10 Tips for Dating Brazilian Girls

Brazil seems to be hoarding some of the hottest girls in South America. But it’s going to take some work to tame that fiery mare and we are here to give you the bit and the bridle. But first an introduction.

Brazil is a country that prides itself on having the largest Latin American population of any country in the world. With a population of over 200 million, it hosts a third of the population of the whole of Latin America combined.

And while there are lots of different facets of Brazil – like it covers three different time zones and has more species of monkeys in the world than any other country – that’s likely not what brought you here.

It has a lot more to offer, and chances are you’ve heard all about it or seen the huge party they call Carnival. If not – Brazilian women are the bomb and they party like there’s no tomorrow.


It’s easy to say and even easier to head online and view pictures of stars like Adriana Lima and Camilla Belle, it’s a whole different experience actually being there and seeing it first hand.

The sad truth, though, is that Brazilian women are really tough to handle. If you ever find yourself in the company of one, here are some killer tips you will need to keep in mind.

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1. Keep an Eye on How You Look

When trying to impress a Brazilian woman, one of the very first things you’ll need to keep in check is how you dress.

For whatever reason, foreigners seem to think all they need to do is be smooth talkers in their barely understandable Portuguese and they will have all sorts of women pouring all over them.

There are a lot of ground rules to remember when trying to get in a relationship with a Brazilian woman.


Chief of these is to keep a close eye on how you look. Just because it’s a developing country doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want and get away with no consequences.

Brazilian women take great pride in how they look and what kind of men they associate themselves with.

You don’t have to burst out that Armani suit just for a dinner date – it would be nice if you did, though.

You do have to use enough cologne and make sure you are well-kempt though, fitness is one of the most attractive qualities a man can possess.

2. Don’t Be in A Rush

A man’s ultimate weakness is the physical touch, and unluckily for most men, Brazilian women seem to have this figured out.

Don’t get too carried away if the woman you are out on a date with makes a lot of contact over the course of the date. With other Latin women, physical contact can mean a lot.

In Brazil, though, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll jump into your lap and start making out with you any second, despite how convincing the idea may seem at the time.

Again, a lot of guys go to Brazil with the sole intention of getting laid, nothing more. Try to get to know a girl first before getting into her pants. If you’re one for a hurry, know that Brazilian women like to be spoiled and romanced first.

3. but Don’t Be Too Slow Either

Anyone that has spent more than a week in Brazil will tell you there are fewer places in the world where it’s possible to get a date as fast as there.

Brazilian women are intense when it comes to affection and sex. It’s considered a healthy activity and not something to be ashamed of.

In fact, it’s one of those countries where you can kiss a girl after having known her for less than an hour. Everything happens really fast and boy does Brazilian women love to kiss.

The thing that sets this point apart from the previous one is that kissing is just one part of the equation.

Just because she kisses you doesn’t mean she’s going to have sex with you, or, worse yet, that you’re going to have a relationship. A lot of factors come into play on whether you’ll go beyond the kiss or not.

Just remember, they kiss easy but don’t read too much into it.

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4. Don’t Try Too Hard

Physical attractiveness is a big plus for every single woman you’ll ever encounter, but preferences are only one part of the story.

It’s not different in the slightest when it comes to Brazilian women. Even the buffest macho hunk can still be turned down if it looks like he’s trying to impress the ladies too much.

Put yourself out there and treat her (almost) like you would treat any other girl in your life. It’s worth noting that Brazilian women are significantly different from your

5. Learn Portuguese

Brazil’s national language is Portuguese – a language that’s spoken in only a handful of countries around the world.

This is one of the factors that makes learning it a lot easier said than done. However, you will have a great edge over fellow travelers if you at least have the most common phrases in your vocabulary.

Let’s not forget that Spanish is also widely spoken in the country, being a Latin American country, after all. Conventional Spanish will also get you somewhere.

Lastly, if learning new languages has never been the sort of thing your brain has been too keen on doing, you can stick to English, but you’ll have to confine yourself to certain tourist-prone areas of Brazil.

This will, of course, lower your fellow travelers perhaps looking to get it on with a Brazilian girl, just like you.

6. Flirt Till Your Tongue Goes Numb

Brazil is one of those countries that’s so overrun by the macho culture there’s no competing with the local men.

In other words, girls have grown up being used to the men making the first move and proceeding to do the rest of the work to the point of success or failure.

The result? Brazilian men are super flirtatious while the women are used to being passive.


The golden rule of any flirt, however, has always been knowing when to back off and go lick your wounds or go try elsewhere. When she says so – and you can see it in her eyes that she means, no, just back off.

Latina women have a pretty fiery temper, and if there’s something they really know how to do, it’s causing a scene.

In order to be a successful flirt, there are two conditions you have to satisfy: romanticism and confidence.

7. Be Confident and Aggressive

Brazilian flirting is pretty different from the ‘hey, you wanna go see a movie?’ kind of flirting that happens in the US and elsewhere. Like I mentioned before, being a male in Brazil is all about being as macho as you can be.

This leads the guys to be incredibly aggressive when they are pursuing the woman. While in most other countries, the rule is that if she says no, she’s not interested, most Brazilian men will keep chasing until they are worn out.

Additionally, it’s not strange to see a guy approach a random woman and try to chat her up on the street. Most women in the States would find that creepy, but in Brazil, it’s considered normal.

8. Be Romantic

One of the consequences of the largely divided sexes in Brazil is that men go to incredible lengths just to impress the woman they want. Large, over the top gestures, are quite common on a day to day basis.

And that’s just the local guys – just imagine what she expects from a foreigner she thinks is rich. It seems like you’re in for a hard time, huh? Well, most guys from the West have quite a number of cards to play with regards to romance.

The most apparent way you can absolutely dominate the game is to make the girl feel both comfortable and wanted.

It’s unfortunate, but the number of guys that don’t know how to take no for an answer is a lot higher – given Brazil’s preoccupation with how to assert their masculinity.

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So, contrary to what a lot of people think, no woman wants to go out with a playboy. Trust is a lot more important.

9. Not All Brazilian Women Are Open to Date

The catch is that not all Brazilian women date foreigners, for a number of reasons. Lots of guys head over there – abs solid as steel and money literally burning in their pockets and think they can get any woman they want, and boy do they get the surprise of their lives.

A lot of Brazilians have adopted the ‘no dating foreigners’ rule. Basically, negative experiences over the years – chief of which is guys lying to women they love them, get them pregnant and fly into the sunset – have taught a lot of Brazilian women not to date foreigners altogether. A few bad eggs totally ruin the game for the rest of us.

10. Adapt to The Culture

This is one of those things that’s mentioned so many times you might get sick of seeing it if you read enough blogs on the internet. The fact of the matter is, culture is one of the most important things you could ever come across.

It really does bear mentioning over and over. Trust me. The kind of importance these women place on their families will seem ungodly if you’re experiencing it for the first time. There’s a lot of getting used to to do.