Asian Women, Black Men – Interracial Dating

Asian women and black men are the two most fetishized groups in the world. They have a lot in common but let’s take a closer look at black-Asian relationships.

Societal perceptions of Asian women has always been that they are submissive, easy and have little opinions of their own…

while black men are stereotypically seen as uncultured ‘thugs’, at worst, or hip hop stars ‘at best’.

Don’t hate us for saying it. These negative stereotypes are far from the truth. But we have to talk about the common stereotypes to be able to talk about Asian woman-black male relationships.

As with all stereotypes, they are fed by ignorance, often blowing them up to almost comical proportions. But let’s move on to the truth.

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Do Asian Women Like Black Men?

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Despite it being uncommon to the average person, there are tons of interracial couples that work out. Easily recognizable examples include celebrities like Tiger Woods, Naomi Campbell and Rae Dawn Chong who are all part Black/Asian. So, Asian women dating black men isn’t anything new, novel or unheard of.

For all the people out there who ask: ‘do Asian women date black men?’. The answer is a resounding yes. And no, you don’t have to be Tiger Woods.

Ok, But Why Do Asian Women Like Black Men?

For one thing, Asian women, to some degree, understand the kinds of struggles black men go through. They have been through the same stereotyping and treatment because of racial background and that whole ‘fetish’ thing we mentioned earlier.

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Thus, they understand on a more fundamental level the challenges of dating in a way that other people might not. In a relationship, there’s nothing quite as fulfilling as having your partner understand you completely.

Asian women looking for black men aren’t that rare, after all. It’s a cultural thing. A number of white men who are attracted to Asians are driven by nothing more than a deeply misguided fetishization. Again, this doesn’t encompass all men, but it’s a pretty common occurrence.

On the other hand, black and Asian people mix better because they are often not exposed to the same toxic culture.

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Black people tend to be focused on building a family that works, compromises and all. And so are Asian people. For them, their values align rather nicely. So it goes far past looks and inappropriate fetishization. Whoever treats them better (like a decent human being) takes the crown.

Great Things About Black-Asian Couples

No real-life relationship is complete if both parties do not feel fulfilled by the relationship. Every person has to bring some degree of ‘something’ to the relationship. At the end of the day, what makes or breaks your relationship is how compatible the two of you are.

Exposure to new culture

Perhaps the main reason Asian women and black men go so well together is that they come from such different cultures. A crucial part of being in a relationship is getting to know one another better and learning to live with each other.

Coming from such different environments, it will take quite a while before the two parties run out of things to talk about or explore with each other.

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One thing you do need to be aware of, though, is that there’s a pretty fine line between what’s considered racist and simple curiosity.

Some questions they ask (or you ask, for that matter) may seem offensive, but, often, they simply stem from wanting to know more about how your culture operates. It’s completely natural for people to want to know about things they have never experienced before and how they work.

Visiting rural parts of China, for example, people may be fascinated by dark skin, never having seen a black person before. Questions like ‘why black people fight each other’ or ‘how you comb your hair’ or ‘why are you so good at sports’ are pretty common. They may seem childish, but don’t treat her as such. She’s likely genuinely curious.

Asian women are quite welcoming

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Asian cultures (most subcultures, actually) are some the most accommodating in the world, not surprisingly, giving rise to some of the friendliest folk you will ever come across.

For instance, among the Vietnamese, kindness, especially towards strangers and people from different cultures from your own are highly regarded by the society. Most Asian women you run into will likely fall under this wide umbrella of generality.

Racism isn’t as prevalent as most people who have never traveled to East Asia imagine. With their source of information being local newspapers that simply cite a single source, the kinds of data people are presented with are not necessarily wide-reaching or true for the greater part of different populations.

If you are reading this article, you probably already like Asian women. But here are 20 reasons why you should try international dating, as well as interracial dating.

Are Asian Women, Black Man Couples Common?

