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Sugar daddy dating is re-inventing modern online dating and no company has been more imaginative than What’sYourPrice.com.

The sugar daddy dating industry is in about the same position as the mail order bride industry was twenty-five years ago.

Some people think it should be illegal. It’s commonly viewed as another ‘sex for money’ racket. More on that later.

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Others think it is incredible and some people claim it is not groundbreaking. But that all sugar daddy dating is doing is following the changing sexual mores of the twenty-first century.

Here’s a quick primer on sugar daddy dating before we get into the review.  You can also check out the SugarDaddie.com review and the Seeking Arrangement review.

Quick Summary

With all that’s known about how the industry is structured, nothing is perfect. WhatsYourPrice.com does a pretty decent job and gets close to what an ideal sugar daddy website should look like, but it still falls flat in a few areas and we will cover everything you need to know.

Before we get to the What’s Your Price dating review, here’s their sales pitch:

What Makes Them Different?

They say “money can’t buy you love”. But owner Brandon Wade has challenged that assertion by creating the first online dating auction site.

The site has been online since 2010, and allows you to find your perfect date. And without any of the usual hard work of trawling through hundreds (or thousands) of profiles.

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The problem with most online dating sites is that dates with attractive women are few.  This is a huge problem for big domestic dating sites like Match.com and Chemisty.com.

On those sites, the stunners are snapped up early, so in the end you’re left wading through the profiles of overweight, angry single feminists who get a kick out of turning down guys who would be way out of their league in the real world.

Of course, if you want true stunners you could sign up at Anastasia, but perhaps you simply do not want to learn a foreign language or maybe your parole officer doesn’t like you leaving the country.  Whatever, sugar daddy sites provide an interesting alternative and none are quite as interesting as WhatsYourPrice.com.

How WhatsYourPrice.com Actually Works

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WhatsYourPrice.com doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel of online dating. Instead it sticks to the basics of asking you to create a profile, add some information about yourself and what you’re looking for, and then upload a picture to activate your profile. This is the point where this website takes a different path to pretty much any other dating site you’ve ever been on.

Generous Members, Attractive Members

You see, when you create your profile you get to choose from two basic categories: Generous or Attractive. In most cases ‘Generous Members’ = male, and ‘Attractive Members’ = female, but that shouldn’t come as any surprise due to the very nature of this site.  One of the nicest things about What’s Your Price dating is that it lays bare the economics underlying dating.

WhatsYourPrice is based on the seemingly simple premise of women deciding how much a date with them is worth, and men looking to date women who are happy to be financially compensated to provide companionship for the evening. Sure, some guys are going to treat the site like some type of legalized “personal escort” service, but they’re filtered out pretty quickly, as are any prostitutes who create profiles on the site.

Profile creation

After creating and verifying your profile you can then view the automatic matches presented to you, or you can do a manual search. If you find a lady you think you’d like to bring out on a date you can send her a ‘Wink’, and if the gesture is returned then you can either accept the amount she wants to be paid for her date, or you can make her a counter offer. She can also counter your counter offer, by the way, but most generous members handle the entire process like the adults they are.

The site allows attractive women to have free membership. This will probably have feminists up in arms, screaming that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if this site can help you filter out all the no-hopers in your dating future then they’re doing you a favor. Honestly, what guy goes online to put up with constant rejection from women he probably wouldn’t give the time of day in real life?

Sugar Daddies And Sugar Babies

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Most people assume that sites like this (i.e. sugar daddy sites) are overflowing with sleazy old dudes looking to date naive young women who are being exploited. This is a pretty gender-biased opinion, and is nothing more than idle speculation.

The men looking for dates range in age from their late 20s to their early 50s. All male members have to pass a criminal background check to ensure that women using the site can enjoy a safe and enjoyable online dating experience.

Ethical considerations

What irritates the hell out of the feminist mob is that the hundreds of thousands of women using this site are mostly of college-going age. They are young, bright, fit, educated and realize that for the first time in their lives they can be financially compensated when a date doesn’t work out.

There’s no getting dumped by text or social media – they have complete control over the entire experience. So, there are no naive victims here, just a whole bunch of tech savvy young women who are paying off their student loans before they leave college.

Site Design

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The site design is clean, with just the bare minimum of features provided. The visionary behind WhatsYourPrice.com, Brandon Wade, understood that busy people simply need a site where they can find an attractive woman, negotiate what she finds acceptable, and then gets back off the site.

There’s no need for quizzes, puzzles, or any of the clutter you’ll find on other dating platforms – all of that stuff just gets in the way.

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It doesn’t expect you to be wandering around their site for hours on end. In fact, if you are then there’s something not quite right with your dating experience.

Website Security

whats your price privacy policy

You don’t need us to tell you how critical it is to protect your personal information. But www.WhatsYourPrice.com has data encryption as a standard feature of your membership.

Even if somebody stole data from the site it would be useless to them unless they could decrypt it.

The site also doesn’t use any form of bots to fake user interaction. And they come down heavily on anyone setting up fake profiles.

Every online dating platform is prone to abuse. The team behind the dating site does everything they can to ensure you have a positive experience.


whatsypurprice membership

Attractive women get a free profile on the site. This allows them to offer dates up to a value of $200. There’s also a premium membership option for women, starting at $30 for one month of membership.

No money is transferred via the site, so instead it operates on a system of credit packages that you buy.

If the dating offer is less than $50 in value then that only costs 10 credits to unlock. The other side of that coin is that dating offers over a value of $200 can cost a lot more in credits.

