You Are a RockStar Overseas! The Allure Of The Western Man

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Dating in the west has become insanely difficult. But overseas, you can be a Rock Star. Here’s Why.

Within the US and a lot of Western media, the image of a rockstar is a fit, handsome man (or boy), shades that are perpetually on and a swarm of paparazzi following them around.

However, you’d be surprised how differently people from overseas hold people from the west by different standards.

You don’t need a yacht, a seven-figure salary or even a beach house to be considered a rock star by the women abroad.

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Of course, it would help if you lost the cargo shorts and put on something that set you apart.

But then, the beauty of being a rock star is that you don’t really HAVE to try too hard to get a little female attention.

The forces of nature have come together to make you a completely attractive person by default. If that sounds kind of haughty, ask yourself…shouldn’t it be like that for everyone?

Here are some of the reasons some foreign women around the world look up to Western men:


A guy from a developed country (that’s you) offers a level of financial and emotional stability she won’t find with a guy from her own country.

In countries where unemployment is at epidemic levels a man with a job is instantly more attractive.

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It’s not that there aren’t good men in every country. There absolutely are and I don’t want to disparage all men or women in a country.

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But if there simply aren’t enough good local guys to go around, that makes the good local guys in short supply.

And often, in such short supply, that a good foreign guy is still a rock star, comparatively.

Do you only earn $30,000 per year? That’s no problem because it’s about ten times the earning potential of any man she currently knows.

It’s not just about financial stability though. There is a level of emotional stability and maturity that comes with western society, as well.

When you compare this to what the guys from her own country have to offer you’ll see that meeting and dating an American or European (or similar) man is a very attractive option.


People living in the developed world take the opportunities around us each day completely for granted.

We can study if we want to, or protest against our government. We’re free to vote or to travel, and we can work in pretty much any job we put effort into getting.

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For a girl living in Kazakhstan, for example, you offer her the chance of a new life, and the children she’s planning on having with you.

She might fulfill her dream of going to college or pursuing other life goals that seemed impossible for her until now.

Foreign women are generally hard-working, and see western countries as places they can earn a worthwhile income, and build a real future with her new boyfriend.


You might consider where you live to be far from ideal, but for most girls from other countries, it would seem like paradise. Why? Well because living in Europe, North America or Australia means you have no border warfare, or foreign invasions to worry about. There are no civil wars, or religious extremists running your homeland.

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Plus, women have laws to protect them from domestic violence. Is that protection a big deal? Well, it is for Russian girls because, for example, more than 10,000 Russian women are killed each year by their boyfriends or husbands. 

The right to live in peace, freedom, and safety is worth almost anything to people from other countries. For a Russian woman, a western guy is like a knight, comes to rescue her from a world of uncertainty.

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In certain cultures, and religions, women are still treated as second-class citizens at best, and nothing more than a possession at worst.

The fact that you come from a country where women are viewed and treated as equal to men is very important.

For a girl from Thailand, Colombia or the Philippines this means being able to have a quality of life she might only ever have dreamed about before.

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A great example would be China, where, despite the fact that there are about thirty million men than women (a consequence of selective abortions due to the one-child policy), the women routinely and actively seek out foreign men.

When asked why this is, the most common answer is that Chinese women want a modern man who is willing to split household chores. Something most Chinese men are not willing to do.

Women in other countries – especially those bodacious Latin America women – have no laws to protect women against marital abuse.

Marital rape is not considered a divorceable offense in lots of these countries, and violence against women is so rife, most of them don’t bother reporting it. This is mostly because of the ‘macho culture’ a lot of their society is pegged up against.

The end result is a society filled with women who want anything but to stay in their home countries. It should then be easy to see why such countries have higher immigration rates than most others in the world.


Like it or not, a lot of marriages from overseas are solely built on the concept of status.

Arranged marriages in India, for example, are still quite common (despite dropping from 72% to just 12% in recent decades).

Even in countries with prosperous women, like Japan, where it’s not quite so, the parents have a great say on who the daughter marries.

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While a lot of girls just straight out disregard their family’s decision and do whatever they want, this only happens with women who have already established themselves and have a safety net should something go wrong. A lot of girls in their home countries don’t have that kind of luxury.

Instead, their parents only allow them to get married to the men they deem of high status. This is usually evaluated in terms of where the man works or how much he has studied.

