Top 20 Hottest Latin Women

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when the word Latin is mentioned is the archaic language mostly spoken among scholarly elite and the Catholic Church.

The modern use of the term is limited to Hispanic America; consisting of countries like Argentina, Venezuela and Uruguay; and Brazil. These countries have a bunch of things in common: Spanish is the predominantly-spoken language, they have really huge populations of Roman Catholics, and wildly contradicting the former point, they have some of the most beautiful women in the world.

If you’ve never been to the Latin America or met one of their women in person, the kind of beauty they exhibit may surprise you. Often characterized by naturally black and flowing hair, soft pink lips and almost unrealistically brown eyes, you need to consciously stop yourself from staring.

And what’s better than beauty by itself? Beauty flaunted for the world to see. Killer curves, flat, fit bellies and the kind of confidence that makes most men think twice before approaching are just the tip of the iceberg.

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You probably already know a great number of them from movies and commercials, so it’s time to begin the ultimate top 20 list of the hottest Latin women today.

Before we do, though, we just want to mention that you could be dating a beautiful Latina woman.

1. Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio is a Brazilian model who started her career out at the age of 15, working for Dilson Stein. Since then, she has risen to fame as one of the highest paid models in the world. She was ranked sixth by Forbes in 2017, having earned somewhere around six million dollars.

Check out this gallery of beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio, ‘Forever on Vacation’ in Brazil!

Apart from the oceans of money she swims in, the Dior model is known for her long legs and feminine frame. Those generous curves have earned her a spot on various modelling agencies, including Gap, Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren, which are just the tip of the iceberg for her incredible career.

She is definitely one of the sexiest women alive, and People magazine agrees, naming her in the top 20 sexiest women in the world in 2007.  And for 7 straight years (2000-2017), Ambrosio was a Victoria’s Secret model.

Alessandra Ambrosio at victoria's secret event
Alessandra Ambrosio at Victoria's Secret fashion show
Alessandra Ambrosio hot on the bed
Alessandra Ambrosio jewelry campaign
Alessandra Ambrosio sexy girl

2. Pampita, Carolina Ardohain

Carolina Ardohain, affectionately referred to as Pampita by her fans is a model from Argentina and television personality. Her country is really big on religion, as we mentioned before, and she was baptized into a monastery at the age of 13. Whoever said you can’t both be both sexy and religious obviously hasn’t come across the likes of this Argentine.

She is primarily known for hosting tv programs like ‘El Stio’ and ‘El Show de Flo,’ both of which are in Spanish and her very entertaining Instagram page. For a mother and wife holding a full-time job, few words can describe how impressive it is for her to have retained such a breathtaking figure.

You can check out why her 2.4 million Instagram followers love her so much.

Carolina Ardohain at white sand beach
Carolina Ardohain gold bikini
Carolina Ardohain photoshoot

3. Penelope Cruz

Everyone knows Penélope Cruz, whether for her various roles on TV, some of which have won her several accolades, including an Oscar in 1992 or for her part-time modelling contracts with firms like L’Oreal.

The company is known to pay her as much as 2 million a year, making her a self-dependent, sexy actress and model. Speaking of which, she’s commonly referred to as the Spanish Enchantress thanks to her proclivity to woo crowds with just a smile and her soothing voice.

This has earned her a spot on Maxim Magazine’s list of 100 sexiest women alive, and People Magazine included her in their own list of most beautiful movie stars in the world.

Penelope Cruz extremely hot
Penelope Cruz seductive look
Penelope Cruz sexy siren
Penelope Cruz

You can check out some of Cruz’s classy pics in these galleries.

4. Aida Yespica

Aída María Yéspica is a Venezuelan model and television personality who has been active in showbiz in countries ranging from her home country to Spain and the US. Thanks to her incredible body, she’s often considered a sex symbol of the early 2000s and the 2010s.