It’s also important we mention that you don’t need to pay the same amount for each date. The beauty of the site is that men get an opportunity to get their metaphorical foot in the door with women who might not welcome their advances in a bar or club.

If their first date is successful it’s then up to the man and woman to decide where to take their next date, or not, for that matter.

Here are a few things to love and others that aren’t too favorable to visitors on the site.

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Advantages Of WhatsYourPrice Dating

about whats your price.com

Large number of users

The site claims to have over two million registered members and over 50,000 of those are active every single day. This serves for an incredibly large pool of people to have conversations with and possibly make new connections with.

What’s Your Price users are (mostly) real

Here, the question of quality vs quantity still remains, though they do proclaim that they have an incredibly hard stance on bots and fake profiles. To which extent, all profile pictures on the site are supposedly verified. That’s a process that can take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours. Maybe 72 for days that are extremely busy.

As with any platform, there are still a bunch of complaints regarding the proliferation of bots. In all my time of using the site I’ve yet to come across an obviously fake profile/bot. I haven’t even talked to anyone yet that has experienced one. So that’s a pretty important start.

It’s relatively affordable

For the most part, attractive women lie on the better end of the stick – they receive the most offers for dates. The maximum amount they can receive is $200, but can potentially get a higher amount upon subscription to the premium service.

However, nothing prevents men from being the ones receiving offers at the same rate. In fact, the site actively encourages it.

The catch here is that the site only guarantees payment for the first date. If that goes well, it’s entirely up to the parties involved to decide whether to take it to the next level or not. Whichever agreements are reached – whether they involve future payments or not – do not include the site.


whatsyourprice.com cons

Complaints regarding the site all revolve around pretty much the same issues. These are the same issues that usually come up in most sugar daddy – sugar baby (SD/SB) sites.

It doesn’t guarantee genuineness

When you sign up for the site and buy credits, you should be instantly aware that you are paying for the girl’s time. As it so often happens, once you’ve handed her the money, she may immediately lose interest and spend the rest of the time on her phone.

There’s no guarantee you’re going to have a good time with her once off of the site. This will entirely depend on your knack for judging people’s character.

There’s also no guarantee anything will end up being long term. A good date with an attractive member met through the site doesn’t necessarily end in happily ever after.

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Human nature can take it’s toll

Perhaps being rooted in human nature, both men and women on the site will try their best to wring out as much money as they can from you.  And the other side trying to cheap out. Even if she accepts an offer for, say, $200 for the date, once on the date or on the phone, don’t be too surprised if they try to bargain with you, after the fact.

It’s not common at all but it does kind of kill the romance on the rare occasion it does happen. Call that a big red flag and move on asap.

What’s Your Price Tips For Sugar Daddies

tips on using whatsyourprice.com

With all that said, there are a few steps you can take to filter out all the low-quality members. As much as the site tries to limit the number of spammers, scammers and prostitutes, some of them still manage to slip through the cracks.

Here are some ways you can prepare for a date:

Pay half the amount initially

Remember how there’s no guarantee the person receiving the money is going to be friendly? I suggest paying half the amount initially (before the date) and the other half once the date ends. It helps to diffuse the situation and keep your date relaxed throughout – they won’t be anxious waiting for the payment.

It does have its downsides, however, since it may come off as disrespectful – you don’t trust the other person enough. Ultimately, it’s up to you to be the judge. Either as a result of your past experiences or your general instinct towards them. Both approaches have their downsides, so weigh them against each other carefully.

Be respectful

On one hand, you are paying for the date, but it shouldn’t get to your head. Don’t get entitled to telling your date what to do and generally being unpleasant. This does go both ways, however. The person on the receiving end shouldn’t feel too entitled to the other person’s money as it’s an immediate turn-off. At the end of the day, you both just want to have a good time.

A crucial part of this is being discreet with how you hand them the money. The most convenient way of doing so would be having an envelope. You can give it to them while the waiter is away. The initial tension in the air should wash away afterwards.

Don’t offer more money

On the date, gauge their interests and measure how compatible you are. One person shouldn’t do all the talking while the other sits there, looking pretty, waiting for the obligatory two hours of the first date to end. Even worse, don’t offer more money than initially agreed upon for the first date with hopes of getting a second date.

If you really feel you two are compatible, then landing a second date (where you don’t necessarily have to pay them) shouldn’t be a problem. If the second date is going to be paid, too, don’t take it personal. But DO take it as a sign that they are definitely money-oriented.

And before you think it’s all about scamming guys for money, just remember that a lot of sugar babies have good jobs already.  Look for those if you really want to avoid the scammers at all costs.

Avoiding Sugar Baby Scammers

a man creating account on whatsyourprice.com

A general rule regarding scammers and catfishers is the profile will either be too short or non-existent. Bots work by creating more profiles at a time than the site admins can handle on their own.

This often ends up with them letting every profile through since genuine profiles and fakes are so inextricably mixed.

A consequence of this is profiles with hardly any bio and pictures that can be reverse-searched back to a popular Instagram personality.


People might not like the concept behind the site, but the reality is that this is a more honest way to date. Why? Because when women are surveyed they say that their ideal man has the following qualities:

  • Dark hair
  • Over 6-feet tall
  • Earns over $200,000 per year

So, personal finances are definitely a factor in what types of men certain women will date, and the reason for their attraction in the first place.

Over 200,000 successful dates have been completed via WhatsYourPrice, so that’s no coincidence or accident. If you want to date super hot women, but aren’t ready or willing to book a flight to Ukraine it is a great option.

Just remember that the site can help you find the date of your dreams. But it won’t fix any personality issues you have. Being a confident but nice guy is important too.