Black-Asian couples are not the most common thing in the world. So, what gives? Why aren’t they as widespread as, say, Black and White couples?

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They are both minorities

Black people and Asians are, at least within the US and a lot of countries in the West, occupants of the lowest percentage group of the population.

This makes for one group of people that are hard to come by even harder to come by for the other group of people.

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So, simply put, they don’t run into each other as often as you’d think.

Asian people can be very nationalistic

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And even if they do run into each other, a lot of Asian countries and China especially, don’t tend to mix outside of their countries very much. In other words, it’s not so much about the racial background.

Chinese people are generally nice and friendly towards foreigners for a whole number of reasons. However, when it comes to relationships and marriage, different factors come into play.

It may not be the Asian woman, herself, that has anything against foreign men. Younger generations are a lot less racist and xenophobic. That might be a good reason to look into dating younger women.

But the parents may still be stuck in the old ways.

One too many marriages have either been stopped, stalled or complicated to a point beyond repair. And just because the parents did not approve of their daughter being a foreign man. She has to marry a ‘[insert origin of nationality here]’ man.

Don’t misunderstand, there are a ton of Asian women looking for a foreign husband. Naturally, though, it’s one more factor that cuts down on the prevalence of interracial Black-Asian couples.

Asian beauty perceptions

In some Asian countries, the ‘ideal’ beauty standard gravitates heavily towards pale skin. Within a certain unwritten threshold, the paler the better. If you ever shop Asian beauty products, you will see the variety of ‘skin whitening’ products is mind-boggling.

BUT…I almost put this into the ‘myths’ section because this beauty perception applies primarily to the women. It’s unclear how much of this bleeds over into their choice of partner. But it isn’t uncommon to have an Asian woman with a black partner and, at the same time, trying to make her own skin more white.

Strange, I know, but it’s just one of those particularities in Asia you will learn if you live there long enough.

Myths About Asian Women

Black men have a whole set of myths about them but since this is a site about dating beautiful Asian women, I am going to concentrate on the most common myths about Asian Women.  Specifically:

Asian women make perfect wives

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“They all have good family values and devote their life to the man.”

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This myth is deeply rooted in history. A lot of Asian women’s jobs were to stay at home and take care of their husbands. This includes in countries like China and Japan where women were expected to be obedient to men their whole lives. They needed to obey their fathers before they got married and their husbands after they got married. It’s an old culture, and despite having lost its footing, the myth still persists today.

This belief is more popular among white people than it is in the black community. One of the most common reasons why Asian women love black men. Believe it or not, Asian women want the candid respect and care a man would treat his own mother with.

To them, marriage is considered a two-sided contract. The man should treat her with candid decency and respect and she will keep her side of the bargain.

Asian women are innocent and submissive

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Admittedly, a lot of Asian women do have that younger look and keep it as they age. And it gives them the appearance of being innocent and naive. This is yet another myth rooted deep in traditional beliefs and a culture long since dead.

In ancient traditions, women were expected to have four main virtues: integrity, beauty, a good speaker and skilled with the needle. She had no right to voice her opinion and was expected to quietly accept what the man decided was right. If you’ve never dated an Asian woman, then it’s easy to accept this three thousand-year-old myth as true.

People who consider Asian women ‘peaceful servant girls and wives,’ having their opinions formed by nothing more than dated Hollywood tropes will be in for a shock. Asian women from some cultures do tend to be more submissive than, say, your average American. But this is far from true for the whole 2 billion + female Asian population.

An Asian woman will only date a black American for a green card

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Unlike the myths before, this one is a lot more common among Asian women themselves than other communities. There do exist a number of Asian women whose sole interest is to get a man (white or black) who will be their ticket to the US, regardless of racial background, but they are in the minority.

In fact, this greatly depends on the girl herself rather than a major conspiracy by the Asian community as a whole. I advise anyone to use their head and avoiding Asian dating scams is always important.