She’s not afraid to show some skin and has posed for several nude calendars over the years. Her legs alone are enough to make men go wild, a feature that has earned her spots on beauty pageants all over the globe.

Her boyfriend, former Chelsea player, Roberto Di Matteo, is one hell of a lucky guy.

Aida Yespica in purple bikini
Aida Yespica in sexy leather jacket
Aida Yespica model
Aida Yespica sexy picture

5. Mirtha Michelle

Mirtha Michelle writing naked

Mirtha Michelle is somewhat different from the other entrants on this list because she has no real history modelling or showing off her body on magazines.

Most of her time is spent writing, maintaining a blog on Tumblr where she posts life lessons and has ever published a book, ‘Letters to the Men I’ve Loved’.  We do know she’s super sexy, however, since we’ve seen her on films like ‘Fast and Furious’ and CSI” NY.’ Michelle’s Instagram page is also not shy of sexy pics your girlfriend would get pretty mad for catching you looking at.

Besides, she was selected by Complex Magazine as one of the hottest Latinas in 2010. And we say, she’s one of the sexiest Latina’s alive today.

Mirtha Michelle in black and white
Mirtha Michelle passionate in water
Mirtha Michelle sizzling in red
Mirtha Michelle sun bathing

6. Belgica Suarez

Belgica Suarez wearing crown

Belgica Suarez is a force of nature in the modelling industry, despite being a relative newbie when compared with pro names like Gigi Hadid.

In three years, she’s managed to go from a relatively unknown pageant contestant to being chosen as Miss Photogenic in Ecuador and runner up in the Miss Honduras contest.

She is so popular and pretty that when the Miss Universe contest was cancelled in the country, the organizers just threw their hands up and chose her as the winner because the show must go on. That much should not come as a surprise for because look at those curves!

Belgica Suarez
Belgica Suarez Miss Honduras 2009
Belgica Suarez cute
Belgica Suarez classy but seductive

7. Ximena Zamora

Ximena Zamora getty image

In places outside Asia, the letter ‘X’ is super rare in people’s ordinary names. That is unless you are badass warrior princess Xena from New Zealand. Ximena is her own type of badass, too.

Unlike our dagger-wielding superhero, Ximena is known for her social contributions. She often visits children’s homes in her country, Ecuador, and donates money to the cause.

If you think that’s impressive, just wait till you see the kind of body she rocks. She’s the 2005 Miss Universe winner from Ecuador and has a degree in architecture! She is literally the full package – beauty, brains and a heart made of gold.

Ximena Zamora
Ximena Zamora classy
Ximena Zamora from ecuador
Ximena Zamora wallpaper

8. Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is a Brazilian supermodel and actress who is best known as the most valuable Victoria’s Secret Angel.

She earned this title thanks to her obvious good looks – with the kind of cheekbones that make you question reality – and for being the longest-running model of the company (she started in 2009.) Lima has been the world’s highest-paid model in the world for the last four years running, according to Forbes, raking in a hefty $7 million year from her contracts with cosmetics companies.

From the blue eyes to the firm jaw, the more you look, the more reasons you’ll find to stare at her.  And if you like the looks of Brazilian women, you might want to give dating a single Brazilian women a try.

Adriana Lima holding a pink rose
Adriana Lima hot in red bikini
Adriana Lima seductive in black lingerie
Adriana Lima Victoria's Secret model

9. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba sexy actress

You probably know Jessica Alba thanks to her ass-kicking tendencies on screen. Movies like Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and Spy Kids solidified her name on the list of Hollywood elites for generations to come.

Another aspect of her life that’s often talked about is her breathtaking looks. She hasn’t ever taken part in modelling at any point of her career but she takes the crown for person included in the most number of ‘sexiest woman alive’ lists. Playboy, Maxim, People and FHM are some of the renown publications that have taken a liking to her incredible, petite trimmed figure.

To give you a sense of just how impressive her looks are, she has been voted sexiest woman alive in at least one publication every year of her life for the last ten years.