But, as it so happens, a man from abroad is automatically thought of as being both educated and having lots of cash. This puts you in a better position than most local men right off the bat.

Besides which, even being seen walking with a guy from the West often shoots a local girl’s social status up. Imagine what dating you do.


You’ll probably live far longer than a man from her native country, even if you don’t feel like you’re the fittest or the healthiest guy in the world right now. If you take Russian men as an example, they live on average to 62 years of age.

62! And that’s the average, not the most common age range, which is in their mid-50s.

Substance abuse, crime, and other factors come into play here, but when your prospective girlfriend invests her time in a western man she can look forward to him living, and providing for their family until he’s at least 65 years of age.

She also knows that you’ll live to around 79 years of age, so she’s making a good investment in you.

romantic side of dating a foreign woman


Western guys are romantic because they know that’s what’s expected of them. They pay women compliments, hold doors open for them, and buy dinner.

They do everything they can to make their woman feel valued and loved, but you won’t find certain types of men in other countries doing these things.

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In fact, women are usually expected to fulfill the duties of a wife, mother and sexual partner without question – romance doesn’t even come into it.

Even more bizarre is that in other countries women will treat guys who stalk them as if they’re romantic because they show so much interest in them.

So you’re going up against unemployed stalkers with bad attitudes towards women, in addition to having absolutely zero romance skills.

Can you see yourself scoring some major wins here? We can!

western man and his girlfriend

And it goes even further than that. Western men are usually thought to be caring and considerate, unlike men from a lot of women’s own culture. This goes a long way in getting a woman to like you.

It may come as a surprise to some, but something as little as spreading the bed once you wake up in the morning, taking her out to dinner on weekends or even preparing breakfast once in a while are all little gestures that a lot of men consider themselves too ‘macho’ to do.


Western women can be 30 and 40 years old and still have men chasing after them – well if they take care of themselves, that is.

In Asia and Eastern Europe especially, women who are still single at 25 years of age are considered to be “past it” and not worth marrying.

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As a “foreign guy” you’ll see these same 25-year olds as being in their prime (which they are), and perfect for dating and raising a family with, if you want to.

These girls are starved for attention from worthwhile men, so you’re automatically desirable to them because of where you come from, and the potential future they can have with you.

They think you’re handsome

The early 2000s were considered one of the most troublesome times for American Immigration officials, chiefly for two reasons.

One, the number of mail-order brides coming into the countries was at an all-time high (peaking in 2012-2013).


Having no real reason to block their entry into the country, the officials chose instead to interview them and ask why they preferred to be married to a foreigner rather than someone from their own ethnic background.

Some of the most common answers kept cropping up  – violence, mistreatment, unjust culture, etc. But by far the most stated reason was that ‘foreign men look like movie stars.’

This is often (fairly enough) met with an amount of skepticism, but the report is still accessible via an archive link here.

Anyone who has ever spent significant time with Vietnamese girls can attest to the fact that foreign media portrays Westerners in a very positive light. Some of them are of the opinion that everyone in America is fit, handsome and rich.

A lot of them yearn for that kind of life and attention. However true or otherwise that maybe is irrelevant.

Even if you don’t think yourself the most handsome man alive, you are incredibly admired by people from abroad regardless.

They want to learn English

You’ve likely read all manner of stories about women who try and hook up with foreign men to mooch off of them and scam them out of their supposed fortunes.

What you won’t hear about so often is the number of women who want to date a foreign guy just to learn how to speak English.

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As unbelievable as this may sound, it would perhaps help to put things into a little more context by stating that English is the most widely spoken second language in the world.

A lot of foreign media can only be consumed in English, and some women believe learning the language places them in a higher position socially than their local peers.

Of course, you learning the local dialect is necessary for this, but if you’re already a bilingual speaker, you’re in for the time of your life.

Ride out there on your imaginary horseback and drive them all wild with your newly discovered literary prowess.

You Are Enough

The fact that you’ve traveled so far to fall in love tells foreign girls a lot about you. She won’t care how much cash you have in your bank account. Or what type of car you drive. Nor what your family does for a living.

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She’ll simply be happy with you for taking the risk of coming so far, hoping to achieve so much.

You’re already halfway to winning her heart.