even when you can find them, they are really expensive. Just as much, getting underwear that fits them properly, even lingerie can be pretty challenging.

Actually, lingerie is a massive pain to find. With normal clothes, she can actually wear some stuff made for teenagers. Or even items made for children, if she isn’t too embarrassed to shop in the children’s section. But people don’t MAKE lingerie for kids. So that really narrows down the choices even more.

Fearful of larger people

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Despite their often flared up personalities, some pint-sized hotties might find it pretty intimidating to be around their taller peers. For instance, walking in a crowd when everyone around you is taller is a very intimidating experience. Not to mention you can’t see anything.

Fear might be overstating it. Maybe ‘discomfort’ would be better. Whatever you call it, most of the short girls I knew had friends that were short to average (but rarely tall and husky). That’s not a bad thing for you, though. If it doesn’t work out with her, she might have lots of mini-hottie friends you can meet.

Being taken seriously

slim latin woman

Because of their size, smaller women often have a hard time getting people to take them seriously. Especially the ones I know which tend to be super cute women that look more like super cute girls.

Still, in talking to them, whether in the professional world, in a relationship or just a normal conversation, getting people to give them the sort of respect they deserve can be pretty difficult.

That’s probably why the short jokes will always sting a bit.

What Kind of Guy Do Size-Zero Latinas Like?

latina and mid age man

For the most part, the guy just has to be respectful of her and not bring up references to her height. As tempting as it might be at every turn of the clock.

I have a special love for clothes shopping and going to the child’s section and picking out the most babyish “Hello Kitty” thing I can find and taunting her with it. This might be one of those situations where you should do what I say, not what I do…

If you can take her seriously without patronizing her, you already have half of the game down.

The Pros of Dating a Tiny Latina

slim latina
  • They are fun, adventurous and impossible not to want to be around.
  • They have lots of energy.
  • Easy to have fun with them and move them around.
  • They are often cuter than the bigger girls.

The Cons of Dating a Smallish Latina

thick and slim latina girl
  • Bigger girls might be ‘sexier’ if you like that voluptuous figure.
  • Insecurity. The most advantageous aspect would have to be the insecurities they often come with before they are able to come to terms with their bodies.
  • Clothes shopping. Size zero might STILL be too big.
  • Easy to lose them in a crowd