Jessica Alba abs
Jessica Alba hot legs
Jessica Alba in blue
Jessica Alba topless

10. Elsa Benitez

Elsa Benitez is a name that’s been around the globe for quite a while now, so, chances are, you know her from one place or the other.

She’s participated in Mexico’s Next Top Model competition, been married to an NBA star and proceeded to date Mexican Millionaire Roberto Slim. You may not be a Mexican Millionaire but you can still date a Mexican model if that’s your thing.

This incredibly foxy Victoria’s Secret Angel is so sexy she’s been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Magazine. Her love for short dresses, tight jeans and gracing the internet with sexy nude wallpapers will not soon be forgotten by the hearts of men.

And don’t worry, there are tons more photos here of this blazing hot latin woman here.

Elsa Benitez sexy abs
Elsa Benitez sizzling in orange bikini
Elsa Benitez sports illustrated
Elsa Benitez topless

11. Stephanie Cayo

As far as smiles go, it really does not get any wider (and better!) than Peruvian model and actress Stephanie Cayo.

She started out her music career as a kid, and by the time she was 18, she was one of the most successful actors from Peru. Of course she would have to pursue a career in modelling at some point. Having worked with brands like Variety, pictures of her incredible body are a dime a dozen all over the interwebs.

The blue eyes, incredible complexion and intent stare are all you need to know what angels in heaven probably look like.

Can you imagine a girl like this as your girlfriend or wife? No? Well, your dream of a Peruvian bride just might be more possible than you think.

Stephanie Cayo curvy body
Stephanie Cayo hot on the beach
Stephanie Cayo sexy figure
Stephanie Cayo

12. Julissa Bermudez

Julissa Bermudez tight abs

Remember that one time we said smiles don’t get any better? Check that. Julissa Bermudez is the owner of one of the loveliest set of lips to have ever graced a screen.

She is best known for her role on 106 & Park. She rose to fame thanks to her role in Empire Girls and, in 2016, was the host of Yahoo! Celebrity. When it comes to clothes, arguably there are more pictures of her with hardly anything on than her fully clothed in the corners of the internet (as it should be!).

Considering just how much she loves to be in bikinis and visit beaches, we’d say people are more confused about whether to stare at her face or shift their attention to her endowed chest.

Julissa Bermudez heat things up
Julissa Bermudez sexy at the beach
Julissa Bermudez t-mobile event
Julissa Bermudez

13. Pilar Montenegro

Pilar Montenegro body

Pilar is best known as a singer who bloomed in the late 90s scene. At one point, her music was so popular she breached the Billboard’s Hot Latin Tracks chart and spent over thirteen weeks at number one, thanks to her single “Quitame Ese Hombre.”

Aside from her obvious talent, her obvious sexiness is a whole other talent of the highest order. She’s modelled quite a bit in her time, and was even on the cover of Playboy magazine at some point. A fit figure like hers is best shown to the world in short, sexy shorts and hardly anything to cover her upper body.

As it so happens, she loves to wear both of these (or almost nothing at all,) so the better for us!

Pilar Montenegro booty
Pilar Montenegro on the chair
Pilar Montenegro photo
Pilar Montenegro sexy on the floor

14. Paz Vega

Men love her and women want to be her. There’s not a whole host of reasons behind this except the fact that she has a figure to kill for and has worked with some of the most renowned names in Hollywood.  Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary are perfect examples.

Paz herself is hella sexy and she knows it. She’s never been afraid to show off cleavage during photoshoots or even wear see-through clothing (showing literally everything to be admired) during in her favorite shots.

She’s become a particularly popular subject of stunning wallpapers on men’s laptops all over the world.

Paz Vega naked at the rooftop
Paz Vega naked inside
Paz Vega photograph
Paz Vega sexy in black lingerie

15. Odette Annable

Odette Annable at the pool

Odette Juliette Annable is an actress, model and voice actor best known for her role on House as Dr. Jessica Adams. She also appeared in Cloverfield, October Road, and, if you’re the nerdy type, you likely recognize her from Supergirl.

If you’ve played the computer game Fallout, you might even recognize her voice as that of Amata Almodovar in the 2008 game. Outside her acting career, she occasionally appears on different photoshoots to show off her lanky legs and petite frame. This beautiful photo of her in a silver dress is a perfect example.

Unlike other people on this list, she doesn’t have skimpy photos on her profile, but she has the kind of face that’s almost impossible to get tired of looking at.

Odette Annable curvy body
Odette Annable simply sexy
Odette Annable

16. Valeria Mazza

Valeria Mazza sexy in bikini

Valeria Mazza should be a familiar name if you grew up in the era of Tyra Banks. Valeria’s career kicked off on the back of  Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 1996 when she appeared on the cover alongside Tyra.

She has since worked for names like Gianni Versace and Roberto Cavalli. Tyra’s help aside, her blonde hair and green hair are signature features to die for. That, together with the fact that she loves to wear the shortest kinds of short skirts, leaves us wanting more and more of Ms. Mazza.

Even at 46, well after her prime, age doesn’t seem to have done a number on her.

Valeria Mazza leopard print bikini
Valeria Mazza jungle like pictorial
Valeria Mazza at the stairs
Valeria Mazza at the beach

17. Dayana Mendoza

Dayana Mendoza Latin beauty

Dayana was crowned Miss Universe 2008 (one more for Venezuela) and got to travel the world during her reign.  Her petite and svelte frame looks amazing on the beach.

One of her visits was to Guantanamo Bay detention camp, after which she courted some controversy by blogging about how interesting the experience was—sentiments Hugo Chavez did not appreciate. His disapproval of her, and beauty pageants as a whole, were made very clear.

So we now we know that when Chavez isn’t hating on America, he’s hating on pretty girls.

Dayana Mendoza abs
Dayana Mendoza Miss Universe 2008
Dayana Mendoza sexy at the pool
Dayana Mendoza topless

18. Rosa Acosta

Rosa Acosta

Models are supposed to be slim  – not too curvy. God forbid they smile on the runway. Rosa Acosta is something of an exception when it comes for the former rule.

In fact, she is by far the curviest person to have appeared on this list. If you refer to curves as an asset, then she’s even richer than Adriana Lima. Luckily for us, she really loves showing off her body and, depending on the kinds of music you listen to, she’s probably appeared in one of your favorite songs.

She’s worked with the likes of Future and Meek Mill. As far as video vixens go, she’s the whole package.

Rosa Acosta sizzling hot body
Rosa Acosta hot at the bed
Rosa Acosta hot at the beach
Rosa Acosta elegant bikini

19. Mariam Habach

Mariam Habach pictorial on the chair

Apart from the stunning looks, Mariam Habach brings a lot more to the table.

She’s a natural blonde but doesn’t conform to the kind of stereotypical nonsense people with golden hair often suffer. She both loves to show off her body at beauty pageants and is super smart. She’s currently studying to be a registered nurse and can speak four languages! As if that wasn’t impressive enough, she was also Miss Venezuela in 2016.

Tall, blonde, sexy and smart is not a combination you come across every day.

Mariam Habach
Mariam Habach Miss Venezuela swimsuit
Mariam Habach Miss Venezuela 2015
Mariam Habach lovely bikini

20. Maricris Rubio

Maricris Rubio sexy

Some women that appeared before her love flaunting their amazing bodies, but they don’t have anything on Maricris’ love for bikinis and being virtually naked for the camera.

She started off her career at a beauty pageant and continued to be one of the most renowned names in fashion over the following years. Her figure and the camera’s love for her were definitely major contributors to the same.

Looking at her, it shouldn’t be very difficult to tell why she’s so loved by the world.

Maricris Rubio sitting on the ball
Maricris Rubio model
Maricris Rubio Latina
Maricris Rubio hot